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About me:

Been around print production since early '70s when I was just a boy. Fortunate enough to have worked with letterpresses, early direct-input phototypesetters in a small shop. Used to paste up mechanicals, shoot and process the negs, mask them and burn/process the plates, run them on offset presses. Was doing the direct mail lettershop work for Previews magazine when I was 16. That year, I got a second job moving props for the show in the Rainbow Grill at 30 Rock. I worked in print publishing in NYC during my 20s. Started my own magazine after 10 years in the business when I was 33. Was shooting with a Minolta SRT202, then a Hasselblad 500C/M, the both a Toyo 810M and a Linhof Kardan Color. I always used good glass. I started with digital using the Olympus E-10, then the E-20, then the Nikon D2X when it first came onto the scene, and now the D800E.


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