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No full frame! Well I'm going to be avoiding the Pentax forum for a while. I don't want to chewed on by all the gnashing of teeth.

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On Fujifilm announces XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR lens article (295 comments in total)

Pricey lenses that perform very good seems par for the course. I'm sure this is no exception. People don't buy Fuji or going further up--Leica and Hasselblad--because they are the best bang for the buck do they? There seems to be a lot of hurt feelings from people who think that Fuji should trump every format in every market segment and compare in all areas to very different systems.

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On Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article (290 comments in total)
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ttran88: So this camera at $899 will come to market when the prices of both the A77II and K3 is at $899 or less respectively, granted there're prices for bodies only. I expect a huge price drop in this camera soon.

ttran88. When recommending cameras I find out what people want in a body as well as in lenses/flashes..., what their budget is, and what their shooting priorities are. Also, if they have a brand loyalty built up. If they have the money, and want this sort of Nikon camera, sure, why not? I'd of course also let them know that last years cameras have a higher dollar value and may match their priorities just as well. But to never recommend a new camera because it's selling at MSRP when others are seeing discounts because they are at the end of their product cycle is ridiculous. People, even the ones I like, should make an informed decision based on what they want, not what makes the most sense to someone else's list of priorities. I have even recommend cameras to people that I personally don't like because it fits their list.

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On Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article (290 comments in total)
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ttran88: So this camera at $899 will come to market when the prices of both the A77II and K3 is at $899 or less respectively, granted there're prices for bodies only. I expect a huge price drop in this camera soon.

Yes, "last year's" models are usually great values. The two you mention are truly excellent values. They were not as high a value when they first were launched.

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On Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article (290 comments in total)

No, I don't think it will be god, even for three stops of stabilization. ;) Everything else looks heavenly for a D5300 update.

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On Panasonic releases trio of compact superzooms article (102 comments in total)

Considering the low MSRP of $200, $300, and $400 (street price will be less after a while) these seem to be good additions to the target market. While that may not be me, it's nice to see a reduction of MP and an EVF hit the consumer market--that's the one that's of most interest because of those two moves. Spanks Canon's consumer cameras announced today.

As far as cell phones are concerned--please folks--cell phones shine for convenience, but these are much more capable; especially the ZS50 with larger pixels, EVF, large zoom range, manual control, larger sensor, 5-axis OIS, uncompressed RAW, stereo sound, better video, and NFC and other wireless connectivity. You can use it as an extension of your phone.

Forgot to mention, that one can buy this camera without a 2 year contract to subsidize the exorbitant price of the hardware.

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BarnET: What i see.

Big viewfinder hump(probably a penta prism viewfinder hopefully the 0.95x mag)

A mono mic on top. still terrible in camera sound.

A tilt-screen (hinge on the side) This is a Pentax first as far as i know.
Considering it's hard to seal these it might be a K510?

AF/MF switch. The older pentax camera's had AFC there as well. Even the entry level k500.

Mic in on the side for proper audio. Another thing often missing on Pentax bodies. However no one shoots video with Pentax for good reason. So why did they bother. Which makes me hope and wonder:-D.

Last but not least the smallest Dslr kit-lens i have ever seen. probably makes this the smaller Dslr package. Probably not the lightest since Pentax often uses a better heavier build and heavy penta prism viewfinders. Which simply add weight but with a good reason.

Not common doesn't directly correlate to hard. Olympus had very good very sealed flip out screens on the E-3 and E-5, and if Olympus can do it at the same time as padding their corporate butts with fake buyouts, then I suppose Pentax/Ricoh who has a lot of experience sealing can manage with today's tech.

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On Editorial: 2014's Homepage Highlights article (70 comments in total)

Barney, this is the first time I saw your England in Color series. Really great stuff. My grandfather died just before I was born (1976) and I recently found slides of his and scanned them. Grandpa wasn't a great photographer, but I enjoyed seeing what sparked his fancy. Here's a shot from his time as a "missionary" doctor in Africa:

Happy new year. Oh, and I love the video reviews you have been doing.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2081 comments in total)
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wsalopek: The EM-1 looks gorgeous...but it's only slightly smaller than the FULL FRAME Sony A7...that's a pretty serious jump in sensor capability for almost no increase in physical size.

I suppose if low light and maximum subject isolation does not matter, the Olympus is the way to go, but if those things DO matter, go with the Sony.

If you compare two cameras based on one factor it simplifies things considerably. Exit the overly simplified argument with a trump card like "you can't beat the physics of a larger sensor" and Ta Da you have a clear winner! Everyone should get the Sony.

If maximum subject isolation and low light trump everything else, no one would buy full frame 35mm. It would only be large format or for the poor masses--medium format. And of course the A5s would outsell every other since it's the best in low light. No one cares about resolution or for that matter, lens selection, price, or system size.

So yeah, in a world where we can take out all factors that don't support our perspective and no one has a budget,... where is this world?

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1295 comments in total)
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SirSeth: Valid points on its strengths as well as weaknesses. IMO, what we have here is the best APS-C camera Canon was willing to make.

One doesn't have to be a hater to realize there are valid reasons why some are complaining. Most certainly the 7Dii doesn't have all that every bird and sport photographer would want for the current technology and I don't see how you or anyone else can say this with a straight face unless you have blinders on. With this much time since the 7D came out and current market trends it's ridiculous to not have better base ISO, every WIFI advantage, more resolution... unless Canon is really more concerned about protecting their upgrade path to almighty FF. So while I agree that this is a fantastic wildlife and sports camera, I have a little more faith in Canon's ability to have produced a better camera than you do.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1295 comments in total)
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SirSeth: Valid points on its strengths as well as weaknesses. IMO, what we have here is the best APS-C camera Canon was willing to make.

Exactly. No question there. But is it the best crop sensor camera Canon could have made? No way. It's a non-compete with their FF and Nikon won't play because they also want to protect their bigger more expensive camera. The only other player in crop DSLRs is Pentax and mirrorless of the likes of NX1 are creeping into this segment (even for sports). They are not there yet, but the march of improvement in AF shows not signs of stopping with mirrorless. In the areas of video and connectivity the mirrorless gang sweeps the competition. These are not inconsequential for many sports/wildlife shooters.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1295 comments in total)

Valid points on its strengths as well as weaknesses. IMO, what we have here is the best APS-C camera Canon was willing to make.

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SteB: Olympus are the most innovative of all the Camera manufacturers. Remember live view first appeared on an Olympus camera. Olympus film SLRs had TTL flash metering long before the other manufacturers. When Olympus innovates, all the others soon follow. The original Olympus OM 35mm film SLR was the first compact film SLR, soon all the others followed. They may not have the resources of the bigger manufacturers to sustain their technological leads, but they are always ahead of the curve with innovation.

Who innovates most is such a forum peeing contest. What ever innovation turns out to be golden is good on its own merit however and the Super Sonic Wave Filter that came out in 2004 solved the dust problem conclusively before everyone else really nailed it (or tried to address the issue as the case may be). That was a good innovation. So is 5-axis IS. I'd say that Sony has good sensor innovation and their RX line and "7" line is quite innovative.

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On Mid-range Mirrorless camera roundup 2013 article (296 comments in total)
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Greg Silver: The Sony a6000 is currently the best camera for the money ON THE PLANET!!! No other camera offers the quality and features for that low of price. competes with the professional level DSLRs very nicely.

I agree. There are a lot of really good deals on very capable cameras right now. The a6000 in mirrorless and the K3 in DSLRs are exceptional values. That D3300 with kit lens and LR5 for $380 is rediculously low too for a first DSLR.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 28, 2014 at 02:58 UTC
On Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera 2013 roundup article (467 comments in total)

I havn't used all these cameras, and I wish I could, but the final selections seem strange. Firstly, no love for the D400? Oh yeah, there isn't one, which means Nikon (and untill recently Canon) have pretty much given this category to Pentax. Canon came close but I think even Canon people recognize that Canon could have made a better APS-C camera if they were not so worried about canibalizing their FF effort. The K3 is such a rediculously great value for it's capabilities right now that I expected an easy honorable mention here. Oh, well, since I haven't used all the cameras, I should just shut my mouth now. Oh, and no mention of the Olympus E-7 either. Crying shame--not DPRs fault. Olympus shouldn't have squandered their wealth in fake aquisitions and fraud.

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On Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 article (370 comments in total)
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Gesture: What do you use to shoot the video?

When DiCaprio sank into the icy abyss in Titanic my eyes were dry, but not now. I hate to see a good camera drowned. Fantastic video though. Great hands-on feedback with a cool location and tons of multi-sensory information.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 27, 2014 at 04:21 UTC

Yeah, what's the price because if it's similar to the A7 series this is looking very attractive. The Olympus 5-axis is fantastic and I think it has been shown to be engineered well in the E-M1 so this accomplishment in a small FF body is incredible.

I wonder what Olympus gets out of the deal? FF sensors, 4/3rds sensors, better video specs?

Direct link | Posted on Nov 20, 2014 at 14:17 UTC as 188th comment | 5 replies

I usually don't like special editions, but this one looks amazing.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 18, 2014 at 03:37 UTC as 104th comment
On Olympus OM-D E-M5 rumored to be out of production article (211 comments in total)
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white shadow: The EM5 replacement is the EM1. All Olympus need to do is lower the price of the EM1 and make another better camera to replace the EM1. Perhaps, this time they can improve the video capability to 4K if they can. However, I doubt so because Olympus, like Fuji, is not strong in their video technology.

The EM1 is actually quite nice as a micro 4/3 camera but the price is just too high. For almost the same money, one can go for the Canon 7D Mk2 which surpasses it in almost all front.

As for me a micro 4/3 camera should be small. Thus, I would settle for the GM1 to use it for all the situation where a bigger camera is not convenient despite its limitation. For a general use camera, I would go with the 7D Mk2 for speed and versatility and probably a full frame DSLR or medium format like the Pentax 645 for large print image quality.

If $450 difference is almost the the same money (and size, weight, and sensor IS isn't really that important to you), why wouldn't you just get a FF for almost the same money?

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On Samsung NX1 real-world sample images article (330 comments in total)
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Neuroanatomist: as a pro i might stick to canon for a bit longer.
but for average joe customers canon has nothing exciting to offer anymore.

samsung and sony cameras offer something new and great features only a mirrorless can offer.

nikon and canon are dinosaurs.

Exactly AshMills, while the 7Dii is a very good camera, it's pretty easy to see that it's not the best APS-C camera Canon is capable of making in the elapsing years since the 7D came out. Nikon just won't play yet (if ever). Meanwhile they are pushing new FF models out to the market like companies announced point & shoot cameras in 2008.

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