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LEGACYMOMENTSPHOTOGRAPHY: if they made compacts with a 1 inch sensors in the basic models, and with loads of filters and creative tools that would be nice. Im talking bout the £60 low end market. BEEF UP CAMERAS. the same could be said in putting full frame sensors in all dslrs like the 35mm film days but charge entry prices!

While I own a D800 (and love it) I think APS-C cameras are very, very good these days. Even for professional work, poster sized prints etc. If APS-C is really not good enough, 135 film would not be good enough either.

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Miike Dougherty: 'Videographers and, perhaps, travel shooters might do better looking elsewhere." Add to that sports shooters and this camera is attractive to a lot fewer shooters in the advanced amateur segment. (I do own one.)

Whats the problem for sports? It has good low light & AF performance.

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Guidenet: Personally, I think DPR puts way too much emphasis on Liveview and movies. This is mostly a still camera forum. I know some shoot video, but I'm not sure it's something to emphasize in cameras past a certain level. I know, Liveview is generally not very important at the higher level models. When many use Liveview it's on a tripod and/or macro work when you're looking for accuracy, not speed. For any action, it's eye-level. This is not targeted at beginners.

Maybe DPR would do well to look at their own polls. Since 2/3rd of the voters consider manual controls and interchangeable lenses the most important interest, maybe those type things should get 2/3rd of the emphasis. Since WiFi and Touch Screen have almost zero interest, maybe they and similar items shouldn't get much. Small size is a distant 3rd place. I think some might get caught up with a jaded view of what they believe is innovative without paying attention to what we want in a camera.

I have been involved in video art since about 2005. Nearly all stuff has been done manually because every second was planed carefully. You don't want hunting and unpredictable AF or colors that look different on every shot (making compositing hard). A single take was rarely longer than some 30 seconds. We wanted DOF control, but affordable 2005 cameras w/ small sensors could not do that.
So the D90 (first video DSLR) was a great step forward. Even tough limited to 720p / 5 minute takes, no video AF and no mic input. To control aperture during record we used manual lenses and external recorders for better audio.

My opinion: DSLRs are very capable for "planed" videos. But journalistic stuff etc. is different entirely. You have to be quick in some situations and so you need good AF etc.

I was surprised to find video modes in entry level DSLRs because "soccer mom" or someone who hunts his dog during a vacation will get better results with a traditional camcorder.

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I wonder what Mr. Petzval himself would think about this lens. Remember: He was not aiming for a 'special effect' lens. He just designed the fastest portrait lens that was possible in his time. His f/3.7 lens was revolutionary because exposures shorter than a minute became possible for the first time. Other lenses were some f/22. He was the first who calculated the elements (and not just "guess" them). I am sure the "characteristic" bokeh was not really intended!
I don't think the new Petzval lens has much in common with the original. The optics is completely different. Much faster and the "effect" (which was not intended!) is very exaggerated.

Its a bit like pianos. On a piano low keys are harder to press than high keys. Steinway etc. tried to eliminate this "problem" for decades without success. Digital pianos could be made with all keys equal easily. But now digital pianos do their best to emulate that old problem even tough it makes them more expensive.


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StevenE: small sensor, no swivel screen, limited lenses ...

.... what does this system offer?

I don't think anyone who uses a 1000mm lens will even consider a camera that does not have a viewfinder and hides manual controls deeply in the menu.

Being able to take pictures without a mechanical shutter is an interesting idea. I hope we will see that (at least as an option) on future cameras with larger sensors.

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A camera like this is called "higher spec" now?

In my opinion a p&s needs to have a good full auto mode. But I never understand the benefit of these scene modes.
What is the difference between "portrait" and "beauty"? Should I use "dog" or "cat" mode if it is an elephant? Why not just implement PASM modes? Manufactors obviously think buyers of compact cameras are idiots. But this is a $400 camera. For that price it should have a 1/1.8'' sensor, RAW mode, manual focus and manual/semi auto modes.


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