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d2f: Speaking only for myself, the camera is secondary, it is the image that counts in the end. If a camera serves you well in creating the image you had in mind then so much the better. Also take into account the media in which the image will be observed. For example, posting on Facebook, web pages, small or large prints etc. etc..

Now ask yourself how many mega pixels do you need to meet the presentation media requirements?

Who is your intended audience of the images you create?

What are they looking for?

Start with the end product and work you way back to the camera. This way you will establish the requirements that the camera must meet in order to satisfy the observer of your images.

If you do not determine the requirements you will spend thousands of dollars and countless hours chasing after the wind. I know this from first hand experience.

Remember you create the image the camera merely records it.

Not pretentious at all ... _actually_ reminding us to not chase technology or numbers, but to remember the task(s) for which we need a camera. Much appreciated.

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These images cannot be viewed on my newer android smartphone. Pls fix ...

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On Connect post Sony launches Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact flagship smartphones (7 comments in total)

Is this to be sold in USA, unlike Z2 (at first, anyway)?
Seems so little different than Z2, one might ask "why bother"?

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franta123: Just to be pedantic:
the abbreviation for "continued" is "cont.", not "con't".
It should not bother me, but it does.

Better yet, cont'd.

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Andreas Stuebs: Fantastic! Is the Company a subsidary of the NSA? What better way to open up your PC to the Internet.

I only have laptop (travel with it) and NAS at home. Can Younity use my NAS (hooked to router) in the same way?
When will an Android smartphone and tablet version be available?

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On Preview:sony-alpha-a6000 (894 comments in total)

GPS - I don't understand why it is included on HX50/60V, but omitted on A6000 ... it's inexpensive, and so valuable ot have it in-camera.

When shooting in nature, developing countries, etc. counting on cell coverage and wifi link to a smartphone is unlikely to work, and a pain.

Can anyone explain this to me?

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Peiasdf: I like the standard black background better. Easier on the eyes when pixel peeping.

One X's camera is not very impressive for a flagship smartphone.

I find the camera very impressive (and convenient). My others are Sony HX30V and A55 with 5 excellent lenses. But for well-lit everyday shots, the One X is plenty good. And for 1080p video, it's also quite good. Yes, the other two are slightly better; but nowhere near as convenient or available.

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On Connect post HTC One X Camera Review (76 comments in total)
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itsastickup: I wouldn't want to go near this unless I knew that HTC had mended its poor battery life ways. My brother deeply regretted getting the HTC Desire for this reason.

Nonsense ... I've had the HTC One X for several months, heavily use it every day - and never have to recharge during the day.

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On article Accessory Review: Tamrac Zipshot Tripod (94 comments in total)
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Barrie Davis: Notwithstanding that it appears a pretty poor tripod (?) I'd also like to know why I'm expected to pay £54 for a $59 item...[??]

Because your country is wealthier, and manufacturers and retailers know you can afford it more easily.

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On article Reuters showcases EOS-1D X multiple exposure modes (226 comments in total)
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h2k: I understand this is a very fast solution to get a potentially interesting pic - which could also easily fail.

Otherwise, if you have a bit of time, wouldn't it be better to take series of shots and mix them in Photoshop using Photomerge and mix modes? It would also remove the need to have a very fixed camera position.

while in theory I would agree, Scrozzy - if one can afford this camera, one can easily afford Photoshop, or PS Elements.
I'm impressed with the short intervals - but not the resulting combined image.

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On article Portraiture exhibit that omits the subject (46 comments in total)

I can't get it to play. Either here, or on Viimeo - it starts, but won't go bast 0:02 even though the grey bar shows the video is loading.

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On article Samsung releases 12MP EX2F 'Smart Camera' (370 comments in total)
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MrTaikitso: Just noticed, no GPS or orientation sensor. Bad. GPS is priceless really for when you forget where you took a pic and for general photo organisation in apps and web services such as iPhoto, Picasa etc. Don't understand why they left GPS and orientation sensor out in 2012! Even Panny and Sony include these as standard across all their compact cameras. Almost perfect!

GPS is not standard across all compact cameras; indeed it's rare. I agree it should be.

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On Sony SLT A57 Hands-on Preview (198 comments in total)

Very sad that they did not retain the compact size of the A55 in the 57. It was quite compact, wonderful value for the size and price. So for the "replacement" Sony makes it bigger, takes away GPS, no sensor improvement, and adds some Bionz chip features?
I won't be "upgrading" my A55 anytime soon. I can only hope that the future leads to a more compact SLT design that, again, sets the trend.

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On article Street Photographers test freedom to shoot in London (184 comments in total)

This is an excellent video, reminding us all of the basic rights of photographers - and the public generally - to do things that are safe, even curious, in public spaces. Kudos to these photographers and videographers for the courage and persistence to put this together - and thanks for sharing. I would recommend the same idea be done in major cities in the US, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia and other places around the world. It would be the "Public Photo Project", aided if need be by the ACLU (civil liberties groups) and similar organizations, protecting the legal rights of the public.

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On photo honfleur in the REFLECTION challenge (1 comment in total)

This is a fascinating image, but at first blush it's wrong .... the water waves are in the upper part. Is it upside down? The reflection on the bottom is even worse. It appears the photographer is messing with our minds ... clever.

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