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Given the M10 uses the same TruePic VII processor as the M1 does this mean the update can be run on the M10 as well? Dpreview hinted in their review of the M10 that the shake problem had been dealt with. Saying:

"The good news is that we didn't find it to be prone to the image shake that can occur with the PEN E-P5."

Why? Is the M10 already running this fix on the TruPic VII or is it another reason???

Olympus needs to be clearer in its communications on this issue and respect its customer base of whom I am one.

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On Pentax K-50 real-world and test scene samples news story (144 comments in total)

I have to agree with atomole the images do seem to look slightly soft, unusual for Pentax. Maybe reshoot to see if its the lens, or (!) operator???

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On Have Your Say: Best Lens of 2013 news story (89 comments in total)

You missed the bargain of the decade - the Sigma 60mm F2.8 A very sharp very well built but nice and light portrait/short telehoto and all for £129 or say $200. It cannot bre beaten, anywhere.

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On Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom news story (172 comments in total)

Weight weight weight... As an elderly micro four thirds fan I always look at what its going to feel like hauling it around with a portrait and longer telephoto! It all adds up.


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On Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon article (220 comments in total)
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stevedigiphoto: Very interesting interview. Seems to me that maybe have a D300s successor in waiting - maybe D800 focussing and metering, 24mp APS-C chip and high frame rate all on the cards. D600 at £1614 (Amazon Uk price) seems very reasonable for what you are getting - better performance that the D3X in most if not all areas but well under half the price. Sure this will be a very popular addition from Nikon.

Now £1500 body only at SLR hut...

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On Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack news story (193 comments in total)
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Raffwal: Well, I don't believe the board has put all those yens in their own pockets, but it is probably some business deal that can not be revealed for being not politically correct. And Woodford can't be such a boy scout that he'd be so surprised and ignorant. I suspect he was "blackmailing" the company, probably not for a promotion since he was already the CEO but perhaps for some income raise. Just a theory.

Oh please on DPreview we find someone smearing an honest CEO? Raffwal should be ashamed.

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On Just posted: Olympus E-PM1 (PEN Mini) preview and video news story (40 comments in total)

A price of $500 over there they translate to £450 here, interesting given the pound at 1.55 dollars. Or is it just greed?

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On Ricoh GR Digital IV preview (186 comments in total)

Weight and size similar to my Panasonic LX3 and the sensor is around the same size, and at last they've joined the 21st century with image stabilisation. With an optional external viewfinder it looks like it could be interesting. Assuming they don't do a Fuji and send a half finished product to market....

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