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  • What I find most interesting here is that there is no mention of the lens used on the interchangeable lens cameras. Without that, I feel like the comparison tool is useless. For instance, here is ...
  • I agree, brother! See you at the next "Fake Moon Landing Support Group" meeting! I missed the last one due to an illness in the family. Did I miss anything?

  • Wow, this is a gorgeous bundle.
  • No prob. I double checked too. My 50mm and 85mm work perfectly. It's definitely the lens.
  • For what it's worth, this is my second 35mm art. I bought it second hand, so sending it to Sigma is a last resort for me. I'm just curious if anything can be done before I do.
  • Created discussion thread Sigma 35mm Art Demon Possession?
    They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so here are two videos describing what I'm experiencing. Any help would be appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN18TChTwms https://www.youtube.c ...
  • Created discussion thread 35mm Art Focus Nightmare.
    Hi everyone. I need some urgent help. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I've uploaded 2 videos to show what I'm experiencing. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks! https://w ...
  • And there lies your problem. You think having an opinion against the Sigma cameras and SPP software automatically means I work for Nikon or Sony. I do not. I am a pharmacologist. It's especially ...
  • Replied in Sociopath?
    Lin Evans, In my (now locked) thread, I made very specific claims. These claims were backed up with years of various shooting experiences, under varying conditions, and all of which were true. One ...
  • Replied in Sociopath?
    Sociopath. Sociopath? Over comments made about a digital camera. You people are insane.
  • This is the line that is crossed on virtually every thread that says something about the *relative* disadvantages of the Sigma camera bodies. The response you are *guaranteed* is that your ...
  • And here lies the problem with the Sigma forum. You think this is a meeting place for you. It is not. This forum is a source of information, and a place potential buyers of Sigma cameras. "Negative ...
  • 1. I'm very much on-topic. 2. Was anything I said in the OP untrue? 3. I own and used the cameras. I think I'm entitled to discuss them. 4. So what would you call the people who responded to Lord ...
  • For the love of God. HOW IS THIS TROLLING?? How?? There have been nothing but personal attacks on this thread, and every thread that critiques a foveon camera. Yet, I'm the troll?
  • Really? There are that many cross-platform, GUI-driven RAW developers for X3F files from the Merrills? You implied that some complex work was going on in camera, leading to the long write and ...
  • Scottelly wrote: Have you NEVER heard of B&W? Is this really your solution? Really? Not a photo I'm particularly proud of, but note the EXIF. This photo was taken at the tail end of a shoot in near ...
  • *cracks knuckles* Looking at your gear list, none of your other cameras are particularly...good. So your argument of leaving your bayer sensor cameras in the bag is not particularly compelling for me.
  • I would, except this is the sentiment echoed throughout the years I've participated in this forum. Anyone who has negative words about the sigma cameras simply doesn't understand photography. Pray ...
  • Yeah, you must have missed the part where marcodadophoto told him to quit complaining and go learn photography. Or did you choose to ignore it?
  • The responses to this thread were the reason for the post: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3943016
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