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I hope that lens is interchangeable and a telescope can be hooked up through a adapter?

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A A7r ll firmware update can easily fix the raw compression error. Personally I only use Jpeg files in my A7r so i am not bothered by Sony RAW files, error's. With the A7r keeping the shutter above 1/160th is my main goal in legacy manual focus lenses at 7.2x. I gotten some incredible ultra sharp results from Sony Chips and its processing engine. I read Canon has broken the 250 meg file barrier, that chip interest me, as does Canon's 4M ISO scale chip for astronomy photos. If I attach my future camera of 250 Meg file to my largest telescope and crop the images, I should be able to see the lunar rover tracks on the moon from 1969. Watch out NASA there's a new technology coming.

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On Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II article (1109 comments in total)

I was disappointed with the AF ability in the A7r I currently own, so I been using 7.2x fine focus for over two years now. With the Zeiss Loxia 50mm F:2 I returned to the days of fine manual focus like in the 1960's. I also was NOT a big fan of the vibration in the shutter & its Noise! Still some of the Very best photos I ever taken , are with this camera. If Sony has truly improved these two factors I will seek the camera body out and test it. I am especially curious if the ISO 102,000 speed will be a God send for astro-photography or a curse? I didnt see any public videos with that feature? This could be a deep sky joy, if the body weight doesnt knock off the tracking drive of the telescope 5" & 6" I have? Its not shocking to understand Sony technological greatest, They own large amount of shares in at least 20 optical/ electronics firms and are number one in chip sales for 35mm full frame & cell phone applications, world-Wide.... Regards, Don@eastwestphoto

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On Have your say: Best Lens of 2014 article (119 comments in total)

I would have voted for the zeiss Loxia 50mm F:2 Planar in sony FE mount. It wasnt on the list, but it should be, I own it; shoot it and I have never been happier, Don@eastwestphoto

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On Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount article (269 comments in total)

Sorry lost a section because of the 999 character limit. Loxia 50mm focus helicoil jumps the image into DMF 7.2x focus as soon as you turn, which is wonderful. This is a manual lens diaphram so focus at f:2 and then close down, without changing the focus at all! All EXIF info is saved to the camera after exposure and viewing the image after exposure at max magnification revealed a very sharp image on my A7r. The image quality is the equal to the more expensive Zeiss AF lenses in Prime lenses for the Sony A7 FE series camera, just slower in use. If speed is NOT an issue for you or price, this is a very interesting lens.

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On Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount article (269 comments in total)

My new Loxia 50mm F:2 arrived, so i got out my trusty Test Chart and ran a test on the Loxia 50 mm, Summircron 40mm/2 CL and Sony SEL2870 kit lens. All exposures shot at 1/400@F:4.5. Loxia has the best colors and image brightness, Summircron resolves slightly better than the Loxia; and the SEL2870 comes in third in resolution. The SEL2870 was shot at the 45mm setting on the Zoom. I used the Summircron with a Tinray Macro focusing mount L/M>Nex adapter. So that lens affords me 40mm view angle & macro focus and sharpness, but the colors are not as bright.
I used a Sony A7r for the test camera
Back to the Loxia 50mm, its smaller than normal for Zeiss, but its chunky heavy build quality is noticeable. Its a work of Art, for sure and its builder is Cosina. the Loxia is a great product , with beautiful color rendition and contrast & sharpness almost as good as my favorite lens the Summircron 40mmF:2 CL lens of Germany. Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

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On Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount article (269 comments in total)
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ulfie: Why not just get a ZM 50/2 w/ E-mount adapter? Save money and get basically the same thing as the Loxia.

because a ZM lens would Not have the DMF 7x magnified feature a critical aid to precision manual focus.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1864 comments in total)

What has ALWAYS kept me from buying these high end compact zoom digitals is a lack of sunshade & Polarizer ability. The lens cap design prevents practical use of mentioned devices. Personally I have been all over the world watching idiot photographers taking photo's in the most beautiful vista's you have ever seen with these technological machines and smiled ever so dis-believingly at what they were doing? Straight into the sun, WHAT? A zoom lens with floating elements, in 14 groups that doesn't get effected by flare, ghosting; shooting into the sun, or back-lighted situations? Please!, No such animal or multi-coating can overcome refraction off multiple zoom lens surfaces!
50 years ago a photographer or motion picture photographer knew darn well that a SUNSHADE is a must! A old 60 year old folding camera shooting 120 roll film can turn out a better photo, because they had three lens elements and used a sunshade.

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On Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount article (269 comments in total)

I would have appreciated a back photo from DPreview, showing the contacts and lens mount. This series of lenses may be MF, but; I like seeing the data transmission contacts so i can compare with my other Sony FF AF lenses. I was never a English major in college, I went to college for Photographic technology and science and optics and mechanics and electronics are important to me.
I use MF all the time on Sony A7r & Sony Nex 7, I never trust anybody's AF system to be as good as magnified focus assist. Thus MF zeiss lenses using the time tested Rangefinder, SLR Planar design, with a modern aspherical elements, will hopefully be a very high resolution lens? I think the 50/2 is more to my liking, I have both of these lenses on a Contarex Bullseye SLR from yesteryear and a Contarex > Nex adapter also. The planar 50/2 was a amazingly great lens in the film days of Zeiss glory. Regards, Don

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A color corrected lens would have been better choice like a Rapax off a Ciro-Flex, with a good Wollensak Anastigmat in 85mm F:3.5. They are dirt cheap on eBay, easy as pie to remove from the TLR body and one heck of a great lens for no money! 85mm would suit a A7r FF Sony rather nicely. Wollensak made great lenses, mostly forgotten these days. We can all think of better lenses for sure, But dollar/lb. value of an old Ciro-flex cannot be beat in Price! Sellers on Ebay practically give away those cameras. 120 film is dying in the USA. Already my long-long time photo house gave up processing E-6 120 rollfilm and now tells me 120 C-41 is on the way out also? Gee I hope NOT, but digital really has improved tremendously in the last 7 years, so the technological change is on.I will be waiting for the day, I can mount that 6x9cm digital back to my speed Graphic's and Linhof cameras! Don@Eastwestphoto

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Personally, I would have used a much better antique camera and shorter focal length lens! The idea proofs that the first company that makes a Graflok back in 6x9cm DIGITAL 100 MEG, is going to step into a huge unmet demand. Then folding press and view large format cameras will sky rocket in price! It's just a few years away!

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On Hands-on with the Sony Alpha a5100 article (24 comments in total)
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samfan: How can people use these monsters without viewfinders?

They all have extremely accurate EVF display's.Please pay attention more too details.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2251 comments in total)

This is a lousy review from Andy Westlake- Most old leica fans want to know if they can use an older leica M mount lens on this camera? If so how does a 50mm perform on it and what angle of view will cover the chip entirely without vignetting the chip? What size is this chip? m4/3, or APS-C? DPreview is a manufacturers review forum for New camera, new lens and they are so biased against photographers who adapt old lenses to new mirrorless cameras, its disgusting and obvious bias. I would match my leitz Leica summicron 40mm F:2 CL lens against any NEW lens made for this camera in zoom and a manual lens test would of allowed me to understand, distortion, chromatic abberation and image quality of JPEG and contrast. After all Mr. Westlake, we do buy bodies and use our old lenses! Wake Up! Don@Eastwestphoto

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1613 comments in total)

If Nikon makes a serious Mirrorless DSLM, I would consider going Back too Nikon! I still have a draw full of high end Nikon AF lenses; waiting. Interesting that Nikon is buying Sony chips in full Frame, isn't it? You thought Nikon was king? Don't think I don't like Nikon idiot, I have five very expensive Nikon Rangefinders, and Five pro-SLR Nikon's. I made a living shooting Nikon Film cameras & even sold my D-70s a while ago. Still The konica Minolta Sony Nex 7 made a real believer out of me & so does the Sony A7r, so friends, Nikon cameras are just too huge in size and weight, Nikon DSLR are too large for the travel photographer, who needed Light, ultra compact, ultra precision digital cameras. Sony moved in with there electronics technology and bought a merged optical house who made great cameras going back to the 1920's. One day soon Nikon will make a serious DSLM in Full Frame of ultra compact size using the Nikon AF lens mount. I am waiting...... Don@Eastwestphoto

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For the money the A7r is a well featured DSLM camera Vs. the other so called Pro DSLR cameras. Adding the 100 adapters i have for legacy lenses and my Sony FE lenses; my image quality has been outstanding. True i use tricks, always focus with DMF, always use a polarizer filter to add help too the Contrast AF focusing system. Throw away the plastic sunshade and get a collapsible 55mm rubber for using Polarizer filter. Shooting great video, I am now wishing that websites upgrade their obsolete submission protocols to take 25 meg files or 1080P video on YOUTUBE or others. Still my ISP cannot handle more than a 10 meg jpeg image, so YOU SEE that the cameras are light years ahead of the web services already! Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

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Unfortunately After market lens makers like Tamron banked all there sales on DSLR kings Nikon & Canon. When the Mirrorless cameras of m4/3 rds arrived in 2009 the lenses did NOT! Its been that way for years, Sigma, Tamron, etc. third party m4/3 rds and Sony e-mount FF series lenses are far and few between. maybe they didn't realize Mirrorless DSLM cameras were so terrific; whatever there EXCUSE is, there still FIVE years behind the sales curves. maybe they didn't WANT to pay the licensing fees? Never the less the marketplace is huge for Aftermarket in m4/3 rd's & Sony FE series, so its about time; well i been saying and posting this for five years!
Even at the Javis center trade show of latest and greatest in NYC once a year, I told tamron, & Sigma too wake up! All I got was Blank stares from the sales Reps. Maybe its NOT a free marketplace and the KINGS are controlling optical capitalism? Don@Eastwestphoto

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On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (504 comments in total)
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ExpatJourno: I'm new here (first post) and love the site. I bought the Sony A7 exclusively for use with several old Leica M lenses from my old film days. I've had very good results with my 35mm Summicron-M, 50mm Summicron and especially my 90 Summicron-M. I experienced less success with my 21mm Super-Angulon, however - lots of vignetting and CA. I've found this can be fixed somewhat with CornerFix or lens correction in Lightroom. My conclusion after two months is that successful shooting with the A7 and legacy glass depends on the lens, with better results using focal lengths of 35mm and longer. I'd be interested in reading about results from others about their experiences using ultra-wide lenses.

Ditto buddy, my 21mm Voigtlander skopar was the same; major distortion Chromatic Aberration and vignetting on the edges! I use a A7r. I found a 85c help's correct the Aberration anyway, cheap solution. I also am a writer of photo articles for Camera Shopper magzine and TEST all leica rangefinder lenses ever made! The best so far, hands down winner Leitz Summicron 40mm F:2 CL lens! Ultra sharpness, light weight, small size, and a 85c filter makes the photos look like Kodachrome slides! It's a killer of a lens focused in TTL as opposed to the rangefinder days of its smaller base line. Try it, get the German one! Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

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On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (504 comments in total)


What does the 48mm male thread do; on the eBay adapter you sent me? Your adapter was so good m33 Argus>Nex, That i wrote and article about it for Camera Shopper magazine! The Enna Argus tele-Sandmar 100mm /4.5 lens tested out on your adapter & a Sony A7r DSLM camera; as amazing image quality! Who knew Argus lenses were so Good! Expect Your sales to increase once that article is Published! Meanwhile I will blog on internet for your adapter's greatness. The Argus lenses are very light weight and ultra compact, making them very desirable.manual focus on the A7r Sony at 6x DMF makes a ultra sharp image on a Full Frame chip at 36 MEG, 99.9% of today's Photographer's have NO idea how great these legacy rangefinder lenses were from the 1950's! Better start making more m33 Argus adapters to NEX or E-mount, I am spreading the word! Best Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (819 comments in total)

DT 18~70mm lens, Kit lenses are significantly improved on Sony Contrast focusing AF system by the SIMPLE addition of a 49mm Polarizer filter. Focus is faster and more accurate. At least on the NEX system DSLM cameras and the New Alpha A7 series! If you think about it it makes sense, polarized light is MUCH easier for the AF Contrast system to read! 18mm on APS-C chip sized = 27mm. I tested the DT 18~70mm kit lens on my LA-EA4 adapter and at full frame it covered a 24x36mm digital chip on the A7r from 70-21, then vignetted. I didn't expect it to work that well. The image was sharp, contrasty and Highly usable! This is a trade secret,I am revealing. I seriously doubt that Sony would want this info revealed? Remember a A200 series and A300 series Sony cameras are Sony A mount and have mirrors, therefore the back focal length of the lens is Longer by far than Nex APS-C lenses , which are for DSLM cameras. So on the LA-EA4 adapter, the lens works well! Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (819 comments in total)

the old Beer Can 70~210mm minolta A works very fast and very sharp on a LA-EA4 adapter to Sony A7r.

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