Ray Maines

Ray Maines

Lives in United States Tacoma, WA, United States
Works as a Retired City Bus Driver
Joined on Feb 11, 2007
About me:

I started with a Sony a200, replaced that with a used a300, and enjoyed them both. Currently have an a77 and a NEX-6 and love them both.

Tamron 90mm Macro
Minolta 50mm F/1.7
Sony DT 35mm F/1.8
Sony 70-300 G &
CZ 16-80mm
(Two) Sony HVL_42 Flash Strobes

Sony 18-105 G E-Mount
Sony 10-18mm UWA
Sony 55-210mm
HVL-20 Flash

Feel free to e-mail

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  • Go without. http://www.dslrbodies.com/accessories/camera-accessories/tripod-101.html
  • Replied in Yes and Yes
    Yes. It's probably dust, but could be be something nasty like flower pollen. Yes. Give the dust blower a try but brace up for something more assertive. Really though, cleaning the sensor is just a ...
  • Replied in Sony 10-18 F/4.0
    Here's another vote for the Sony zoom. 24mm is just barely wide enough to be called wide angle. The CZ is a great lens but it doesn't fit the description very well. 28 and 35mm lenses aren't even ...
  • I absolutely promise you that a year from now you won't even remember exactly what you paid for the lens. BUY THE LENS YOU THINK IS BETTER FOR YOU!! Buy it now and don't look back. FWIW: I bought ...
  • Not if it's the wrong focal length it isn't. Nobody is ever going to look at a photo and say "Wow, you were way too close to the subject, but at least it's sharper in the corners than if you had ...
  • Replied in And FWIW...
    And for what it's worth, that 25:1 ratio works out to about one inch per mm of focal length. Meaning you would want to test a 50mm lens at about 50 inches.
  • Replied in Agreed!
    When I say my prayers at night I always remember to ask for a VERY quiet shutter on the *a7000*. Then we'd be talkin' discrete. Seriously, that's one of the three or ten things I really want on my ...
  • This is a good place to start: http://www.2filter.com/
  • 1) That's kind of a vague question, but start by turning the Live View Display / Setting Effect "ON" in the menu. 2) FINDER / LIVE VIEW Setting to Auto (or to LCD Monitor if that's what you prefer).
  • Here is a link to an older but still valuable thread about the filters you need and don't need with a digital camera. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/29893745
  • Replied in OOoops. Sorry.
    Do we know the cost to upgrade from 5.7?
  • Windows Home 7. I've been using Chrome for years. Here is a resized screenshot to show you what it looks like for me.
  • Replied in Nope
    No sir, not at all. But as I've said in the past, I'm just a snapshot shooter and my standards are pretty low. I might not really know even if I were having issues with the e-mount lenses. I had ...
  • Replied in Arggggggg
    Thank you bigley, Henry, and especially Johnny. Like lots of other questions, this isn't the answer I wanted to hear but I'm happy to know the real answer. Again, thanks.
  • Replied in Arggggggg
    Apparently you are exactly right. Using the La-Ea-2 adapter and Tamron 90mm Macro lens, I am now offered the option to use the Macro adjust feature. I haven't actually used it yet, but I will ...
  • Except for the PF, I'm really not seeing anything weird on my monitor.
  • Like, how does it work? What am I doing wrong? I go to the MENU / AF Micro ADJ. / AF Adjustment Setting = On / ... and "amount" is greyed out and if I select it anyway, it tells me "This function ...
  • First of all, please understand that Macro Photography is a slippery slope and I beg you not to go there. You are going to want a monster tripod, killer lenses, a focus rail, ring light, expensive ...
  • Your English is great. Never make another apology! I think you could leave all of the long stuff at home. It sounds to me like you need some Wide Angle stuff. The Sony 10-18 is a perfect complement ...
  • Replied in You're Wrong
    I shouldn't be so confrontational. Sorry. There is a very good chance the smaller, lighter camera just might wind up being your main camera. The IQ is good and the darn thing is just fun to use. I ...
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