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It may not be art, but it's clever and shows a lot of humor in the details. I think of it like a multi-track audio recording where one individual may play several instruments -- we've listened to that for years, usually with admiration. This is the photographic version!

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SeeRoy: "The P7100's optical viewfinder coverage is roughly 80%."
80% - Roughly.
Ie A completely useless peep-hole - roughly speaking.

I plan to use the camera with the 1:1 aspect option, so the width of the OVF is probably just right for framing. I'm especially pleased to be able to have a usable viewfinder in bright sunlight -- otherwise these cameras truly are just point and shoot.

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I don't see the optical VF as a "retro" touch at all. Maybe the sun's just not as bright in Seattle (or wherever DPR lives these days) as it is where I shoot but I find an eye-level VF (despite its limitations) is essential. I'm sorry to say that every LCD I've tried (including some of the latest 920K versions) is just plain deficient in bright light. I'd call it good solid design and should be applauded.

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