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  • I disagree that the A16 and the S10 are redundant. They're very different. The S10 has image stabalization, its small. I frequently carry it as my everywhere camera if I'm not carrying my GRD4. ...
  • correction: I love that "lensor."
  • I have the A16 zoom and love it. Yes, it is big and clunky and so I don't carry it as my walk around camera, but I love the image quality and the zoom range. I shot an entire book with it that ...
  • I just recently had a 32 G Sandisk Extreme lose all of my images on me. I've never had this happen before. Now I'm more conscious of heeding the advice to use several smaller cards rather than ...
  • I love black and white. I love geometric (and other) patterns. Oddly enough I'm liking the color version of this best. The colors are soft, muted and complimentary. I like. - A.
  • Who is this "we?" I be usin' my exquisite GRD4 and exquisite GXRs. ;) - A.
  • You coulda needed the money. - A.
  • Have I told you about my latest knitting project? I'm really excited about it. I'm making form fit socks for the little feet on the upcoming Ricoh GR 3. They're so small I'm having to use nano ...
  • Replied in Amen
    Don't take offense. None intended. I just REALLY like the MY modes and find the mode dial on my GRD4 and GXR to be very useful. Having clean and simple design is an art next only to godliness, ...
  • Replied in brownie
    Don't get too excited. I was mostly having fun. Keep in mind I don't have a GR, just a GRD4 and a stable full of GXRs. I like the MY choices where they are and use them a lot, as well as A, S, ...
  • Replied in Amen
    Yeah, I agree. Ricoh should quit trying to make the most photographer friendly cameras on the planet and just clone what all the others are doing. In fact, come to think of it, my Brownie only ...
  • Very nice. This is one of the reasons I like the EVF for my GXR, I can tilt it up and look down into it when the camera is in some ridiculous position. - A.
  • "And yet (almost) "everyone" here seems quite happy to throw away a perfectly good whole-camera GR to get the latest and greatest (whatever it might be)." - Tom Caldwell I'm glad you put that ...
  • Ricoh GR Digital 10th Anniversary. !!! Sorry. I just couldn't control myself. ;) Extra over repetative redundancy makes my mind explode. - A.
  • Well just think, Roger, if you were dyslexic it would be confusing no matter what direction it went. (But actually I agree with your accessment. ;) ) - A.
  • Hmmm. THAT is interesting! - A.
  • "...a more highly populated sensor." Where is Zero Population Growth when you really need them? I say condoms! Before it's too late.
  • YES!!! Buy one NOW! No, wait... don't get it yet. Well hell, YES, BUY SEVERAL! I have a GRD4. I absolutely love it. When the GR came out I had no desire to buy one. It's a different camera from ...
  • Oh, I was confused. I thought what Tom was talking about was called Iko Dot. I went to their site and they no longer make them. I was curious about the device Tom mentioned that was easily ...
  • I looked up "iko dot" on both ebay and amazon and came up with nothing. ...?
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