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On Cinetics Axis360 review article (68 comments in total)

Um... What about GigaPan? They are pretty affordable...

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro article (249 comments in total)

I love the look of this camera. It's very distinct. I'm sick of all the "me too" cameras nowadays.

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pedrolito: there is said: will open raws from sigma sd1m, dpxm

yes it does but the color is completely off. same like dcraw.

maybe in a few weeks and some updates ahead

@HarryG7 - Thank you for working on better support for the Sigma X3F files.

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On Will the next smartphones measure in ultrapixels? post (16 comments in total)

My guess is it is really just a 13-15MP Bayer sensor where they just bin pixels together to get the lower resolution, better image.

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Bjorn_L: The 150 is sealed. I see no mention of sealing on this one.

Their 12-24 II and 120-300 f/2.8 OS are also both weather-sealed.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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cinefeel: PROBLEM with DPR comparison for SD1... here are much better results from the same raws:

Erik, it is possible they were not writing SPP settings back to the x3f file. You can't judge what they did just by looking at the raw file

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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SeeRoy: However this camera performs (and quite honestly, who really cares except people with a financial or emotional commitment to the company?) the fact that Sigma that could first release it with a positively insane price, then slash the price to a level that's still unattractive to most users, and then rename the camera without making ANY changes to the specification... well, Sigma's management is in a hopeless mess. Which squares with generally reported and my own, limited, experience of Sigma's lens QC.
Having a different approach to sensor design is to be encouraged - as Fuji are currently demonstrating more effectively - however unless Sigma or someone else comes up with a more attractive camera to put the sensor in, and improves its performance significantly, it doesn't have a future when compared with the overwhelming value represented by its competition.

It is important to note that Sigma chose to take care of those of us who purchased the SD1 at it's original price. For example, I am getting the 120-300mm OS, 12-24mm II, and the 17-50mm OS lenses from Sigma from the "Points Support Program" at zero additional cost to me.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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JesperMP: To my eyes, at base ISO SD1 has a resolution that is somewhere between D800 and Pentax 645D. And no moiré in sight. That is pretty fine achievement.
But the price is a smidgen higher than D800, and Nikon has the lenses, LV, write speed, AF, hi-res LCD etc. It will be a tough sell for Sigma.

The "Amazon" $3,000 price listed here is well over what the SD1 really costs. You can buy the SD1 directly from Sigma or several other vendors for $2,299.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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rich12: One last thing. Looking at the results and the specific ratings, I can't see how this camera scored a 71% overall. It is only rated well on image quality and build quality. As such, I would have expected an overall rating significantly lower than 71%.

Also, I wouldn't rate the image quality so highly, given the color inaccuracy.

Itl depends on your clients, I guess...

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On Split Personality in the fun with statues. challenge (1 comment in total)

FYI... No photoshop here. The statue in question was laying in the water.

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Pavel Sokolov: I pity the people that bought sd1 for $7000...

Why? We are getting reimbursed with sigma "points" that we can use to acquire additional Sigma gear. Considering that they did not have to do it, I am delighted that they are trying to take care of those of us who purchased one early.

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unlearny: We apologize, we were not able to offer this camera for a fair price while the inventor and our President were still alive. Now that they are gone, we want to lower the price before anybody else succumbs.

I'm imagining Yamaki just had an "A Christmas Carol" experience with apparitions of his old boss and Merril saying, "Ooooh, the 800E has no low pass filter and 36mp. lower the price or else you'll have to keep all the excess inventory sitting in the warehouse..."

How far ahead of the competition did they think they were, anyways?

Dick's work definitely went into some of the newer Foveon patents which were key technical developments that made the SD1's sensor possible.

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tkbslc: Can you imagine if you were one of the tens of people that bought it at full price? I can't even fathom how much you would hate Sigma right now for that several thousand dollar bath your SD-1 just took.

I bought my SD1 in July last year. I was happy with it then and I'm still happy with it now. I'm also happy that more people will be able to own an SD1 for themselves. That Sigma has decided to compensate those of us who paid the higher price for it, is a great addition.

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Marty4650: This camera would be overpriced at $1,000.

The Foveon fans should be pretty upset about how they were ripped off by Sigma. And giving them "frequent flyer miles" might not be the best way to make up for this obvious price gouging.

Imagine how you would feel if you bought a car for $40,000 and nine months later the manufacturer decided to drop the price to $12,000? And then offered you some free floor mats to make you feel better....

As one of the SD1 early adopters ( bought mine last July), I'm happy that Sigma has decided to lower the price of the SD1 and also provide some compensation back to those of us who took the early leap of faith. I have been enjoying the SD1 for the last few months and am happy I purchased it.

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On CES 2012: Sigma stand report article (25 comments in total)
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AV Janus: So where is that elusive Foveon beast?
Seems to behave in line with a Loch Ness monster. :)

The report I saw from an attendee said that the SD1 was there tethered to a Mac taking macro shots. Also the images around the booth are mostly from the SD1.

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On Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras article (286 comments in total)

"For the purposes of this roundup, I'm restricting my coverage to those compact cameras which offer full manual control over exposure, are capable of shooting raw files, and have flash/accessory hotshoes. There are six cameras on the market which meet these criteria, and all six are covered, but the fullest treatment is reserved for those cameras which offer optical viewfinders (and arguably the ultimate in enthusiast-friendly ergonomics) in addition to their rear LCD screens:"

You missed two cameras that meet all the criteria you listed:
Sigma DP1
Sigma DP2

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On Planned site maintenance on article (41 comments in total)

I hope it will improve the site reliability/stability. In the last couple of weeks, I've seen several occurrences of pages on the site getting stalled / partially loading etc...

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On Foveon verses Bayer Sensors article (6 comments in total)
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zodiacfml: Nice article. Since 2002 with various digital cams, I was rarely impressed or satisfied with the pictures (maybe only with pics composed of simple colors and combinations). They just tend to get bigger and cleaner pictures.
I purchased a DP2 last January and never been so inspired with photography since (currently at file number SDIM7700+). I'm satisfied with the sensor. I just wished for more speed (AF and write times), better LCD, and much better battery life.

Your story is similar to many others who have experienced the Sigma cameras and the Foveon technology. In the Sigma forum, there have been many posts over the last few years where they make comments like yours.

My own experience is similar. I had used several other digital cams and was never satisfied with the image quality. Then I bought an original DP1. The detail and quality if the images was amazing and i haven't looked back since. Now, I have the DP1, an SD14, an SD15 which is a dramatic improvement over the SD14, and I decided to take the leap and purchase an SD1. While the SD1 mat not have the huge feature list of other cameras on the market, it is the pinnacle of Foveon image quality and is very easy to use.

I was recently helping to train a room full of Canon, Nikon, and Sony owners some basic photography. As we helped individuals to make settings changes, I was surprised at how complicated getting to some basic functions was.

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On Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database article (149 comments in total)

Nice to hear the M9 studio shots were added.
Whatever the result, I'm looking forward to the SD1 review and the studio shot comparison.

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