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cxsparc: I know why they chose 17.7 mm.

The answer is.......
.... so that the Nex users can't use those primes.

A Nex 5N is the obvious alternative to this camera and probably equal in therms of IQ. The 7 might even be better in resolution in good light. Both are cheaper.

Now if you could mount those lenses on the Nex, who would buy the Fuji body?

Yes Fuji lenses are better, NEX system is so far 90% consumer oriented. Tested A77 with kit lens, not very responsive system actually and ISO 800 images are not good. ISO 100 is noisy like in all Sony sensors. If Fuji can offer same quality as 5DII in low isos, it would be step ahead from Sony-s.

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rgolub: How does this handle RAW files? DNG?

This looks *awfully* basic. Crop / rotate / a few adjustments. No layers. So as someone who has 'thousands' of files carefully backup up on various hard drives I don't see the attraction. It's not as if I just suddenly get the hankering to edit a 5 year old picture while sitting in the cafe with my iPhone.

I might be interested in a service that cataloged those thousands of pics so I could show them to someone in the cafe, but my Flikr feed does pretty much that for my developed files.

So, for 'advanced users' there isn't much. For 'mainstream' users, well, good luck with that.

Admit the current system is good for nothing.

Photography is really primitive and basic for most of non pros, this is what they need most. But thing are evolving there as well, imagine you shoot wedding, your camera is connected to high speed wi-fi network, you grab your iPadX (model 10 pobably) you do some fast edits with Lightroom X and publish photos quickly. Photos are still in the camera's CF card. 1DX has already 1 Gb/s ethernet, there are wi-fi devices soon at this speed as well. Guests can view photos on their smartphones or tablest etc. Or you are shooting real estate, do not need anything very special, you leave from site and go to sleep at home because you have done editing on site. This is all real with RAW photos soon.

You have self service printer on table during wedding where guests can print photos, the list is autmatically updated from your published edits. Connection is wireless of course, may be using 5G mobile or new generation 1 Gb/s wi-fi.

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very average image quality ? Why they have done such an average thing ? Ok pentax Q is tiny and Oly and Sony has IQ this is understandable, what is the identity of this camera ? Is the body color main advantage.

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Betty Edwards has many books about visual art. For me drawing.. and colors have been very important. Photography and drawing walk side by side and are close than ever with photoshop. DSLR really emphasizes our virtual world created by our brains which is no existent at our retina even.

Eyes are most importnat in drawing as well as in photography, it is important to see shapes, lines, intensities and colors as they are.

For me it was shocking to see trees during overcast afternoon thin as papers from certain perspective. They look like thin papers climbing up. So quite often we just think they are 3 dimensional and same thing happens with drawing and shooting we are in wrong mode.

Left and eight side of the brain os of course very inaccurate model created by scientists and there is no need to take it seriously as any model. Betty just can teach you two diffrent state of your mind. There is also a video teaching drawing according to the book.

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RedFox88: What good is a real fast lens (f/1.4) with a manual focus lens? It's not easy to get manual focus right wide open with such a wide aperture. I would not buy this kind of lens.

I like Samyang and the optical quality they provide. For Pentax they provide A lens and it records also Aperture in EXIF - no need to turn aperture ring from lens. So I do not see any difference except manual focusing which is easy with focus confirmation and sometimes with live view. I do not think they are niche player, quite many of us have at least one SAMYANG quite soon. You just do not need 14 mm every day and no zoom lens can provide the quality at wide angle areas.

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On Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (279 comments in total)
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steve131: Common sense .....

Most photographers who care to carry with them and change lens because they can do something extra to achieve the image quality they want.

If Pentax thinks ppl will change lens for fun and don't care about image quality, then they will learn a lesson.

I think most mirrorless fans will go with m43. Sony die-hard fans will go with NEX, but I suspect Sony as a company is going to a dead-end. Sad ... I used to be a big fan of Sony.

I just hope Pentax Q will not become a big joke in the history of mirrorless camera. Look at that little camera, it's lovely, if you can ignore the sensor part.

Most of such cameras have only one lens, micro 4/3 is not a professional thing either, I really do not want to carry large equipment if going out with my family - usually shooting with mobile phone even, just composition and journalism matters here. To get HQ images it takes anyway much of devotion and equipment and time time... I tried sony nex and did not liked the menu system at all. I would like to try the Q at least and if IQ is similar or better to Nokia N8, it is wonderful companion and also in a more serious camera bag just for documenting and why not shooting invisibly.

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Peter G: The only reason I have any interest in a M43 or NEX is for the larger sensor, when compared to compacts.

This things is a Joke in bad taste.

I would spend less money and get "large" sensor Canon S95 before this.

Sick comments, everyone is just thinking about sensor size, sensors have evolved in last 5 years tremendously and those images are definitely better than from APS-C cameras from year 2005. I think this camera produces decent A4 prints are you going to shoot professional photos with it ? No but you can walk around with it, use Leaf shutter, manual modes dials and other nice features. NEX cameras are quite menu oriented.

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On article Pentax announces four additional Q mount lenses (40 comments in total)

so far we have seen excellent results from pentax small glass (Limited pancake), AF motor, Flash sync to 1/2000, ND filter, not bad lens at all. Leaf shutter has it's advantages as well. Of course DOF is large but you can PP your images today.

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Lightshow: I get the feeling this system is aimed at teens, not photo enthusiasts, or pros.

Why do you thinks so, pros like to shoot off work situations too, it is sick to carry large cameras all the time.

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snowcrash: An interchangeable lens compact camera? What's the point?
Then why not just buy any compact cam with an integrated zoom lens?

Interchangeable lenses are a necessity with larger sensors, as a do-it-all zoom lens would be giant. But with a small sensor it can be done. Then why change lenses?

This system has leaf shutters inside lenses, look at specs, you can not do it with your DSLR. Flash X-sync speed • 1/2000 sec. Soon everyone is asking for leaf shutter. Faster shutters can be created and beleive this camera can produce images for 99% situations today - Internet < 2 Mpix computers screens

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Copiare: Pentax doesn't offer a Fullframe camera but releases this piece of crap instead?
What a bonehead move and a complete waste of resources.
Who designed the flash unit on this camera, Hasbro?

99% of the images today are viewed at few megapixel computer screens or HDTV-s, 99% we do not need larger sensor. 1/2.3" is enough to render A4 magazine cover today with good optics and of course with pro lights. This sensor is much more than iPhone or iPod touch or Nokia N8 (by the way experimentally used already for mag cover). G12 has similar size sensor also but ccd and much more noisy than Sony's new backlight.

There is more light out there as you imagine, even with tiny mobile phone, it is possible to create outstanding results for computer screen.

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