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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (2696 comments in total)
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40daystogo: Why would anyone carry a 910 gram Canon 7DII, when the latest Sony A7II slightly over half that, and is close to getting the same fast focus, maybe not in this A7 iteration but certainly in the next.

For users that need only a narrow range of lenses, the mirrorless solution seems better, and even that factor will be a moot point in a few years when given enough time to develop Sony's growing range of Sony and Zeiss lenses.

Canon is like Nokia was against iPhone and Android, soon we do not know this brand name in the market. They have still some nice lenses for pro-s but their managers are japanese old fashioned and very unprofessional in getting touch with modern world we perceive now. The same situation was exactly in Nokia, they did not managed even email client to work under Symbian, they produced "phones". Canon is producing reflex cameras, they still like mechanics and are very behind in software. If I get at least good AF as in my 5DII series I will switch to Sony A7s and A7II combo definitely. May be I can sell my Canon G30 too then.

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On Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview article (256 comments in total)
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tiberiousgracchus: Great quality visually and the sound is good perhaps a little muffled. The vocals cant be heard well at all. For a phone its very good imo

No vocals because the mic and camera was near drums to show it would not clip. It is quite hard to detect vocals in such conditions even with naked ear. Marvelous result from small pocket camera and hopefully photo is even better.

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On Making sense of Canon's 4K cameras with EOSHD article (225 comments in total)
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Matt: Wouldn't those cinematographers for high resolution broadcast TV and cinema production use VIDEOCAMERAS rather than using a klutzy DLSR?

World is evolving, there is not too many 4K video cams in the market, it is possible that most of the 4K footage is distributed via internet and other new media - so the broadcaster are new as well not willing to focus on one media only.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)
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B64: Still don't know how they get 48 megapixels... The sensor has 4,704 x 3,136 = 1,475,744 * 3 = 44,255,232 pixels. I just can't figure out where the other 10% comes from.

You have to understand that Bayer 5d mark II is only 5.5 megapixels in some situations when only blue sensors are in operation, ind sd1 you have15 megapixels of blue. Imagine blue object on red and its borders. I have seen problems also in hair when magenta bacgeound is used, 5d IInhair give color artifacts in studio light in some bacgrounds.

sd1 and fuji x1pro are both rethinking our sensor world, canikon is just incrementally developing very old idea of sensor which is coming from very limited resources and tech available at the beginning of digital era. Bayer sensor is not ideal and will eventually will be replaced with better sensors not demanding AA and color interpolation.

From color resolution point of viiew d800 seems to be similar to sd1.

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Yes. yes VC is not so important in still imaging but for video, canon 24-70 is good on tripod only. Tamron will have huge success among video/still graphers. canon prime 28 IS for videographing and street photography taken in mind. Hope the critics will be substituted here with more broad understanding of lens applications.

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Jack A. Zucker: price is too close to canon. The IS feature won't be enough to cut into canon's sales IMO. At this focal length, IS is not as important. It needs to be $1k to tempt folks from canon's offering IMO unless canon discontinues the 24-70 2.8 MK I

Handheld video without IS ? Canon also launched 24 is 28 is primes. The lens is definitely enough good for full HD resolution.

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gogo2: D800 already outdated based on pixel count. Nokia 808 already trounced D800 with 40mp sensor. I think DPReview should review Nokia 808 alongside D800 and see which one takes the cake.

Yes it will indeed allow 38 Mpixel jpegs in creative mode, there is wrong information in forums. The lens is plastic but 10 times more accurate than DSLR lenses. Sensor is designed in house so no comparisions available today from other vendors.

You can also use full megapixel resource for crop or for better low light and you get 5 Mpixel images then of course. This phone will open new possibilities for creative people.

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Some comments on computer resources mentioned here critically towards D800, opened LR4 NEF-s with my small sandybridge i5/Lion laptop with only 4 GB of RAM, increased shadows, corrected keystone, sharpened, removed CA, applied lens profile. Have not seen any serious problems with the performance. I think in i5/i7 desktop there no problems of any kind. LR4 and CS6 use GPU extensively and provide much better performance than LR3 CS5 on this.

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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)

Resolution as well as color resolution is very good, from the other hand 36 mpixel image is not sharp or is same as typical APS-C modern sensor like in D7000/K5, but we are facing engineering tradeoffs everywhere. But better lenses can be engineered, like we have few for olympus and one plastic accurate Nokia 808 witch resolves much better than any Nikon or Canon lens so far. Nokia's lens is 10 times more accurate than any DSLR lens.

The technology is there byt CaNikon just enjoy their duapoly and do not want to develop technology futher - small increments makes more money for them.

Probably there are large groups, landscapes, studio and some sharp lenses for D800.

D800 pixel technology does not guarantee also smooth noise free highlights at least I do not see these in K5 but my 5DII highlight and midtones are ver very clean in good light.

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On Preview:olympusEM5 (1362 comments in total)

No external mic input ? This is not suitable for video, AF and IQ looks marvellous.

Posted on Mar 18, 2012 at 16:08 UTC as 43rd comment | 1 reply
On Lightroom 4 Review article (469 comments in total)

Local adjustments are now ok - like that.

Detected new marvelous feature, when I want to copy a book it takes (50 pages) 5 minutes to shoot RAW-s from it, then little tone curve adjustment and export pdf directly from book module and then straight away to iPad. This workflow is fast to save some old paper books and saves time and is green.

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Joe Ogiba: I love how people are saying this phone is not as good as a FF pro camera. It will be interesting if Apple who has $100 billion in cash burning a hole in it's pocket decides to purchase Nokia just to get this technology for it's next iPhone. BTW Nokia's market cap is $20 billion vs Apple who has a market cap of $500 billion.

It does have white balance control, even ND filter built in. Creative mode allows full res images to capture. Best phone to support visual professional, like marketing, artists, photographers .. And exposure bracketing is there, Nikon V1 lacks that. Unfortunately no ext mic input but you do not carry your your radio mic or zoom in pocket anyway.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 29, 2012 at 19:26 UTC

Very nice phone for photographer, bokeh is not bad either, I have Nikon V1 for this purpose just now, phone is not so responsive and fast but in most cases it is ok I hope, at least dedicated button to activate camera !! Hopefully this announces also new compact cameras generation, there is not too much left for entry level DSLR-s in the market between mirrorless and super compacts (super phones).

Color resolution is quite high, over 10 Mpixel red photosites, red and blue details must, wanna see red stripes on blue

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Dynamic range should be between 13 to 14 stops because the pixel tech is similar to d7000.

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On Interview: Tetsuya Yamamoto of Nikon article (208 comments in total)

V1 annoying things: EVF does not show live view after images has been captured in single shot mode. This is frustrating and makes camera useless sometimes to catch moments. It is normal to show last image at LCD but EVF should act differently.

No bracketing of any kind, this is sad, it has 60fps could be nice to capture some handheld HDR-s.

2.8 fixed aperture zoom would be very welcome. 8-30 2.8 would be superb.

flash integration is ridiculous. You create a nice camera with toy flash and no connections to external systems. No even possibility to sync wirelessly. Otherwise V1 could allow to create an easy carry kit for internet products, low quality Internet real estate whatever.

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On Just Posted: Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review article (442 comments in total)

I just looked into system with decent compact camera with better continuous AF and V1 was only the camera in the market with external microphone input. The system optical quality is enough for HD video and web/computer (90% images are viewed from computer screen) reproduction. Decent fixed aperture zoom would be nice option for it as well as stabilized pancakes. 10 mm is useless for video without VR. It is also nice to document other shootings with this camera. What I would like to see is exposure bracketing in 60 FPS mode as well as auto iso FAST/SLOW mode.

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On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery article (425 comments in total)

Marvelous job Canon !!! Really best thing to carry always with if DSLR is too heavy. Enough for emergency backup as well in most cases. Fuji X-pro1 resolves more pixels but this one is easy to carry without any lenses or add-on gadgets. High ISO is impressive. Only the thing I am little bit afraid of is AF performance, same thing with Fuji but Nikon 1 does well here - unfortunately Nikon1 has only one nice feature for photography - AF. Resolution, lenses all looks very weak except for video 1080 pixels.

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 preview (756 comments in total)
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munro harrap: It is not full-frame. . It says look what we can do, whereas an old Leica or Contax or Nikon rangefinder does it all, no question, because the coupled rangefinder is fast and works accurately in any light at all- necessary, especially with fast lenses . But the X100 viewfinder is dimmer than an optical glass rangefinder is, and I bet this one is dimmer and a lot smaller than a 1Ds's is,
-as is the X100's.

The refusal of ANYONEl to actually produce a competing system to the Leica M allows Leitz to charge their prices, and still sell. Why dont Fuji?

Canon and Nikon should have already put a full-frame sensor into a rangefinder compact, but instead we have Fuji and Sony apeing their elders and betters merely because there is no Nikon S digital or Contax G digital or Canon 7 digital to compete against at all.

We have here a half-frame camera ladies and gentlemen. It has a range of lenses that fit only itself. Like the Olympus Pen F, except that it is full-frame size.
For Shame!

This threatens the whole DSLR religion. Of course you can create a DSLR without AA filter, but DSLR and live view does not play together very well. Fuji's solution is 200% better than CaNikon. Of course there are pro jobs witch demand more DSLR.

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Marty4650: $1700? Body only?

They have to be kidding.

If the object was to make the Sony NEX7 look like a bargain, then Fuji has succeeded.

Ok lets wait IQ tests, if those are similar to 5DII the price is reasonable, if not then you are right. No moire, no AA filter either, lets see. Of course it must have fast AF for this price if they do not want to be marginal company like Leica.

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Sebit: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that apart from spec sheet there is no single mentioning of AF system in above press release. Someone was even asking in the comments if the darn thing has an AF. I'm afraid this may be a bad sign, we should read some marketing praise of an AF system in a press release, don't you think? Of course we have to wait and see, but this is like Fuji saying "AF? Yeah, it's kind of there". My worries are based on x100 AF performance...

Thre is theoretical possibility that they have done R&D in modern contrast detect algorithms, there is possibility to get same or even better speed than in conventional DSLR phase detect AF. Have you seen once you eyes are hunting with focus ? Similar tricks can be used, it is possible to predict focus point from image with enough CPU power.

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