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  • Replied in NX1 rumors
    I think you are in a very small minority on that subject. Samsung's UI has always been recognized as being particularly nice and efficient when it comes to photography and I agree with that. When ...
  • This data vizualization clearly shows the huge impact of the heat island effects, especially in the densely populated zones in the middle of the oceans and in Antartica... Damn it! The deniers were ...
  • I have both lenses in Canon mount and use them regularly on my 5D. They are both very good lenses and real bargains. The 35f1.4 is massive though and not that easy to focus at f1.4 even though I ...
  • I think that they are both outdated designs from the past with their VF squarely in the middle... but I can't quite remember where I got this idea... :-)
  • Yabokkie is obviously commenting tongue in cheek here, how come nobody sees that?

    What? He may be serious...? Nah... he's too good of a photographer to be influenced by mere looks or style...

  • It will destroy your liver though... All true. DUI is very dangerous, be it under the influence of alcohol, a cell phone or any other addictive substance...
  • Yes, Samsung had a 16-80f3.5-4.5 on their roadmap for a while but it didn't materialize. I concur that it's a very useful range, my 24-105f4L is my most used lens on my Canons.
  • It's actually a 100% increase (doubling)... But that's apparently not enough for some... Let's hope their wish will be granted on the next models...
  • It really depends on what you intend to shoot. I shoot indoor basketball quite often but even then, I almost never shoot more than 5 or 6 consecutive frames @ 8fps on my 1Dmkiin... And usually, the ...
  • That's coherent with my first estimate, and more than enough IMO if it also translates into approximately 10 raws before slowing down. The most important thing is the ability to stay fully ...
  • Replied in Why?
    I can't see why the NX should be doing better in your poll... Why would a pro select this line when it is, up to now, 100% consumer oriented? Recent "rumors" might get Samsung to a different level ...
  • Hmmm... The plot thickens... :-) Another mount? 1" micro sensor camera? MF? 20x30 sensor for the ultimate landscape camera? :-)
  • This mode just cuts any ugly face out of the picture and replaces it by some hansome one (there's a menu with various actress/actors and models to choose from...)

  • This mode just cuts any ugly faces out of your pictures and replaces it by some handsome ones (there's a menu with various actress/actors and models to choose from...)
    Very useful if you have...

  • That means that I'm not likely to get my hands on one before this summer if I go by what happened with previous releases... :-( Perfect range IMO. Very interested in that lens. New Samsung mount in ...
  • 50-135f2 would probably be rather large but I wouldn't mind... :-)  I'd settle for f2.8 tough...
  • I know of very few, if any, camera companies with a clearly defined public roadmap... that is kept on track (Pentax might be the closest but Pentax users are still waiting for an SDM AF ...
  • Thanks Jay, interesting info on all accounts.
  • In what sense?

    Same range.

    Different max aperture.
    Different optical formula.
    Different AF motor.
    Different construction.
    Different functions (stab, i-func)

    Obviously these two lenses have more...

  • Great pictures, I am a fan of 1,3 & 4. Amazing that you managed to get anything useful from such an outdated camera... I'm pretty sure they look awful on a big screen TV blown to 200% though... ;-)
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