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On JVC introduces GY-LS300 4K camcorder with MFT mount article (79 comments in total)
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BarnET: A proper cinema camera costing less then the 5 grand
It shoots 4k and proper 1080p 50mbps.

Canon sees impossible!

love your comments!

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Tom Caldwell: Has Canon gone off on some crazy course of it's own on video? Surely I appreciate the technical virtuosity and my "oh my gee whizz" product, but I have a stack of Canon EF glass and I actually have no need for video. So where to now for the plebs that want to see a smaller, evf version of the EF mount camera with video only for emergencies.

Or are Canon doing "a Leica" and simply grandstanding their technical expertise by painting themself into the nice, but unobtainable, corner?

I run to something more than a Rebel but am only hanging about because the EOS mount locks in my investment.

Videographers (all "fifty" of them) are going nuts about it of course.

The larger point is that a few years ago, one was able to own a decent quality video camera (all bet "standard definition") and a full frame DSLR ranging from 7 to $8000 for both.. Today it seems to be an outreach almost impossible to own anything decent when u take into account all the necessary components you need along.. Oh geeeez!!

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