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Tord S Eriksson

Lives in Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden
Works as a busdriver/journalist
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About me:

Like to draw, paint, and photograph nature, and identified
flying 'objects', like the moon, bumblebees, aircraft, and, not least, birds!


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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (795 comments in total)

I seem to recall that the shutter in the A7 shook the camera quite a bit, and the one in the A7R was worse?! In my book that would be a huge con, no matter which camera we're speaking about.

Not a mention in the Con list — has the shutter noise/shake been eliminated, or what?!

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Preview preview (454 comments in total)
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stern: travel companion? why would i choose an ILC for travel? My travel camera is the pentax mx-1. compact, rugged plus incredible IQ. IMHO IQ of the mx-1 is on par or better than the Sony RX, which is probably due to the mx's better lens (sharp!). travel = compact.

The Pentax Q7 uses the same sensor as the MX-1, thus gives better images than the MX-1, as you can attach any K Mount lens to it with the right adapter (seen lovely shots with the DA*300 attached to a Q)! Even the native Q lenses have given thumbs up by the testers!

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Preview preview (454 comments in total)
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stern: travel companion? why would i choose an ILC for travel? My travel camera is the pentax mx-1. compact, rugged plus incredible IQ. IMHO IQ of the mx-1 is on par or better than the Sony RX, which is probably due to the mx's better lens (sharp!). travel = compact.

The MX-1 is a very stylish camera, but can't be compared to any RX camera, but more to its twins: the XZ-1, and the XZ-2.

These three are not really in the same league as any RX camera. Evidently you have not seen any RX1 images, on a high resolution monitor. Even the tiny RX100 is a star performer, as long as you keep the ISO down under 1600.

I tried the and exchanged the other cameras to Nikon V1 and RX100, while kept the XZ-2, which uses exactly the same optics as the MX-1.

Even this, the least impressive of the RX range, the RX100, beats the MX-1/XZ-2 twins, if not with a big margin. The V1 wins, not surprisingly ;-)!

And, if you think I am biased, let me tell you that I used to own a XZ-1, which also share the same optics, if not sensor, and I do not own a RX of any kind (my wife owns a RX100, so I have pixel-peeped her images a lot.

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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1657 comments in total)
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Photographer Jonathan: to ad on to my first comment, ( and the Sony A7r is real nice, and the price is ok, but having to pay $1000 dollars for a 35 lens that's f2.8, or a 55 that's 1.8 is crazy, it's twice the price of a Canon 50 f1.4, so there lens prices I think are going to kill there sales, along with the fact that they aren't even available yet wear I live, go fuji

Fairly normal lenses for the Nikon 1 and the NEX range can cost around $1000 dollars as well, depending on the material they are made from, so there isn't anything exceptional with a metal-barrelled lens costing more than a plastic wonder from Canon, or Nikon! You'd find a lot of Pentax lenses costing around $1000, and so is true for Olympus as well! Good lenes tend to be costly, and if they are made out of metal the more so!

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On 10 essential time-saving Photoshop tips article (88 comments in total)

Well written, and informative!

I've also been around since Photoshop 3 as well, but I seldom use it any more!

My normal editing aid is Aperture, occasionally GIMP, and Lightroom. Have a few more specialist tools, but never use them!

I like the feel of the free — if you register yourself — Phocus, Hasselblad's own photo-editing software, but I am in no way a master of it!

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JaimeA: Dear Mr. Britton,
Apologies for my tirade of today. At the time of Phil Askey (yes, we go that far back) it was possible to get a prompt review of new cameras. Even at that time, those reviews were unique, as they not only gave actual figures and comparisons, but also commented and instructed on aspects of the use of the cameras and, crucially, discussed their quirks. They were, as today, an invaluable decision and teaching aid. Of course, the reviews were not as sophisticated as they currently are. DPR is still our favorite site for the thoroughness of the analysis and the friendliness of the approach. On that count, our circle feels that certain groundbreaking new equipment needs to be addressed in a more timely fashion. You see, we have grown dependent of the very high quality of your reporting and the sincerity of your advice. Thank you.

I do indeed remember when Phil made this site stand out a mile! And the reviews came in a fairly prompt fashion. Now, at times it takes ages (some cameras are just dropped like hot potatoes — prompting comments about Amazon breathing down DPR's neck from us readers). The staff is far bigger than ever before, and there are far fewer players in the camera business, but something seem to be amiss. Too many staff meetings interfering, I'd say, like all corporate behemoths of today!

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (921 comments in total)
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Greg Lovern: Looks very interesting and promising.

I don't understand why they still call their cameras "Fujifilm". That was a good name for their film, but not for cameras, and especially not for digital cameras.

Why not "Fujica", as they called their cameras when they were making film SLRs?

In my world we talk about Fuji, no more, no less!

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (921 comments in total)

Looks very nice, and if I hadn't invested in cameras recently, it would be a camera to consider! I do like the organisation of the dials — I wish the D600/D610 has a similar setup!

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On Wyoming's stunning weather and landscapes in time-lapse article (231 comments in total)
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AaronBHicks: I believe the negative comments are completely unwaranted. More than anything, such comments ring of insecurity and inadequacy in the posters themselves. I challenge said pretentious posters to produce their own work of equal quality.

As for the presentation itself, the dedication in making this compilation really shines through. Well done, and it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

You call me names, just because I dared to be critical?!

Ho, ho ho, here goes the freedom of speech! The infidel dares to have a personal opinion!

Just because the subject is interesting, a movie doesn't automatically becomes great, it is so much more that need to click for any kind of move to be great!

It is like praising a movie just because the actors are famous, and the technological details are perfect, but the script is rotten, the editing slap-hazard, and so on.

Just because you would have loved to be part of the quest (this movie sure is a great undertaking), the movie doesn't automatically become great!

I love reading the reviews on IMDB, when just a handful have seen a new film, evidently all employees of the movie company! Not a single one of them finds anything to say but praise the movie, no matter if it is Jaws 23, or Mega Piranas.

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On Wyoming's stunning weather and landscapes in time-lapse article (231 comments in total)

This could have been just great, but why all these slides?!

Every, every, scene include a slide upwards, downwards, or sideways?! It makes the 'movie' boring, mannered, and tiring! After a while I had had enough of slides and had to turn it off.

OK, you invest in a powered slide, or make it yourself (at the most: a handful of stepper motors, some electronics, and a computer of some sort, some ball-bearings, extruded aluminium, steel bolts, nuts, washers, and so on) but why use it in every damn*d shot?!

For instance: Not a single panorama in sight (in the first 3 minutes - didn't see the rest). Or just a stationary camera?!

75 sliding camera snips?!

Everything else was perfect, and Wyoming is a lovely place, indeed it is!

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elf kerben: The OMD-EM1 is a nice camera, but i voted for the Pentax K3. It hard to see a Nikon D400 with a wrong mount .. for me and my glass. :)

I did the reverse, after much deliberating! Own neither, but while the K-3 was a technological break-through, the E-M1 was close to perfection, based an already good product! Maybe Olympus will introduce sensor-shaking, too?!

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topstuff: Interesting in that it tells us that IQ is not the top priority for people.

It also reveals the truth that people generally look at photography through an iPad or tablet and don't print large anymore.

It also reveals that a large percentage of shooters only really take pictures in undemanding situations, with good light and conditions.

Why else would a MFT camera win? ;)

To me, an amateur, IQ and weight is very important. So I tend to avoid zooms, and heavy gear, and would love to have an A7R, or a E-M1.

I don't see that sensor size alone is the deciding factor — in landscape, I want as big sensor I can afford, while at long focal lengths a smaller sensor works perfectly alright.

I love using 30 (+/- 6mm) primes, on my little V1, my NEX, and my D600, but I am equally at home with a 400 on my V1, or on the NEX, or on the D600.

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dosdan: I just bought a K-3 and have only used it so far in in a Long Jump series with my son to test AF tracking. I was surprised that the visual quality was noticeably improved over the K-5. I was not expecting much of a noticeable difference to the image quality, because I thought my tele lenses (Pentax DA* 60-250/F4 & Sigma 70-200/F2.8 II HSM) would be limiting the resolution. The AF is significantly improved but, even so, the initial shots from the camera immediately looked better.

This small camera is not light - it really feels sturdy.

Some forum members are claiming that there's a conspiracy for Pentax lovers to vote as a block. I'm not aware of that. Any brands' fans could do this if they were interested. I suppose it's harder this year for general Canikon users to muster up much enthusiasm.

Canikon wants you to go FF so hopefully you'll end up spending more and where their profit margins apparently are larger. But not everyone's lusting after FF.


It was the mediocre image quality of the K-5, and the weight, that made me leave Pentax. A D600 doesn't weigh much more, and the A7 weighs much less.

Maybe next generation will weigh less, say by skipping the mirror box and introduce an awesome EVF?!

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DenisBBergeron: Sony A7R is the first FF mirorless camera, it's a game changer. None of the products, except the sigma zoom 1.8, are something.

If technology steps are counted, it is a hard choice — E-M1 and RX100 II are good upgrades of good products, with nothing essentially new involved — while the K-3 really breaks new ground, as does the A7R.

I still voted for the E-M5, as it seems to be a near perfect product. Can't see what could be further developed, unless one could imagine an even faster processor.

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On Integrating the MacBook Air into a pro workflow article (353 comments in total)
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skytripper: I think it's hysterical that some people insist that a MacBook Air doesn't have enough power for photo editing. I was editing photos in Photoshop on a 12" powerbook G4 for months on end more than ten years ago with no trouble whatsoever. By modern standards, that computer was a dinosaur.

But consider this: No laptop is ideal for critical photo editing because the brightness and contrast of the image change as the viewing angle of the screen changes. Because it is very difficult to position the screen at exactly the same angle every time you use the machine, it is almost impossible to edit consistently from one session to the next.

The size of modern cameras' files is vastly bigger than those you used ten years ago, so hardly a fair comparison! A compact of today produces bigger files than those your G3 experienced!

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On In photos: The beauty of bees article (49 comments in total)

Very dead insects! But beautifully captured!

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On Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 article (349 comments in total)
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ragmanjin: I don't understand how the D7100 and D610 are getting so many votes. One's a slight spec bump over the previous model with no new tech or gains or even a prettier body, so by logic should be sitting at about the same level as the K-50 or A58 here. The other's identical to its predecessor in pretty much every way, announced early and for the sole reason of averting attention from the huge quality control problems of the one it's replacing, so by logic should be sitting at the same level as the T5i (which was released to divert attention from the T4i's rubber grip allergen issue). At lease the Df looks a little different, the SL1's one of the smallest DSLRs ever, the 70D and K-3 have completely revolutionary new technologies in them and the K-500 finally signals Pentax's return to having an actual lineup of DSLRs complete with non-weather-sealed entry-level models.

Anyways, just a thought.

A lot of user out there, who owns the D7100, or the D610, both slight upgrades from their predessesors, to become almost flawless, thus very popular!

The K-3, on the other hand, is like the A7, a technology breakthrough! Nothing like it, anywhere!

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On Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 article (349 comments in total)

Interesting to see the Pentax range bouncing back, after the Ricoh take-over. Still very uncertain if there ever will be a FF Pentax, but the K-3 seems a sure winner!

The D610 seems to have addressed all the flaws of the D600, just as it was intended.

Price aside, I think the Nikon Df might be a very much sought after collectable, in the years to come!

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On Swimming with the Nikon 1 AW1 article (198 comments in total)
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sugardaddy: I couldn't find anything mentioned in the original article. Was the supplied silicone grease applied to the O-ring at all, either first time attaching the lens or before the dip?

I know a lot of people originally wanted a dial of some kind but the zoom buttons act as a dial, which is pretty intuitive to me (I own the AW1). Buttons are a LOT easier to waterproof than moving knobs.


OK I believe you, but anyone having used a UW housing knows you need to keep the O-ring(s) greased, or you might risk leakage.

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On Swimming with the Nikon 1 AW1 article (198 comments in total)
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Lapkonium: I wonder why people find RAW so important on a camera like that... You are not getting pro-quality underwater shots out of this anyway – not without a proper bulky lighting setup, so why bother with lossless adjustment? There's not much to loose there, except for, maybe, time.

Cranking up contrast on a compact's JPEG can be more than enough for many. Unlike a compact, you can't put this nikon into your pocket either, so not a very convenient thing for holiday shooters...

It may fit a NICHE... But what sort of people does this niche comprise of? What can this camera do, that a compact can not?

Evidently you don't use RAW, as the more that is needed to fix in your shots, the greater the reason for shooting RAW.

Under water there are plenty of reasons to use RAW, while I can't come up with a single reason why JPEG would be a better choice, especially when shooting with a Nikon!

I always shoot RAW with my V1, while using a Pentax K-3 I might consider JPEG, as an alternative, if I have little card space left.

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