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  • The meter is only a guide. You have to know how to set the camera. Levi
  • Thanks for those couple of words, however, I think there can be said much more about this photo. I took this photo having in mind the colour blue and its shades, tints. I used the colour blue. It ...
  • Here is a photo. Height What would be your interpretation? Some points to be considered: theme, usage of colours, framing, reading, perspective, mood evoked, your opinion, and others. Things that I ...
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    I would say that this photograph is about time. Time passes through us, through things, nothing can stop it. Sould I write "It"? Through the time this machine has got old.

    There can be identified...

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  • I use only spot metering, because in this way I know the correct exposure for the subject which I want to be exposed correctly. If other elements are showing little over or under exposure I'll ...
  • Thanks for the answers. Yes, making a photo is subjective... Photography is a language. It's about colours, light, shades, shapes, composition, emotions, stories, the visual world, the theme of the ...
  • Created discussions How to comment a photograph?
    I have a question regarding photographs, namely how one comments on a photo? Levi
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    New life 2:
  • Hi, My next ideea is to take photographs about lightnings. I would like to use the HS50 for about 3 hours in the field. But before that I would like to ask a question: How long can the camera be ...
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    Winter time:
  • Thank again, I appreciate your answers. Levi
  • No problem, everybody make mistakes. I was thinking about: " 3. A mysterious character or quality: a landscape with mystery and charm", from this link: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/mystery Levi
  • You're right. Other themes that are coming to my mind are: weather, light, emotions, the colour blue.... However, I wasn't sure if they can be classified as themes. Happy New Year to all!!! Levi
  • I wanted to write "mistery". Like a bridge in a fog. Levi
  • Thank you all for the answers. Levi
  • Created discussions Photography themes
    Hi, I prefer to take photographs based on themes ( the main idea of the photograph). However, the only themes that I tried are beauty and mistery. What other themes do you know ( for landscape ...
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    Fujifilm HS 50
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    So do all of you say that the best solution would be to buy a cheap body and the kit lens and later to add other lenses ( despite of the fact that this kit lens has purple fringes, the front ...
  • I think photography is the expression through photographs. A great photograph is the result of the photographer's talent, tehniques, the equipment used and editing, manipulating the photograph, ...
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