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Fifty years years as a pro, now retired.


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Peiasdf: The color on the car is off vs. bayer picture. I guess phone users don't really care for color accuracy.

Why do you assume that it is the new colour array that is wrong? That seems to be a groundless assumption, to me.

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Leaving aside the quality of the pictures, or the distinct lack of it....
..... why does the trophy appear to be part of a jetliner, perhaps salvaged for forensic examination after it crashed?

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On DSCF0383 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

It is test image. It isn't necessary to have a focal point, as such.

As to being blurred.... on some screens this type of image looks blurred if it isn't viewed LARGE enough. Try it bigger.

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On 35mm lens on a cropped frame article (1 comment in total)

Ignore this article. It is in error.

It is not possible to say why, but the author has got an exactly opposite impression of the truth.

Basicly, lenses do not HAVE a "perspective" as such, so it is not possible for any lens to have a "different perspective" to that which was expected.

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)
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Barrie Davis: The standard of English in this LX7 review is lower than is usual in DPRreviews.
Is this because it has a different source, I wonder [?]

I noticed it straight away. Within the initial paragraph the third sentence starts ...

"" First, there's the LX7's lens...""

Well, if one chose to be pedantic, it should be "First-LY" but hey... this site is American now.
But the sentence continues...

""" ..... with a maximum aperture range of F1.4 - F2.3, it lets in way more light than what you'd find on a compact camera."""

... the "than what you'd find on" got my goat, I'm afraid. It should have been, "than found on." The "what you'd" is redundant, and reminded me of his classic example of 'grot-speak' from the past....

If that was not bad enough, practically the self-same error was made in the very next sentence, which repetition of word order, even if correct, is a style error in its own right.

""The fast aperture range also allows for better background blurring than WHAT YOU'LL find on nearly every fixed-lens camera on the market.""

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)

The standard of English in this LX7 review is lower than is usual in DPRreviews.
Is this because it has a different source, I wonder [?]

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I do not like the new colour scheme. I find it too dark and depressing... the blue particularly disappears into the background when a thread/posting is marked as read.

* It seems the designer has never viewed the look of these pages AFTER they are marked as "read" ....[??]

I have ALWAYS found this scheme too dark, ever since it was imposed on the "My threads" page... where I STILL don't know what the hell the white blobs are supposed to tell me...[??] Indeed, I have been dreading this change ever since the "My threads" page was first messed up....

I am not surprised this is happening. Nobody ever responded to the complaint's about "My threads", or explained why this dingy and depressing colour scheme is considered an "improvement."

Final point: If a visitor doesn't find the appearance of a site amenable to their tastes, they will not stay.

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On Accessory Review: Tamrac Zipshot Tripod article (94 comments in total)

Notwithstanding that it appears a pretty poor tripod (?) I'd also like to know why I'm expected to pay £54 for a $59 item...[??]

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Gosh! What a lot of stupid postings this product has attracted.

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rodek: Thought this was a forum for grown up persons, however, reading all the responses from persons just shouting in the crowd without knowing what they are talking about, conducted by the Führer Francis Garver, I give up and just wait what Fuji will do.

There is no way one can start a normal discussion overhere, without beeing accused to be paid by Fuji or beeing stupid.

Aparently one is not allowed to vent his own opinion anymore. Thought we live in a free world, but aparenty some folks like the eastern block Tactics: overshouting everyone untill everybody is brainwashed and has no longer his own opinion.

Correct me if I am wrong, so Francis easy scoring for u.

If orb problem was ever going to be fixed, it would be fixed by now.

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Bill McKelvie: I remember in the 80s photographic salons were inundated with images like this. Red London buses, pillar boxes, telephone kiosks, essentially anything red and typically London, done against a monochrome, and sometimes negative, well known London backgroundbackground. It got monotonous, and eventually died out because it was so clichéd. All done with the screaming reds of Cibachrome, and all relying on the lith film used for the masks being insensitive to red.
It's a bit like the famous or notorious Christine Keeler photo with her sitting nude astride a chair. A doting old judge gave a decision against another photographer who took a photo of a model in the same pose. This was overturned on appeal when another photo, taken many years before the famous one but virtually identical, was produced. I suspect that might happen here.

I hope you are right, and that the judge's error is corrected.

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On Five of the best tripods for under $450 article (84 comments in total)

This wasn't a review of tripods. It was just a list of what they'd got... rehashed press releases, with no real indication of how good they were at performing the task, or how long they would likely carry on doing it.

Marks out of 10? 4... and I think that is being generous.

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On The Streets of Stavanger in the Downtown Street Panaroma challenge (4 comments in total)

Ha ha! I saw this picture and immediately thought....
"Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan"

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On Color perspective in the Quizz challenge (3 comments in total)

If I'm right, its Johnny Walker Red Label. :-)

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On The North wind blows in the Forces of Nature challenge (8 comments in total)

You deserved an award winning shot, for showing patience and high-level competance in uncomfortable conditions. Good for you. :-)

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On Scottish Stag in the I want to go back there!! challenge (2 comments in total)

Gosh, you were lucky about where the dark green background vegatation was falling in the composition as you hit the button... but, congratulations on a magnificent picture... and on keeping your cool.

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