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Paul Farace

Lives in United States Cleveland, United States
Works as a photographer/writer
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About me:

Camera collector/scrounger facing the horrors of the digital
evolution -- the nullification of all his film cameras! Now, two
years into digital and loving it... still, all these film cameras do
not make good door stops or paperweights.
Other work: curator of a WW II submarine, USS COD,


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Reimagine me puking... I buy $16 jeans (Wrangler)... and have the best cameras in the world around my neck (they're just not Leicas) ... I find the quick jump cuts and ultra close-ups on jeans seams to be silly and pointless. My God the emperor has NO CLOTHES and they still insist on talking about how hip and cool he looks!

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On Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release article (304 comments in total)

Saw a preview of this new Leica on another site... a fixed zoom and only an the back viewing screen for a viewfinder? Puleeeze, give me a break - AND AN OPTICAL VIEWFINDER! Oh, and it's three times the price of an XPro1 and many times more than an X100S!!! Panasonic will have a non-red dot version too for far less. Just when I thought Fuji had pushed Leica in the right direction, they show that Teutonic resolve to dig their heels into the dirt and stay in the bunker!

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I prefer SKIPPY creamy! With Welche's grape jelly on soft white bread and a glass of milk.

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Scott Wilson: Canon must be smoking crack. I mean really 11K for a 200-400 F4 lens even with a built in 1.4x extender is crazy. You can buy a 200-400 for a lot less and just put on a much cheaper 1.4x extender when you need it.

Come on are we getting so lazy that we can't do this ourselves. Plus if we keep bowing to the big camera companies and paying crazy money for all of these new lens they will just keep going up and up.

A lens is not a car and they don't cost anywhere nears as much to manufacture. Nikon fell and hit their heads when they increased the 200-400 they make and charged almost 2K more for adding VRII. Heck there was nothing wrong with VRI so I didn't see the big upgrade to this lens so I still have mine VRI lens. Before long even us pros won't be able to justify buying new gear. Even Nikon's new 80-400 4.5-5.6 is 2.5K. Are they serious. No 4.5-5.6 variable aperture lens is worth that. Come on Nikon and Canon get real in your pricing before we all have to switch to Sigma/Tamron

Please, at these prices Canon certainly isnt smoking crack you common street hooligan! They are mainlining pure Burmese blond heroin. Ican see these being purchased by NatGeo and one or two big image houses... maybe a Washington lawyer and a Arab prince or two. You and me? F-NO! But maybe some tech will filter down to those of us whoonly sniff glue on holidays

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Probably the only funny SNL skit in years!

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On Preview:nikon-coolpix-a (442 comments in total)
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photo perzon: I bought it at Best Buy for $899
HEre's how:
Walk in and speak with a manager. Ask him to match the Best Buy sale for $899 on Feb 19. Tell him managers have been matching it.
I got it.
Now I have two A's. One I got at JR, one at Best Buy. I'm comparing the two for differences. So far none.
One advantage of f2.8 is a lot is in focus. The 1.8 cameras are great but a lot if not in focus.
I find the IQ same as X100S, at half the volume! Pocketable, and when you use it at parties or dinners, it looks like "a normal camera." You don't look like the enthusiast.

and looking like an enthusiast at a party is bad? Would you rather look like a drunk dooshbag with a lampshade on your head, or the creepy guy hitting on the married women, or the boring, non-interesting guy? I have met more interesting folks (and yes women!) as the "photo enthusiast" than as the nudnik at a party!

Posted on Apr 9, 2013 at 18:44 UTC

Nikon made fire control optics for the Imperial Japanese Navy in WWII !!! They were intended to kill my father, my uncles, my cousins, and my neighbors and friends!!!! Yet I don't bear them ill will as a result. The policitally correct (self absorbed) wackos need to get a life... hunting scopes are a fact of life. I don't like hunting... so I don't go hunting! Problem is these leftists and nanny-staters want to IMPOSE their will on EVERYONE!

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What amazes me about Singapore (well lots actually) is that in the China Town district you have four camera stores on one block followed by three more on the next block!!! And they all have top line products for sale! So there will be plenty of rental outlets for sure.

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Paul Farace: Not blown away by the final image... maybe I need to see the actual campaign. Would have been cool to put some "replica" funiture in the pool to make the background 3D. But bravo for the effort to create a sales campaign that is above and beyond the average.

Samhain I liked it... too bad you're obviously a constipated, friendless Hassy fanboy. I feel so sorry for fanboys of any type. They live lives devoid of real relationships...

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On Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 100D/SL1 article (379 comments in total)

Aside from the small improvements in tech features, the point of this seems to be the small size... but it's not that much smaller than other Rebels... you can't make it much smaller than it is without eliminating buttons and the large screen. So why bother? Maybe Asians feel the Rebels are "too big" but my (hammy fully grown Occidental) adult hands find the current T4i on the boarderline too small as it is! So unless there are legions of skinny small-handed photogs clamoring for smaller bodies... I can't see how this is going to bring more market share to Canon. Good luck to them in any case, I'm invested in them rather deeply.

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Not blown away by the final image... maybe I need to see the actual campaign. Would have been cool to put some "replica" funiture in the pool to make the background 3D. But bravo for the effort to create a sales campaign that is above and beyond the average.

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If you ever get to the USAF museum in Dayton, check out the Cold War gallery display on aerial/space photo recon systems... what they can show is AMAZING, both from a film standpoint (think roll film 20 inches wide and many yards long!) and a lens technology standpoint (ultra-precision lenses ground to exacting tolerances and they're the size of large trashcan lids!)... and that's what they CAN show us! So it's basically early 60s tech at best!

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Free pair of clown shoes that squirt water when you purchase the kit version with zoom and flash! Water-squirting flower is optional...
But you'll not likely lose this camera in a dark camera bag or in the equipment drawer! Well done Pentax!

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chino: Not to rain on everyone's parade (and tirade), but:
There's absolutely no 'Kodak' in this thing, besides the name its realtors are hawking left and right. And who's JK Imaging? Did anyone know about them a year ago? The only real news here is the manufacture of a full (albeit low tech/quality, at least initially) mirrorless line by a Chinese company. It won't take more than a couple of years-at most, before they flood the market with their own branded mirrorless everything, all based on the open source (and free) Android OS. Further reads:

I have news for everyone above... there has been little or no Kodak content in many of their cameras for decades! Their best cameras, Retinas, were made in Germany... all the crap below was made in the USA... and then made in Japan, Taiwan, and China the last few decades. So I am happy the Kodak badge will be around, but I sadly have had some bad experiences with below-par SD cards with their brand on them... so I may have to consider them "DEAD!"

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Lucafeb: I bought my 6D last week in Japan. Before buying it I had the chance to use for few hours the 6D and the D600. The 6D felt good immediately: ergonomics, weight and feeling. The D600 was intimidating ( I own several camera bodies, so I am not a rookie) , It has buttons and dials everwhere, very messy feeling. The menus of Nikon are longer than then the screen so actually many items are hidden unless you scroll down. The raw photos I shot with both camera look fine to me. blowing out the image on the latest 27 inch I mac there were no big issues. I noticed that despite the canon AF Has less points I could focus much faster and accurately in the dark environment.
The bottom line: the cameras are both great at take fantastic photos but Canon has packaged the sensor and the electronic in a more user friendly body. At the end of the day the best camera is the one you have with you when needed and I would feel more incline to walk with the 6D that with the d600

You should write for DP! Good insights and although I don't have either th6D or D600 (5Dmk2 and Nikon D200 in my kit) I totally agree... Nikon is a button freak's dream. But remember, until recently Canon had one long, scrolling list of options (20D, 30D)... the only real differences are user-interface techniques!

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On Hands-on with Fujifilm's X100S article (62 comments in total)

Thank God they beefed up the OK button... really, the X100 is a fantastic camera and I expect the X100s to be even better, but the one thing that most makes me mad about the X100 in the two months I've had it is the fact that I can't get a definitive "OK" on delete or function select!!!!! It seems to toggle to cancel as much as it selects OK... I know I have fat fingers, but really... it needed improvement!

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On Canon Powershot N first impressions article (112 comments in total)
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Turbguy1: Kinda looks like a Hassy, only smaller, no?

OK Turbguy... don't go to Sweden for the next few years... I am sure the Hasselblad Mafia has a hit out on you for that comment! :o) Maybe an SWC that never reached puberty?!? Oh no... now I can't go to Sweden either! I think this camera came out of the same department that created the Dial 35 and the O-series back in the film era... nice to see they are not letting their creative juices stagnate. Still, don't go to Sweden unless you're i disguise... just sayin....

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NO GPS???? If you don't know where you are, then maybe you need to visit the doctor! :o) The thing doesn't have an OPTICAL VIEW FINDER!!!! That kills it for me!

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)
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malabraxis: I'm a Nikon user, born and bred, but you have to admit that the Olympus OM-D looks sexy! Technicalities aside, it's got a certain aesthetic touch that most DSLRs lack. Just like todays cars, they all look the same; and then you get the Zondas and Koenigseggs!
Oh well! Back to my outdated D200 I suppose...

How are you born and bred as a Nikon user? Did your mom feed you with a Nikon logo'ed milk bottle -- were you taught to disassemble and reassemble a complete Nikon F2 with MD2 and battery pack before you learned to tie your shoes shoes? Were you taught the recipe for Nikon glass as a teenager? As a photographer most of my life (55) I've learned they are tools... and not religions or political parties. Just sayin... I have both Canon and Nikon DSLRs and appreciate the pros and cons of each... as well as how Fuji, Lumix, and others see cameras.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)

I won't argue with vox populi on the poll... but as far as the Olympus goes, if Maiatani (sp?) was still on the job, he' have found a way to slip a prism into that ersatz prism head and give us an optical viewfinder!!! And I'd be one of the owners of that camera... but alas... it's not 1980 anymore. Someday, if and when, EVFs become indistinguishable from OVFs I'll spring for the OM-D's successor.

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