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Ido S: Disclaimer: Didn't read the entire post, so I may have missed some key points.

The LX100 has a fast lens, faster than any Micro Four Thirds zoom lens of the same focal length range. f/1.7-2.8 is really, really great for such a compact camera+lens. I guess it can't be achieved in an interchangeable lens for Micro Four Thirds, otherwise one would've already existed. Maybe it's an even shorter flange distance, or something... But I could be wrong.

How short does it have to be for you? You're a twitter fan, huh?

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re price:
I think that a lot of people fail to realize that $500-$1000 for a camera isn't that much money for a big portion of the market. Then tell these folks that the new breed of compacts is, for all intents and purposes, as good as the 4+ year old DSLRs they bought in the later aughts, but smaller and more stylish, and you have a pretty good sized TAM.

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fastlass: how are they able to source the parts for a product that's 11 years old? must have great supply chain management.

so it was announced in 2003 and release in 2013?

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how are they able to source the parts for a product that's 11 years old? must have great supply chain management.

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On Niko announces service advisory for D810 'bright spots' article (379 comments in total)

I'm probably speaking for most of us when I say that Nikon seems to have poisoned 200 years of photography with this move.

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The Leica is what it is. Curious if they produce Aluminum colored lenses to coordinate (like my Olympus m43s...)?

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art Lab Test Review preview (562 comments in total)
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Jogger: I prefer my 50 to be cheap, small, light weight and have good enough image quality.

sounds like my first 3 husbands.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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consulting: Missing the hot shoe.
Missing a little bit more zoom.
Good: Sensor size.
Bad: This model is not male and not female, not consumer (too complicated and price too high) and not professional (too limited for this price).
Shall the customer only pay for "IT'S A SONY!" ?

Price is extremely good. This is a very value conscious camera.

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Good article. I wish they'd shut up about legacy lenses already. People might use legacy lenses as a stop gap measure, but the price of a new lens is so cheap that consumers will eventually buy new except in a few marginal cases.

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Since you can't buy a pocket protector any more, this will have to do.

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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (136 comments in total)

The aperture comparison graph is very nice. thx!

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On Panasonic DMC-GM1 preview (631 comments in total)
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udris: GM1 + Oly 45/1.8 = great little portrait camera ............. hopefully this translates into "real world" use

Better to look at an LCD in the sunlight and maintain your peripheral vision than to squash your face up to a viewfinder and be unprepared when a group of ninja thugs blindside you and steal your camera. That has sadly happened too many times to me. LCD screens on hi-IQ cameras is a feature to enhance your personal safety.

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Biowizard: Beautiful camera - lousy English ...

"and no FEWER than 1000 prototype parts."


How does "nearly" necessarily mean less than? Isn't 1010, for example, near 1000?

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On Did Sigma design the Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8? article (200 comments in total)

Then I'll take two!

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is this article from 2008?

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Does anyone bother reading Amazon's reviews? Does anyone make up one's mind about buying a product or not based on those reviews?

Yes. When n= a pretty good size number they are very reliable.

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Can you just say that this is a 42.5 mm m43 lens. The target audience knows what the photographic characteristics in terms of angle of view, depth of field control, and background blur are for them. Let each standard stand on its own.

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Really useful review and not too much emphasis on metrics. More head-to-heads please!

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I appreciate the work that went into this review, but it's too analytical. Could you please distill these charts and graphs into something more digestible?

Perhaps have side by side output from the cameras that zero-in on how the metrics you're presenting translate into real world aspects of an image.

You have 13 graphs and 5 OOC pictures. It should really be reversed to craft a review that's useful to a wide audience.

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teos: if it is not pocket-able, size itself is not a main driver since you need to carry a bag, that's why I prefer entry-level dslr rather than micro 4/3. Also, if you are not a professional, technically all systems perform almost similar results for casual photography, in that case the feeling of the camera in your hands make the difference, I love having dslr with nicely fitting grip in my hands while carrying it. Also, prime lenses like 50mm, 85mm makes me feel much happy/entertaining while taking shots with great bokeh..

This is one of those cases where a few cm's here and there make a huge difference for some people, and are irrelevant for other people.

But as @Revenant said - I had a small dSLR and upgraded to an m43. The m43 in its well cushioned bag could fit inside my dSLR's bag.

But again, it's all about perspective.

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