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peevee1: No VR again. For tripod-only photographers.

not for shaky hands from drinking too much like you...

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samfan: Well, this shows how much are the 2 traditional DSLR makers outgunned in this era.

I don't like Fuji cameras very much, but heck, they can do amazing stuff and I wish them good luck. Now, if they'd hire some designer who can help them make a user-friendlier, non-retro camera.

Outgunned ? Not quite. Fuji is only playing catch up to CanNikon. Sales do no reflect 'outgunned'.

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Every six months I change the mount...

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the samples seem to be a bit underwhelming....

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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (552 comments in total)

video #2 :


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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (552 comments in total)
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rhlpetrus: If it is well built, solid, with top Q sensor (rumor is D4's), I'm interested. Price rumor was discredited by NR, so no one knows about it yet, unless DPR have just given it out (you actually know about it, dont you?).

How are your first impressions of the camera ? I know that you have been playing with it all day.

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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (552 comments in total)
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HawaiiVolcanoes: You know...when i think of the camera market today..with a few exceptions...i think of the old Pink Floyd Lyrics "36 channels of shi† on tv to choose from"

It is thirteen, not thirty six.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2372 comments in total)

Is there a 50mm cheap autofocus 1.8 lens that I can use with this without any vignetting or having to use an ugly and expensive adapter ? Without affordable lenses at the time of launch, what is the point of this release ?

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Dear Pentax,

There is a significant fan following of Pentax in India, which is a very fast growing DSLR market. Request you to please officially launch the brand in India and release your products here as well.


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Priced way too high. Nikon seems to be following Canon when it comes to pricing nowadays.

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Paul Guba: I have an opinion on this.

Let us hear it !

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King Penguin: Nice, but a few nice primes will be a lot smaller, easier to handle and also be sharper and cheaper......

Good luck with carrying around a 810 gm lens.

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ZAnton: I think DPreview should not kill time by taking new images with "new" Canon cameras. It is enough to write "see corresponding section of our review of Canon 550D".

You have summarized the current state of Canon cameras and their sensors very well !

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RichRMA: Looking at the high ISO samples and test images, it's clear that 24MP is pretty much the limit for an APS sensor. They should probably stop at this point and wait for the technology to catch up a bit.

And when is the 7D Mark II going to be released ? As far as I know it is vaproware.If you want to compare teh 7D Mark II, compare it with the Nikon D400 (again vaporware). That would be a fair comparison, vaporware vs vaporware.

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gl2k: Ingenious Nikon. Giving an advanced camera a similar name as their P&S series. Confusing ? Probably. Detrimental effects on sales figures ? Definitely.
Nikon on its suicide path. Last year the devastating price crunch on the V1 = renders V2 unsalable.
This year a DX fixed focal length camera with an odd focal length and slow aperture. Topping of the cake is the omitted viewfinder. Even more odd since the V2 just got one because of user complains.
Nikon obviously is not capable of learning from its own mistakes or the mistakes of its competitors.

The V1 always had a viewfinder, the V2 inherited it.

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ThomasH_always: A "mini update" for the Least Important Customers of Nikon: The passionate photographers with skills. Or so it looks. We waited for years and years to get the same sensor, which the beginner models had for a long time. Canon is more clever about that: they simply placed the same sensor in all DX cameras, and so the speed of operation, functionality versus size are the differentiators.

But, lets nonetheless see here the Silver Lining: We have a new mid-range DX model at last, our existence has been noticed by Nikon's product planers.

However, the D7000/D600 controls in terms of their ergonomics are not my favorites, and the D7100 does not correct the mess in any significant manner. I really hate this left side mode selector, and the bizarre under wheel even more. Its op in the dark or with gloves is not possible.

What on earth are you talking about ? You are one deluded Canon fanboi.

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Stanchung: The 800mm is very nice but is not for everyone.

The 18-35 is a for people who want less weight? Seriously?

Nikon never followed up with a better DX zoom after 17-55. A little more range on the longer end would be nice. Stick to 77mm diameter, no variable aperture zoom please. [There's the 16-85 already.] Choose what's possible-f2.8. 3.5 or f4. VR optional.

Make it a keeper- no excuses Nikon.

The 18-35 is an FX zoom, not sure why you are talking about DX zooms.

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Sdaniella: Anyone seasoned/mastered direct 'digital image' sensor exposure determination in the last 12-13 years (PowerShots since 2000, or EOS LV dSLRs since 2005) with Full M/M ISO will be very familiar with 6D's 'digital era' ExpSim LV (or 'digital era' ES-LV of PowerShots) with its EOS-1 Dual controls... and non-interrupting menuless exposure determination creative adjustment controls... 'live preview'... aka (2012/2013)... Canon's "Final Image Simulation" (new name for Exposure Simulation 'ExpSim' LV (Metering Mode/Range: Real-time Evaluative metering with the image sensor); but a longstanding feature since 2005-EOS-LV-dSLRs and 2000-PowerShot dcams)

repeat, reiterate, improve... continue...

PowerShot users who are Full M/M ISO-Savvy will be comfortable with any EOS LV dSLR, including the ExpSimLV 6D... ExpSimLV XXXD/XXD/M, ExpSimLV 7D, ExpSimLV 5D, ExpSimLV 1D...

none of the Nikons even have EOS-1 Dual controls, never mind the 'odd few' that have Full-Time ExpSim LV... (D3/D4)

sdyue needs a shrink

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On Nikon unveils 24.1MP D5200 DSLR with optional Wi-Fi article (392 comments in total)
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fberns: Feature-wise a great camera.
But the viewfinder is lowest entry level!
And the viewfinder is one of the most important parts of a camera, isn't it?

Yes. That is correct and disappointing with this camera.

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On Nikon unveils 24.1MP D5200 DSLR with optional Wi-Fi article (392 comments in total)
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... I don't know what Nikon is thinking: NOBODY was asking for more Megapixels.

I would have considered buying one if it had a motodrive for older Lenses, if it had a manual focus peaking feature for older lenses. Whats also needed is state of the art AF. Everybody knows PDAF does not work by now, the hybrid-AF systems are the future.

So what will I do? ... Buy a Sony Nex Mirrorless for christmas and use my old Nikon Lenses on it (with an adapter) and then I will even have focus peaking.

Nikons Marketing department has a serious Personell problem and it should better be fixed pronto otherwise it will continue to impact their business ability.

Well for sure they are not asking you !

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