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straylightrun: $1000 for a 70-300 telephoto lens.....?


low pass filter free model will be Nikon V3s or V4…. paid up and shut up…..

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Just wait for another year and the price will drop to $299 including lens..happened with the V1 and J1..does it not? I'm sure most of us here have enough gear to get us by for another 12 month at least…. :)

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On 500px Prime goes live, photographers now get 70% not 30% news story (91 comments in total)

Is this an indication that our world is heading towards a unity consciousness where everything will eventually will be free for all? Most music, books, programs and movies are already free to download and photography is well and truly heading towards the same direction. Either this is a scan to cause more inequality or we are heading towards a paradigm shift where we just all work for the love of all humanity.

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On DPReview Gear of the Year Part 3: Olympus OM-D E-M1 article (396 comments in total)
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harold1968: Firstly FF has better absolute IQ, no doubt, I say this as the a RX1R owner, which apart from the A7R and the D800E, is the best thing below MF full stop IMHO.
Secondly however the IQ of the E-M1 is so close in most circumstances, it's quietness, portability and speed are clear advantages.
The lens size difference is massive.
It's also about technique as well, look at Ming Thein to see what can be done with the OM-D.
This is an absolutely superb camera that is still impressing me every day.

I have even made a 60" x 40" print from the 6MP Epson RD1 file which look every bit as good as any modern camera sensor, so I consider the 6MP then was at the threshold of matching FF 35mm of the old. There's little doubt that most modern 10 plus megapixel cameras can now print to 40" x 30" or even 60" x 40" with quality good enough for exhibition. We are now way past the quality point of FF 35mm film photography from this perspective.

I use both the FF Sony A7R along with the OMD 1 & 5 because of the 'feel' I can obtain from the sensor and lens combination. For instance, the smaller sensor lenses has smaller physical apertures and so offers better depth of field than FF. On top of this is that we now can married up almost any lenses to these bodies via adapters and we can obtain all sorts of look and feel.

To me, photography is now at the BEST as it can get.... :)

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On Olympus PEN E-P5 Preview preview (380 comments in total)

I'm a OM-D owner and I can't see the reason for the existence of this model. I rather it's more like the NEX6 with the build-in finder which make it truly like the old Pen-F, no amount of hype can get me to buy this camera which offer too little and costing so much.

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I love Richard's digicam grips, have purchased for my Olympus EPL3, Canon S95 and the new Sony RX100. The handling changes with this grip and it's amazing how short sighted is the camera manufacturers are.

I buy from Richard's site direct and he never failed me yet.

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It's strange how one's mind changes over time!

I was a keen Leica M8/8.2 user for at least 3 years, but with the arrival of the micro 4/3rd cameras and because of the weight issue, I no longer has the urge to use any heavy camera and the Leica digital M's are now feels weight of a brick on my neck. Plus the fact a good 12MP is good enough to go to 40" x 30" and so the mega pixel is no longer the issue for me.

With the amount of different type of camera on the market now, one is spoiled for choices both in terms of price, weight, function and the most important of all is the abundance of quality as all formats now closely matching as the digital technology gets betters.

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On Richard Franiec creates accessory grip for Sony RX100 news story (115 comments in total)
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MaRcIu: not sure if everything about this camera is expensive or I'm too poor.

We are the 'creators' of our reality, by believing that you're 'poor' will 'draw' the 'poor' experience you're projecting. I'm sure if there is something you desperately wanted you'll eventually will make it happen... :)

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On Olympus releases firmware update for OM-D E-M5 news story (41 comments in total)
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smallcams: And no review.

I don't care, but I know some do.

Saying that, I do love the handling and construction of my new OM-D camera over the NEX-7, both offer similar quality upto 24" x 36" and at ISO below 1600, the NEX-7 has alight edge over OM-D, but at higher ISO the OM-D is better in noise.

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On Olympus releases firmware update for OM-D E-M5 news story (41 comments in total)
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smallcams: And no review.

I don't care, but I know some do.

I got my OM-D two weeks ago and the file on my SD card somehow got corrupted after I used it on my MacBook Air to edit some RAW images and by the time I place the card back into the camera all the files were gone! I hope this is not a bug in the camera FW, I've been using all sorts of digicams and this is the first time this has happened to me. Maybe Olympus 'know' something and announce this upgrade fix.

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Sony is allowing Nikon to have the 36mp chip because they 'know' how difficult is the 'crack' the photo market, this is a kind of resigning to the competition Sony once had.

I use both the Nikon and Canon systems and no matter how tempting the Sony then 24mp, it just doesn't make sense to buy another lens system to match the camera.

Sigma has tried hard to gain ground with a x1.75 sensor, totally different mount system with a price beyond even the professionals, what chance have they got?

I like idea and the colour quality of the Foveon, but unfortunately that alone is not going to cut it, the ergonomic and the handling is another point where Sigma place the last nail in it's coffin.

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On Similar, but not copied, image found to breach copyright news story (738 comments in total)

It saddens me when I see that we all have been brainwashed and indoctrinate to fight for survival or for money, which is just a tool for mass control. Isn't it time for people to wake up that our world is full of abundance and scarcity was created to manipulate the masses into believing that we have to fight in order to get fed?

Our world is free for all to share, to enjoy all of our creativity, copyright law and patent laws are just a few 'regulations' to make sure we are 'trapped' in our own selfish mindsets to maintain our selfish ways of life.

Wake up and to realise that we are all living on a prison planet, undermine and controlled from the moment we're born. No one owns another, so the idea of one has the 'right' over another is totally absurd. Peace out!

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On Japanese news service lends support Olympus OM rumors news story (314 comments in total)

I have always loved the OM series of cameras, it would be great if they could either use full frame or APS-C as the micro 4/3 has it's limits in terms of grain, noise and image quality when compares to the former. A new range of OM mount lenses that works just like their 12mm f2 lens with pull back manual focus for us old timers. I still shoots mainly with manual focusing for all my people and street photography.

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I'll buy one as soon as this camera launches, I love the design and I like this device over my iPhone. A camera is a brush, everyone has different characteristics, I'm sure I can make good use of this one too.

This may become a hit for Polaroid IMO.

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