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  • Outdoors in daylight - a 5.6 lens will often do. Indoors a 2.8 lens or faster is often needed. There is quite a difference in cost and demand on the camera between these two scenarios.
  • @Rishi,
    If you were talking about the the Instagram/selfie generation you might have a point. But in this price range people want to have control. It is part of the fun.

  • @ Richard Butler
    I think you should state in the future as a pro or con if a system is more or less limited vs the competition. In the case of the Sony I dont see how, no matter how it is twisted...

  • Apparently the system does not mean much or anything in these comparisons. How can the system camera Sony A7 II be considered a better choice than the system cameras Nikon D610 or Canon 6D?

  • @straylightrun
    You can't just jump in and out of a market where consumers invest in a costly system. It not a responsible thing to do f you are one of the worlds largest companies. It really hurts...

  • So many here wants to misunderstand. Of course he does not excuse anything. What he talks about is a change in behavior in choosing targets which makes the job of protection more difficult. This ...
  • Obviously bokeh is about esthetics and you may say as much you want that that you prefer the Noctricron bokeh and no one can argue. Further, it is hard to directly compare a F 2.4 eqv with a F 1.2 ...
  • You are talking about video, but my answer for DonParrot was about stills.
  • That is very impressive - did you play all the instruments? Here is a simple tune from my son, when I tested out the capabilities of the video in the Nikon D90.
  • I will say nothing about the first since macro/close ups say very little. The other one is very nice, but nothing that stands out from a regular 85 1.8 in terms of bokeh/subject isolation. With a ...
  • Smoother bokeh than the Canon 85 1.2 on FF? Sorry, but I find that hard to believe. In that regard the 85 1.2 is a legend. Look at flickr river and samples.
  • Could be true in some cases, but I doubt it can be applied as a general fact. Here are sharpness maps from DxO lens tests wide open at 1.8, comparing Nikon FF 35/85 vs Olympus 17/45, showing how ...
  • You can get Velvia and several other slide films that uses the E-6 process and have them processed at a lab. Here is a film mix - Kodak Ektar, Kodak Provia, 7x Fuji Velvia 50, Kodakchrome 64, Kodak ...
  • Ian Dury?
  • They have a brand new record as well - released today I think. "Alone in the universe" - sample songs sounds quite good.
  • Replied in Very important
    Its a very important consideration. System is one reason Canon and Nikon still are the best choices for many. It is also a very strong point for m43 if you want mirrorless.
  • Replied in 400mm afs f2.8
    This is with the 400 2.8VR. Just to show the beautiful subject isolation you can get with a 400 2.8.
  • I have listen some - pretty powerful and intense. One thing that struck was the similarity between the singing on "Come here sweet man" by Velez and "Summertime" by Janis Joplin. I wonder which ...
  • "If only Nikon or Canon would release a mirrorless” some say. If the lens mounts is to be kept, how would such a camera differ from Sonys SLT models?
    There you have a series of camera almost...

  • Thanks for tip. I found her and that album on Spotify - will check it out.
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