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  • I believe many users of APS-C Canon/Nikon want the road open for eventual migration to FF, so I would choose the 70-200 2.8 lenses, or 70-200F4 if portability is a main factor.

  • I believe many users of APS-C Canon/Nikon want the road open for eventual migration to FF, so I would choose the 70-200 2.8, or 70-200F4 if portability is a main factor.

  • All 70-200 2.8 are good, not worth switching systems over. However, native Canon/Nikon may be faster/better focusing than Tamron/Sigma etc.
  • Have you tried it? Have never worked for me. Links does not work and line breaks changes. I know, they changed it around then, maybe in preparation for the subscription model. No, they were very ...
  • Yeah, but if you work in InDesign you can't save backwards and you can't access your work in the future unless you have a subscription. This is of course a decision made by Adobe, which speaks ...
  • @Frog
    Then we agree, but not everyone does.

  • @Frog
    The planet I live on is the one where there is a current discussion if frame grabs can or will replace still photos. I dont know what you are discussing.

  • Just want to remark on this little piece. How come DR is always put forward among the DxO ratings in the IQ discussions about m43 vs other formats, but all the other measurements are ignored? Like ...
  • It seems like video is important to you, and here I dont give any counter arguments. I guess many people did like me, tried to do some video when it became a feature of stlll cameras. And after a ...
  • @Zerixos,
    I am not talking about the technical quality, but that an uninteresting shot won't be better if you got 100 versions of it.
    But as we speak about the technical issues - how well does the...

  • Doing frame grabs at 100 fps sounds lot more interesting than what it is. The Casio high speed cameras has been on the market a long time, but you never see any interesting sports/action photos...

  • Nothing wrong with that. I have a few manual FF lenses (Nikon AI), but they are smaller and lighter than the 0.95 m43 Voigtlander lenses. Or check out the original Zuikos for the OM-system. That ...
  • I was wondering that to. Is the feel of build quality like D7100/D600/D610 or is it like D300/D700/D800/D810?
  • Well, maybe you overstated that a little. But not with the 0.95 lenses But not 0.95 with AF But not with the 0.95 lenses. Right. But there are other systems with other strengths. One picks after ...
  • All these 0.95 lenses are bigger and heavier, more expensive and lack AF vs the FF 1.8 eqv lenses. However, the new mini lenses for the GM5, that is impressive: 35-100 mm 135g, 14 mm 55g. Seems ...
  • not Photoshop, but Indesign who cant save in a backward compatible format. In other words, if you want to access your own work, you always have to pay to Adobe, no matter what prices they ...
  • Now, look at all theses words and put them into context. What will you be able to shoot with the 7DII that you could not do with the 7D? How much higher will the hit rate be? I have shot thousand ...
  • Nikon just released the 20 1.8G FF lens.
  • Improvements, absolutly, but the old modell had 8 fps, very good AF, 18 mp vs 20 mp. I can't see that the practical results will be much different.
  • What is the huge difference vs a 7D and 7DII after those years. Really very small. Marginally in every way except for the rise in price.
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