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  • There doesn't seem to be much of a problem...at 100% it's easy enough to scroll round the image if one wants to check fine detail. I agree with "Camley", this can be useful for certain purposes. Th ...
  • It may sound odd but  the answer may be " Don't press the shutter!" I've found it better to roll the pad of the shutter finger  across the release button rather than pressing directly downwards. In ...
  • It might be worth contacting uk dealers such as MPB Wex or Ffordes. They have good reputations and are likely to offer a fair price, so it's worth seeing how their offers compare with Ebay, taking ...
  • Replied in True or not?
    Largely true, especially if the camera's default settings are used. These appear to assume that some post processing is to be used.
  • It doesn't appear to be a focus issue to me. Try a higher shutter speed, as the kid is obviously moving, pulling faces and waving hands about. The first image at 1/60th clearly shows this motion ...
  • You certainly appear to be simple...and very narrow minded,too
  • Replied in Even more
    Nothing  here ( I'm in UK).
  • I've not tried it, but would imagine that if you undercook the rice, it should retain its texture and not appear "mushy" Or, as you comment, perhaps use it uncooked. Either way, a very light spray ...
  • As you are probably aware Peter Walnes is UK based and deals mainly with high end equipment. The name goes back many years, and the company has an excellent reputation. I've not dealt with them ...
  • Yes, some people do prefer a warm sound as it's what they are used to, but personally I prefer an uncoloured , clean sound. I would say that differences in recorded sound quality are just ...
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    Might be worth trying UMMY. It's a free download that is simple to use. I've found it will save many video files, especially from YouTube. However it will not work with  Adobe Flash and similar. Af ...
  • It's worth looking at FastStone Image Viewer. It doesn't apply any default values, and  has a good range of editing tools with quite fine adjustments. It's genuinely free to download . If set up ...
  • I totally agree. It cuts down the likelihood of the camera making a bad decision and I understand that centre focus points tend to be more sensitive than others.
  • Having downloaded your image at original size, and examined it in an image viewer it looks pretty good for that ISO level. Add a touch of noise reduction and it further improves it..
  • You seem to have misunderstood my ironic comment, though I suspect you don't  understand what irony is.I am fully aware they were low quality, that's why I never used one! Same as today, many ...
  • Remember Kodak Instamatics and similar film cameras? The entry level model was the 1000 They just had one button to press, dead simple and a popular choice for casual photographers at one time. Plu ...
  • Plus 1 on that..in fact several grains!
  • I always felt that the Olympus E 500, and later, the E510,  produced  especially good colours and clarity, even at "Neutral" setting.
  • I wonder where press photographers fit in, in the UK I have heard them referred to as "monkeys" by other pros..but I certainly wouldn't like to have their job, it appears to be very stressful.
  • Replied in Not blurry
    Agreed, it looks  pretty good to me ,especially as it is a portrait, which can benefit from a slightly soft appearance, rather than an unforgiving  over sharp one..
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