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On Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount article (267 comments in total)

They are holding back the wide angle and the tele/portrait lenses so as not to steal the thunder from Sony's new lenses which will be launched at Photokina

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ageha: Awesome 1 Nikkor lenses!

It looks like the lens foot does not rotate. This could be a problems for vertical shots.

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On Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 review article (546 comments in total)
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snow14: macro four third is the best compromise between size and IQ so far.

The RX-1 is a PRO camera. With the RX-1 photographers can take photos with the same level of quality as their DSLR kits. Once one is used to pro quality it's hard to be satisfied with anything else. I don't believe that the RX-1 will become obsolete within the next 15 years. It has the lens/sensor quality that will make it last as a pro tool. I love it. I'm glad I spent the money . Having the EVF is a MUST. Cheers, Alex.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)
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ABDurbs: Sony RX1 with FF sensor and outstanding 35mm Zeiss lens in a body that fits in your pocket. That's innovation and for me the best camera this year.

I am a Canon user , but I believe that the only three candidates for camera of the year are: 1) The Nikon D800/E - this camera has increased the pixel count without degrading the IQ. The "E" version caters to perfectionists. 2) The Olympus OMD EM5 - this camera gives high quality performance in an extremely small "reflex-type" format. It is exactly what the Digital Revolution is all about. 3) The Sony RX-1 - extreme high quality sensor and a world-class lens in a tiny package. The first "mini-pro" camera (and I emphasize pro) in the world. The rest of the competitors do not deserve consideration. I bought the RX-1 and am extremely satisfied. I will soon buy the Canon 5D MarkIII for my professional gigs but do not think it is innovative enough for consideration therefore I am NOT a fanboy. P.S. - I voted for the RX-1.

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imbimmer: Another nail on M4/3's coffin ... by the way, what was Nikon thinking when they picked up the "CX" format? ;-)

I think this camera could be just right for me. No viewfinder? Yeah , I like viewfinders, but this screen is supposed to be very visible in sunlight. The Rolleiflexes (or Hasselblads) didn't have viewfinders either and that didn't stop photographers from making great photos with them. Nowadays the younger generation can't even take a photo if it isn't on a screen. Maybe it would be good for one's creative juices to concentrate on composition by seeing an image on a screen larger than a tiny viewfinder. What I also like is that 35mm equivalent lens. I'm a real sucker for the 35mm and hope this lens is up to par. I can live with f/2. Great for people and places. I know that the sensor will give me quite professional results. Come on you guys seem a bit too conservative here. You can live without a viewfinder - THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. If I buy this camera, it will live on my belt or hanging over my shoulder. I'll probably even sleep with it. Nice complement for a Mark II.

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Chaitanya S: 22mm lens will make a good combo with the EOS-M

This preview doesn't make any mention of manual focusing. Does anyone know if it is possible to focus manually?

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Too bad Canikon don't put this type sensor into a 5D or D800. It would be much less expensive and it wouldn't be a rangefinder. I want to stick with "Single-Lens Reflex" style cameras because that was what I was weaned on. Even so, this would be one sweet camera for those decisive moments. Think of images with a sensor of this quality made with Leica glass ( 35mm summicron/50 summilux!!). In that kind of a setup the weakest link would definitely be the photographer. Bokeh beautiful Black and white. mmm $10,000 for a one lens setup. To each his own.

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