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My current photographic passion is IR and I currently shoot with a Panasonic G1 converted to IR exclusively. I also use a and a Panasonic G1 primarily for portraits and family photo's and a Panasonic LX5 as my pocket- carry everywhere camera.


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On Anno 1850 in the This Old House challenge (4 comments in total)

The photo looks very nice to me just as it is.

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These comments are hilarious - better than late night TV!!!!
It seems as if the contest may be backfiring on contest promoters. They show no appreciation.

Let me summarize. Some suggest you get to use the camera body for a month, but you have to rent or buy the lens. The winner is stuck with having to pay insurance on the camera for the month. The winner must pay the cost of shipping the camera back to Phase 1. The winner will have to pay customs. The first prize is the use of the camera for a month. The second prize is that you get to look at a photo of the camera for a month.

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I wish Greg a full and speedy recovery. My condolences to Greg's lost camera.

His photos are beautiful. Greg-be careful and stay safe and keep taking those wonderful images.

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In reply to: So much more detail in the Canon image; Canon is the winner here at high ISO.

I am bummed by the results. I expected that when Sony reduced the resolution to 12mpx, I would be able to shoot in near darkness at ISO 100,000+ and get great IQ. Until sensors can do that, I will continue to use my tripod and keep the ISO as low as possible, when conditions permit. How times have changed. When I shot with film, I thought ASA 400 was fast.

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On walk toward the light in the Stairway to heaven challenge (3 comments in total)

Beautiful photo.

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Whether staged or not, these are great photos that each tell a wonderful story.

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On Casio Europe releases 20.1 MP Exilim EX-ZS30 camera article (56 comments in total)

I am disappointed -- only 20MP. I was hoping that it would be 40mp so it would greater resolution than the Nikon FF.

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This housing looks cool. It almost makes me want to take up underwater photography.

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I want a 4x5 digital so I can get better quality that the Leica S, Hasselblad, Pentax 645D, etc. With the 4x5 digital I can have the best quality digital of any camera on earth --better than FF and medium format digital cameras.

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