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Mike99999: 1) This lens should have been released together with the original D7000 back in 2010. The timing of this lens is baffling. First they kill DX by not releasing lenses and forcing everyone to m43 or full frame, then they release DX lenses. Great.

2) IQ is poor. The 17-55/2.8 is significantly better but has no size/weight advantage over full frame and lacks VR.

I guess everyone is better off with the Sigma 24-105 and a cheap full frame body.

I'm amazed that prople make statements like "I guess everyone is better off with the Sigma"... blather, blather, blather...
What unmitigated gall.

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baldeagle21b: Seems like a half-hearted effort on the part of DPR, and that's being generous. Imaging Resource has a much better interview.

The Pentax 15-450 zoom should have been an F1.4. Ricoh Imaging really missed the boat on this one.

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Peter K Burian: OK, if the D810 images for comparison were made with the better f/1.4 lens, what lens was used for the D800 images?

If the latter were made with the cheap f/1.8 lens, the image comparison would no longer be valid.

The D800/E Df and D750 are showing they were shot with the 85 1.8G- the lens DPR has used on Nikon full-frame bodies for awhile now. At F5.6 the 1.8G and 1.4gG are probably pretty equal but if the lens is changed for one body it should be changed for all comparable Nikons. Unless DPR is hoping you'll upgrade to the D810 !

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Very depressing. Nikon eliminates even the peephole finder with the latest P7700 and Canon follows suit with the EOS-M and these two jokers.

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On Variation Facts and Fallacies article (231 comments in total)

Now if we could get you to compare a dozen or so Canon S100's...

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