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mosc: I still think there's a market for this sensor if it were attached to the right lens, like 20-300 f2.8 and made more pocket friendly. The EVF and flash hump don't slide well into the pocket. Give it a rangefinder style side EVF, ditch the hump, and design with pocket in mind. Nothing like that is going to fit in your pocket with any larger a sensor. f2.8 1/1.7" is good enough for outdoor use in shadow if it's a BSI chip. I think you can sell 1/1.7" for $700 but you have to be just about perfect every other way.

mosswings. I have one & agree with you totally!

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It would be a very useful flash & I like the addition of the LED arm for focussing too.

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pictureAngst: At first I wondered why anyone would want a macro flash with a high guide number, given the short working distances.

But I guess it would work for fill-in flash in daylight, especially when using a tele-macro?

It would certainly be useful with the Sigma 150mm macro lens (or with bellows).

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"Olympus's forthcoming 300mm F4 lens offers a focal length equivalent to 600mm. Although not as fast as a 600mm F4 would be for full-frame, it's highly portable by comparison."

Saying "Although not as fast as a 600mm F4 would be for full-frame" in the above is just nonsense!

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (818 comments in total)
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RichRMA: The resolution difference between the E-M5II and something like a Nikon D7100 is 30% in the horizontal axis and 17% in the vertical axis for the Nikon. If you were to actually print both images from the two cameras at 100% scale (like we see here on the studio shots) then you'd have images almost four feet across. In such a case, you'd see a resolution difference. But at 16x20, or even 24x30, you won't see much gain going to 24MP. Now, if you go to 36-40MP, which no competitive APS camera (D810 is not in the same league) has, then you would see tangible differences.

@ Graham. That is something I noticed with Nikon's marketing how they promote the crop mode for that "extra reach" when in fact that crop mode happens to be very close to 4/3's size. Funny about that! ;)

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (818 comments in total)

"In addition to these new features, the E-M5 II gains a couple of features that have been introduced in Olympus cameras since the original model's introduction. These include a version of the 2x2 control system that first appeared on the E-M1."

How about giving credit to the much overlooked E-P5! That was the first model to feature the 2X2 lever before the E-M1 got it!

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First Impressions Review preview (1392 comments in total)
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Photoman: I loved my old E-M5, but I feel the Sony A7 MKI offers better value, if your talking price.

To Voldenuit
Body cap Pin Hole? ;)

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G L: Not bad, but not very covenient too.
And also not cheap.
Not decided yet if it is worth it

The converter lenses are really aimed at compact users that want a bit of flexibility as a DSLR or CSC user has with interchangeable lenses, but without going to those systems. For myself, it is a great little camera to take places when I don't want my OM-D's kits & it performs very nicely indoors with its brightish lens, but if I wanted greater range I would be using an OM-D with appropriate lens instead.

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Ken Croft: The focus peaking is not good. In poor light, as in my office at home, the whole viewing area is covered with flecks of sparkling white [or black, if that is what you have selected] just as if you are looking through a snow storm or a cloud of dust motes. Even in good light the effect is still apparent to some extent though it is not too distracting. Point the camera at a lawn, and the grass sparkles everywhere! The outlining of in-focus areas seems to be a poor implimentation of focus peaking.
The new small focus area does make locking focus in dim light a bit more difficult especially when it is needed at long focal lengths.
The firmware upgrade does little for me but equally it spoils nothing. It is still an excellent holiday camera with good zoom range, good IQ for this type of camera and an excellent EVF. Of course if you want stellar IQ and a greater range of focal lengths this camera is not for you.

These updates might be doing little for you because you aren't using these features where they're best intended. You are forgetting that the small sensor in this camera will give you a greater DoF than a 4/3's or larger sensor & therefore the Focus Peaking will be highlighting a greater amount within certain scenes depending focal length used & distance from subject.

The Small AF Target area is for fine focussing use when it is needed & of course it will be less capable to lock on in darker situations! It has a smaller area of detail to work with, so what do you expect? That is why you also still have the standard size for those occasions & uses. The Small AF Target is very useful for such subjects as birds in trees & other fine detail subjects. It is no use criticising your gear just because you aren't using it the way it was designed & intended.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Review preview (485 comments in total)
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brycesteiner: It's about time!

Thanks DP. You guys do a good job

I agree, it's about time! This camera has been out how long? I only use Olympus but am also grateful there is also Panasonic in the system too & am wondering why it had to take so long for this camera's review to come. ???

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On Olympus Capture software now available for E-M1 owners article (37 comments in total)
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Vlad S: Please bring it for E-M5 too!

@shotokan101 "I think is very silly and petty if they don't release this feature for both the A-M5 and E-M10"

I think you might be a little nieve to think that, not to mention being a little silly & petty to make that comment. I have & love my E-M5 & I also appreciate having my E-M1 as well & with it being a Pro model, I am happy they have brought this feature to it, but I don't expect them to do the same for all the other models as well though. The E-M5 replacement is said to be coming soon as well, so it may well include it on that model. Besides, they have just announced a new silver E-M1 version with the updated FW2.0 & so they need to have something that is uniquely attractive for the continuing E-M1 model (black & silver) & if you're serious about studio work then you would use the E-M1 with all it can offer, while other latest models have the WiFi ability (E-M5 with PenPal or WiFi SD card).

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WayneHuangPhoto: Everyone here knows everything about cameras and the camera industry, and has a valid opinion based on facts and observation, rather than blind brand loyalty or fanboy bias.

No. We're just cynics of the 'marketing speak' from the manufacturers managers.

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ProfHankD: Yes, Canon has been serious about mirrorless in that the EOS-M is grossly inferior to their DSLRs only in AF speed and ergonomics. The problem is that it isn't compelling against models from Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Samsung, etc. Canon was once an innovator, but not lately, and they have a long way to go to make a compelling mirrorless. For example, I don't think a 7D Mark II with an EF-M mount would be a very compelling mirrorless, and it has been years since Canon's sensors gave them an real edge over those made by Sony.

I buy lots of Canon cameras, mostly PowerShots to use with CHDK, but also an occasional higher model to use with Magic Lantern. Ironically, both those environments are conspicuously not aided or supported by Canon. I think it is long overdue that Canon should encourage, and actively leverage, this type of external innovation.

And if Canon was truely serious about mirrorless, they would have made provision to add an EVF with examples from other manufacturers having gone down that path with majority user prefernce for it to be inbuilt or at least possible to add an external EVF. There are exceptions to that, but Canon isn't there with a higher spec'd one first.

For Masaya Maeda to say they were serious only shows that their level seriousness is somewhat lacking in substance.

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M Lammerse: Camera manufacturers make dedicated connector points on camera's to connect straps to which you can hang around your neck or shoulder.
I think the manufacturer of this product seems not to understand that.

Maybe you don't understand how uncomfortable that can be. The sling strap method is a very comfortable way of carrying heavy gear & it is at the ready for easy shooting too. This product is nicely made & looks like it would function quite nicely. I made my own version a few years ago wear it was an aluminium plate but bent up at the end with a brass eyelet hole for the sling strap & the rest of it was padded (built up with cork) & leather covered & the shape complimented the battery grip on the camera, making it more comfortable than before. It didn't allow for tripod mounting though, whereas this has taken care of that as well.

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On Niko announces service advisory for D810 'bright spots' article (376 comments in total)
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Sardonic G: My stubbornness in staying loyal to Nikon products is starting to look like an abusive relationship. First the D600, now the D810. Perhaps I should just stick with my Bronica.

Loyalty is OK, but one hopes the loyalty is appreciated & if Nikon are addressing the issues then that's a good start.

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On Niko announces service advisory for D810 'bright spots' article (376 comments in total)
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Reality Check: Sadly typical there are so many quelled by the 'isolated affect explanation' released for nothing more than damage control.
The 'long exposures' and 'crop modes' may be what was reported, but it is by no means the only times hot/white pixels are occurring at an unacceptable level. Instead of the fanboy denial approach, how about take a look at Nikon's own marketing materials - when/if you can find them. Nikon France has conveniently removed most of the campfire images, and full rez samples. Those images were not crop modes, not 60sec exposures, they were simply higher ISO settings and are plastered by tens of thousands of hot/white pixels.

This is simply a result of the gain tweaking Nikon played with in offering the 'new' ISO64 sensitivity setting. Which is just the same range scale for Sony's 36mp sensor slid down to ISO64 and added Expeed processing. So the D800/e ISO100 became the new ISO64, and ISO12800 became the D810's ISO6400 - complete with variable gain artifacts...


I'm surprised there isn't a menu function to remap the pixels as a user! I can do it any time I wish on my cameras (not that I need to except on rare occasions it might show up).

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On Apple expands OS X Mavericks Raw compatibility article (86 comments in total)
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LSE: meh, use LR like everybody else.

Or use Capture One instead.

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On Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd's Everyday Astronaut article (102 comments in total)
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Chris2J: To me: a stupid exercise.

Chris, maybe you should tell someone who cares!

For myself, I enjoyed these photos.

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On Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review preview (184 comments in total)
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Just another Canon shooter: Who made the sensor?

I would guess, probably Sony.

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eastwestphoto: Unfortunately After market lens makers like Tamron banked all there sales on DSLR kings Nikon & Canon. When the Mirrorless cameras of m4/3 rds arrived in 2009 the lenses did NOT! Its been that way for years, Sigma, Tamron, etc. third party m4/3 rds and Sony e-mount FF series lenses are far and few between. maybe they didn't realize Mirrorless DSLM cameras were so terrific; whatever there EXCUSE is, there still FIVE years behind the sales curves. maybe they didn't WANT to pay the licensing fees? Never the less the marketplace is huge for Aftermarket in m4/3 rd's & Sony FE series, so its about time; well i been saying and posting this for five years!
Even at the Javis center trade show of latest and greatest in NYC once a year, I told tamron, & Sigma too wake up! All I got was Blank stares from the sales Reps. Maybe its NOT a free marketplace and the KINGS are controlling optical capitalism? Don@Eastwestphoto

To whyamihere.
Don't forget the discovery that the 'you beaut' 75mm Olympus lens was actually designed or made by Sigma. :)

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