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On DSC00407_DxO in the One Empty Bottle challenge (3 comments in total)

It was a self portrait, all staged, really:).

OK, maybe I had a shot or two to make it more realistic. Or three. It wasn't the whole bottle. Really, it wasn't, that's a big bottle.

And the table had a red cloth covering it, with a yellowish, stucko kinda off while wall. The colors just didn't work, had to make black and white.

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completelyrandomstuff: What prevents me from printing my own, unique, possibly better quality, backgrounds so I could crank out perfectly lit 'outdoor' portraits en masse? I don't think I understand their business model.

The idea could be quite useful for low quality, high throughput head shots, but there is no reason to buy it from this company.

I don't have a 4'x5' printer handy, and would image sending off a job to a professional shop that does, and could print on a surface that's as durable and portable as I would expect these to be might have a similar price.

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On Gig Harbor in the Fishing Village challenge (2 comments in total)
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mike schm: This is a beautiful picture! Please disregard the low votes. It seems some people will give extremely low scores to very good pictures just to assure that their submittal does good.

I actually liked many of the others better myself (no all of them, but a fair number), and think many of the votes I got were pretty fair, and voted other's higher than mine.

While I am glad you enjoy it, I preferred many of the sunny pictures myself, that just wasn't the kinda weather I had when I was out for this so I did the best I could with what I had.

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On Drone lighting could be coming soon to your studio article (129 comments in total)

Sounds kinda cool, but ultimately, in a studio, I would think a CNC like motorizes positioning system, probably mounted from the ceiling would be much more practical than a drone.

Wouldn't catch as much attention, I guess?

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On Sony drops list price of Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 article (201 comments in total)
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Gonini: What a coward and cheap move by Sony! So all of their cameras are overpriced? Proof that the company does not stand behind their products. Those defending the price cut (and sony) probably did not buy this camera at its overpriced original price!

Releasing the camera in the first place was a pretty bold move.
Investing in the R&D to make it, taking the risk to develop the production tooling. All that invested to come to the market with something most industry analysts probably though would be dead on arrival and no one would be interested in.
Now that they've been apparently well received on the market, Panasonic comes along with a less expensive alternative, and good for them too.
I wonder if Canon or Nikon will follow along in another year or two?

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On Vanguard Heralder 51T Rolling Backpack Review article (22 comments in total)
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DavidShea: Some pretty negative comments here - probably because all of them base their criticisms on specs and not actual use. Vanguard make AMAZINGLY good quality products - we've seen epic things from them over the years, and I dare say this bag is the same.
This reviewer seems to think it's not bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtxvTFeqfB0

Weight doesn't magically disappear because it's well proportioned, if you have to carry it, it's weight, something to be minimized. And 10 pounds is a lot to carry all day, and that's just the bag.
It's difficult to have sturdiness without weight. With bags of similar quality, and I believe Vanguard is at or near the quality of any other major manufacture, the heavier one is almost always sturdier. But I'll sacrifice that for light weight, cause I will carry my bag.
Weight is the first thing I look at with a back pack, if it's too heavy, I pass. I don't roll them around, I carry them on my back. Other people do things differently, but a lot of people still carry their bags because it's the fastest way to move, and carrying around wheels for the bag is a waste.

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On Walmart sues photographer's widow over family pictures article (200 comments in total)
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Kevin Omura: Yikes, first lets take one component out of the equation. The wealth of one of the participants... Then we clearly see that this is basically an issue of who owns the copyright to the images. Once you get past this it's pretty straight forward, Mrs Huff does.

The other component of this mess is somewhat hidden in this story and that is that Walmart used one of these images though unclear how and that seems to be how this ball got rolling.

The importance of this case is that if Mrs Huff should somehow loose then it signals that the photographers ownership of the images is being removed and that the persons depicted in the images are the owners to the photographs. Which would have far reaching effects on every portrait/school photographer/ studio in the country.

And yes it is morally reprehensible that a large corporation should bully some little old lady whose family owned a photo studio. Would be interesting to see what Sam Walton's take on this would be if he were still alive.

The wealth of the Walton family plays a huge part in creating the issue.
If I walked into some local studio and had family portraits taken, they'd deliver prints and own the copyright? pretty standard stuff and well established law. If 40 years later, I sued, I can't imagine finding a lawyer that would take the case, and a judge that wouldn't summarily dismiss it.
If I took the prints to Walmart to have them copied, assuming they comply with their own policy, they'd refuse to print / copy / etc.
So, why's this case different? Because the Walton's have money.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (632 comments in total)
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Juck: MAybe I missed it,,, What's the burst/buffer depth for RAW,, anyone know?

Also depending on the write speed of the card, if the buffer is able to clear fast enough it will add at least a few more shots to the ultimate number you are able to get into a burst.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (632 comments in total)
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Nukunukoo: Full frame readout on video?

With digital stabilization, probably not. They crop the frame to achieve the stabilization.

The A7 / E mount uses optical stabilization (at least most of the lenses) and is probably what makes the difference.

The in body mechanical / sensor shift stabilization on the A77 / A mount bodies apparently can't handle running long enough for video.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (632 comments in total)
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beavertown: 12 fps + 60fps in Jpg, APS-C Sensor, that puts Nikon 1 system to great shame.

Well done Sony.

60 FPS?

Isn't that the video mode?

Direct link | Posted on May 1, 2014 at 14:19 UTC
On Never lose your lens cap again with HACkxTACK article (165 comments in total)

I can buy 10 lens caps for about $10 on ebay: http://r.ebay.com/UCfrqC

Or, spend over $20 to not loose 1, assuming I don't forget where I put that doodad with the magnet (I don't use a camera strap, nor do I wear a tie).

I always make it a point to stuff extra caps in my bag.

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On Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review article (106 comments in total)
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Blackx: Seems like an almost exact copy of Kata 3N1-33 DL, which I have been using for quite some time. Since the reviewed bag is marked on the Tamrac site as new it is easy to see who got "inspired".

After deciding I wanted that Kata bag, and discovering it's discontinued, replaced by a cheaper bag or much lower quality and a much more expensive bag, I found a used one locally.
The second or third time I used it, after carrying it 1-2 miles, I stopped by the camera store and found this Tamrac bag (err, evolution 8 actually, I think). Two big immediate differences were the chest clip to hold the straps together and the hooks to hold the straps to the bottom of the bag. The buckles on the bottom of the straps that Kata uses don't impress me, I had a lowepro bag with similar buckles fail to lock and hit the floor from waist level.
But the Kata bag also had the trolley sleeve. Going through airports, or anywhere else where you also have a pullman bag, it's pretty huge to securely cart your camera bag around on top of it... Tamrac was missing that, kinda a deal killer for me.

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On Am I missing something here? article (637 comments in total)
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jonikon: Richard,
You missed the Nikkor 18.5mm f1.8 in your list of enthusiast lenses.
It's hard to take your opinions seriously Richard, when you don't even bother to vet your research before you go about bashing a camera system you don't use and know so little about.
You are missing something else Richard: Journalist objectivity.

Yes, the "Journalist objectivity" is definitely missing from this article.

Without it, he wouldn't be trying so hard to find something about this system to like. He proclaim it as the market laggard it is, and move on.

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On Nikon Df Review preview (1610 comments in total)
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WGVanDyck: There are a lot of us older photographers that have been both disappointed and thrilled by the trends of the digital camera age. The technology and operational options that have developed with the advent of digital are simply marvelous. However, the film camera industry evolved into cameras like the F3 and F4 that where truly the panicle of basic photographic control. Frankly, it is much faster and easier to set a dial with the graduations labeled on it than it is to push a button, spin a wheel and read a screen. Or worse; dig into a menu. The digital camera age brought about a sort of schizophrenia in the camera industry. The film camera had evolved to an extremely usable state and yet it was as if the manufacturers had forgotten all that advancement and started over by hiring engineering staffs from Fischer-Price for their new digital lines. So, many of us don’t see this as a “retro” sales gimmick, but as an apparent return to sanity by Olympus, Fuji, and now Nikon.

What are you digging through menus for?

I can set my DSLR to M mode and turn off autofocus without digging much, if any.

And with the two wheels by the thumb and index finger, and the focus ring on the lens, I have all the controls I would have on my old Nikon film version of this camera.

What I do have when I go into menus and start looking for extra controls is more power and convenience. After all, I can change ISO on the fly, no need to replace the roll of film. Sure, it's an extra button, but really, does taking this away make it the new "sanity"?

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (899 comments in total)
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feztizzle: Got a nex6 before christmas love it not sure if this quite worth the upgrade but sony is going the right direction here. But they need to discontinue that garbage lens.

Which "garbage" lens? the 16-50, compromised being designed to fit in my pocket? Or the 18-55 that's mighty inexpensive and a good place to start for new, general purpose users on there A3000?

I imagine you can buy it body only, and then get the Zeiss 16-70 or the Sony 18-105 G, should you need such quality.

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (899 comments in total)
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pew pew: Imagine a camera like the a6000, with A mount a bit bigger because the mount distance, but still small with all those minolta lenses available for really cheap, that would be perfect :d

put an LA-EA2 or 4 on it and you're there, right now, no imagining.

Those do have the SLT mirror in them though.

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (796 comments in total)
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Hugo808: What no OVF?

no matchstick meter either?

And where's the crank to wind the film?

Direct link | Posted on Feb 13, 2014 at 22:22 UTC
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Amnon G: Before the onslaught on Nikon begins...
It is possible this is an oversight (i.e. testing at Nikon happens only with 1st party batteries).
Claiming evil with no proof is just childish. It's unfortunate for sure, but hopefully will get resolved with another update shortly.
I'm relating to reactions I've seen on different sites - I think that the step function reaction is a bit childish and assuming people don't know what they're doing (even though the person making the bold name calling doesn't have even a fraction of the data to make such claims) is irrelevant.
Nikon's actions in the next few months will be the determining factor whether this was an oversight in good faith or really a silly attempt at making more money.

Even if it was an oversight, which it may very well be, I'd be really surprised to see them go back and "fix" it.
And if they did, I'd really be surprised if they rushed out a release just to address that, openly admitting to this being a mistake.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 9, 2013 at 23:35 UTC
On Boat Races challenge (1 comment in total)

In additional rules it states "If you enter the challenge, take the time to vote other entries.".

I thought this was generally discouraged?

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On DPReview Top Picks: Stand-out third party lenses article (80 comments in total)
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wootpile: Not a single macro?

Tamron makes some excellent macros, and Sigma makes some too that are probably very high quality.

But they aren't equipment that unique to there product lines, for each of the Tamron or Sigma macro lenses there's a directly competing 1st party lens from at least Nikon, Canon and Sony, unlike the other lenses listed above that just have no direct comparisons.

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