Larry Winters

Larry Winters

Lives in United States Northern, CA, United States
Works as a Retired at 50 in 1999...
Joined on Nov 19, 2003
About me:

Currently own:

Fujifilm X-S1
Fujifilm F100fd
Panasonic FZ150
Panasonic ZS20

CANON TC - DC58A Teleconverter 1.5x
Sony 1.7x DH1758
Raynox 2.2X TC--Model 2025
Vivitar 285 HV Flash
Sunpak 383 Flash (2)

Previously owned...

Fujifilm HS10, HS30
Fujifilm s200EXR

Panaaonic ZS10
Panasonic ZS3
Panasonic GH1

Pentax K20D

Tamron 17-50 f/2.8
Pentax 18-250 f/3.5-6.3
Tamron 70-200 f/2.8
Tamron 70-300 f/4-5.6
Sigma 105 f/2.8 Macro

Tamron 1.4x TC

Pentax 31 ltd, 43 ltd, 77 ltd, 16-50 f/2.8, 16-45 f/4, 55-300 and 10-17 FE....

Nikon D80 and D200 along with 8-10 lenses...

Panasonic FZ-50, FZ7, FZ8 and TZ1

Canon Rebel, XT, 20D and 5D cameras

Approx. 25 lenses for Canon cams from Canon 10-22 to Tamron 200-500

Larry Winters' recent activity

  • Hi Aaron: Different topic but these pics of one of my newer X-S1's shows the Made in Japan at the bottom.
  • Fuji cameras just plain suck at video. My little Panny ZS20 completely smokes my X-S1 by a huge margin. The HS series that I've owned aren't any better. Panasonic and Sony have the video nailed on ...
  • Hi Rooski: I agree completely. There is a huge difference between normal play and absolute droop. As you suggested I believe many, but not all, are seeing a little play and over exaggerating into ...
  • Hi Aaron: FYI, both of my new 33A versions from Amazon have the Made in Japan on the bottom near the Disp/Back button. lw
  • Hi Midwest: I received the X-S1 from Amazon warehouse deals for $179.94 and its great.  It was a 33A, but the lens barrel has more play than the one I bought 2 weeks for the new price of $349, but ...
  • Hi PerH: When I purchased mine they offered me three for $12.95 with the same s/h as one....Of course that was about 3 years ago...Wouldn't hurt to ask them if you are interested in more than one.
  • Here are a few with the Orion eyecup on the X-S1..
  • Hi PerH: To attach just stretch the rubber and pull it on.  When I get some time I'll take a couple pics with it on the X-S1 but for now here are two on my old FZ150.  The Orion eyecup really wraps ...
  • Hi PerH: I have used these Orion eye guards on a number of my cameras including the X-S1. I don't own a HS50 but I feel certain it would work...It works really well at blocking extraneous light and ...
  • Replied in No more Amazon
    Thanks for the update. Thanks for sharing all of those experiences. At one point this board became intolerable so I took about a year off, which is why I missed your earlier reports. Nice to know ...
  • Hi Midwest: Two days ago I ordered an Amazon fulfilled warehouse deal for a Used-Very Good X-S1 for $179.94. Can't wait to see what exactly might be the problem with it, if any. I've always had ...
  • Replied in No more Amazon
    Hi photoreddi: So B&H now resells ALL returns as used in some manner?  I haven't bought or returned from B&H in at least 2 years so I wasn't aware of whatever change they made.  The written policy ...
  • Replied in No more Amazon
    Hi historian: Not to burst your bubble but B&H also sells returns as new.  Over the years I have received from B&H at least 3 cameras and countless lenses that had obviously been used before me.  I ...
  • Hi Mcfflyer: I believe the 23A, which is a third quarter 2012 manufacture date was the first ones where all of them had the new sensor/lens combo as new cameras. The 22A, second quarter 2012,  had ...
  • Hi Mcfflyer: I would check the camera/s before sending them back. If the camera is in excellent working order what real difference does it make if the seal has been broken? I would rather have a ...
  • hi yankeeslover: Being a X-S1 advocate I sure wouldn't discount trying it, especially with the current low prices of $349 new and $250 used-very good.  It could win you over just on looks and feel ...
  • hi drasen: I think the blank formatted card is mentioned for the process of adding the new firmware to the card. Since you can read what the current firmware is even if the card has pics on it. The ...
  • Hi John: I bought a backup X-S1 from Amazon for the amazingly low price of $349.  The X-S1 is the best style for my use and my 23A model has served me well which prompted me to order the backup.  ...
  • Hi Lisetta: Since I like my X-S1 so much I ordered a backup at the $349 price.  It is a 33A serial number, looks and feels brand new but the date/time had already been set which is usually a sign ...
  • Hi drasen: I know with the X-S1 you insert a blank formatted card and when turning it on, hold down the disp/back button.  I feel the upgrade at least improved the AF speed.  I forget everything it ...
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