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  • You do not have the attention to detail required of a pro photographer.
  • Attention to detail, hallmark of the professional
  • Commented on Mare Island Ship Yard in the Industrial site – HDR challenge

    Multiple exposures 3 - 5 always work better, tripod highly recommended. Photomatrix is very good, but many like Nik's HDR Efex Pro.

  • I understand your concern, I am not certain what this host wants to achieve with this experiment. I think the only thing that the rank and file membership can actually do to help is to vote fairly ...
  • Just go ahead and resubmit you photo. The host has made it clear he will not DQ on his own and that he is experimenting. To keep your photo out of the challenge a complaint will have to be filed ...
  • Commented on Tasty and beautiful still life in the Still Life HDR challenge

    An absolute classic still life.

  • Yours and most of the other entries in this challenge are not  photos. They have been manipulated using software and should be considered ART. When you produce ART you should be prepared for some ...
  • There has been some discussion as to why a person might cheat in the DPR challenges, since there is no prize for the winner. The link is to a website of a "professional photographer". Among other ...
  • Commented on Strike a Pose challenge

    You should have disqualified the animal entries.

  • Commented on Still life almost rotten in the Banana. challenge

    Definitely has the look

  • It would appear we have a different definition of share in regards to photos. That is why you do not see any of mine on the internet.
  • Very few entrants read this forum and are unaware of any issues with the ranking. They keep submitting because they want to see where their photos rank. Posters share in the forums because they ...
  • Most of the people entering challenges are not even aware of the sandbagging or of the cheating in general. They want to know where their photo ranks against the competition. When they want to ...
  • The many who choose to complain, boycott or recommend fixes have no way to make the changes you suggest without complaining, boycotting or recommending fixes to those who do have the ability to ...
  • Yes, Yes and Yes. I learned a long time ago that very often the obvious is not what it seems to be. Why would my actions convince you more of what Ruth's intent was? It is obvious that you and I ...
  • How can you know that? Considering Bhimaprasad Maiti's established behavior you really think there was absolutely no chance he would have posted. She IS an authority, responsible to DPR and the ...
  • Sony
  • From her second post above: If Bhimaprasad Maiti had commented at the bottom of the challenge, OR commented to me directly, I would have accepted it as his opinion. However, when he writes rude, ...
  • Well written perhaps. But inaccurate and misleading. Ruth did not delete a post from a fourm, she does not have the authority or the abiliity to do so.  She can and is expected to delete inappropriate
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