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  • The reason the AX could probably get away with that is that the film emulsion has thickness, meaning you can be slightly off in focus and get away with it.  Notice how it's pretty much digital ...
  • Yep, PMed you.
  • Good point; Raist3d basically suggests what I was thinking, which is that it's a heat buildup issue which prevents it from doing more than 15 fps.

  • Guys, if this is the Sony RX100 sensor, that's why. Sensor wasn't designed for 4K video then it's probably harder to add it in later.

    The REAL question you have to ask Nikon is: If you had done...

  • Commented on Corinne in the Linkedin Headshots challenge

    How did you light it, if I may ask?

  • D'oh, forgot the 17-35!   Yeah that one is better than the 18-35 according to Photozone; in fact, it's the sharpest of the wideangles at the wide end.  It also has serious pro build.  I think it's ...
  • I wouldn't turn my nose up at some of the nice third-party lenses like the new Sigmas. If you're in Nikon DX you are virtually forced to dip into third-party lenses in order to get some real ...
  • You're only interested in zooms? The Sigma is interesting but a) doesn't take filters and b) isn't sharp at all in the corners before ~16mm (cancelling out the width benefit to the Sigma). The ...
  • The 24-120 needs to be stopped down at least one stop to reach optimal sharpness. The 12-40 PRO doesn't. You're at f2.8 or f4 with the 12-40 and at f5.6 or f8 with the Nikon. What's the...

  • Yeah, you have to update the lenses as well.  Of the 9-18, 12-60, 50mm macro, 50-200 mk I, and 70-300, only the 50mm macro didn't have a lens update as well. Also, make sure the update actually ...
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