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This is a public relations nightmare on Adobe's part. Put the software back into a box sold at their Adobe Store. Secure it with a USB hardware dongle with encryption. Adobe knows how to do this, they did it with Adobe Capture version II scanning software. Problem solved.

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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1853 comments in total)
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Dale Garman: " Adobe offers a Photoshop CC-only subscription for $19.99 per month with an annual commitment"

This move is an unbelievable price increase for those of us who have been loyal customers and upgraded over the years as each release came out. When I look back in Oct 2008 I upgrade photoshop portion for $180 and again in June for 210 which took me to Jan 2013 when I again upgraded to CS6. So measuring between 2008 and the last upgrade was about 50 months of use for $390 which averages out to about about $8 per month. This means my cost would be 2 1/2 times what I have been paying. What vendor thinks they can get by with that kind of price increase?

The original cost does not factor into my decision because I have already invested that. I'm not hostile to a cloud method of verifying license, am open to subscription at significantly reduced price , but I am hostile to this kind of rip off of their loyal customer base. What vendor gets to impose these kinds of price increases?

exactly. They lost my future $390 per 50 months also. when they add up all the missing future $390, then where will they be?

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Biowizard: It's taken a number of years, but this is the obvious and inevitable follow-on from the "Authorisation/Activation" model that Adobe first introduced with the original CS (that followed on after Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10 & InDesign 2). Up till then, you could buy your CD, and install it on a computer without even having to register it. You had a personal serial number, and "agreed" not to make multiple installations or to give the software away. And if you did the latter, the serial number could be traced to you.

With CS, once you'd installed your software, you had to go online to get your stuff "activated" - without this it wouldn't work. At the time, many of us felt this could one day be abused, and this is one of several reasons I stuck with PS 7.

Looks like we sceptics were right all along. It's just taken Adobe a few years longer than we originally thought.

This is BAD, Adobe. VERY BAD.

I remember Adobe added a dongle for protection to Adobe Capture 2 scanning software. I hate the online activation as well if you have to rebuild your computer -- I've had to call twice because of being locked out when rebuilding my computer. I stopped at pscs4. I will not do cloud. They want way too much money. LR is good, but their innovation with LR is just to make $150 every year and a half with camera updates. It becomes a hog too when they load stuff into it -- the first version of LR4 was a disaster. They want a discussion, look at the outcry on this thread and get their ego in check. With CC, they lost all but the paid pros. I'd like to see how that impacts their bottom line. I use to be a shareholder.

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On Canon EOS 700D Rebel T5i preview (148 comments in total)

This isn't even an iteration it is so minor. It is the same camera that will be priced $250 more. I paid $600 for my T4i, and I have never seen such a joke upgrade. Canon, we got news for you, no one is going to pay $750 for this camera. Prediction -- The shelves will clear of the T4i before a single T5i is sold and then the T5i will have to lower the price to $600 before a single one is sold. Good business sense. Yeah, right.

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On First Impressions: Metabones Speed Booster article (360 comments in total)

put me first with my T4i and Live View and touch screen and magnification

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Toranaga: One thing that makes this kinda useless for some... You cant mount a flash on top of the trigger like with a TT5! In some situations I use both on- and offcamera flash and this makes that impossible.

Agree and I wrote them and asked them and they responded they have no design plans to address

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On Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers article (98 comments in total)
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aris14: Seriously now, can someone claim that we 've seen miracles in Ps after the version CS2? Anyone with the CS2 plus the plugins that a serious user needs is almost ahead of the CS6. Pls add LR too..

I stopped at 4
I would start a new version for photographers if I were Adobe
make it easy to mask, use framing actions, etc

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