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smafdy: I believe it was the sculptor, Rodin, who said (not verbatim), that if a work of art came out of his studio, created at the hands of a subordinate, it was still authored by him.

I would not be happy buying a "Rodin" and then finding out it was done by a subordinate. This statement sounds more like a pitch to increase sales volume.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1047 comments in total)

Canon 1Dx for comparison? Maybe it is too new?

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

Someone finds a way to migrate my LR work to different software and I'm gone.

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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jimkahnw: Don't criticize Adobe for creating a way to protect its investment. They employ an army of coders to build Photoshop and at one time PS was the most pirated software on the internet. Software as complex and powerful as PS is not free, and Adobe is entitled to make a profit, especially if it supplying tools that others use to make a profit. Hence the Creative Cloud business model.

As a professional user of Photoshop, I have always purchased the upgrades as they were released. I also use some of the other tools available from Creative Cloud, so the cost of the subscription is really a bargain, especially when compared with the prior prices of boxed versions. It's the cost of doing business.

Those users who would select less capable software, mostly out of spite, are giving up a competitive advantage.

It isn't the army of coders that annoys me. its the army of accountants, lawyers and MBAs.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (636 comments in total)
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Zoom71: Softness everywhere... Typical Canon agressive noise reduction even at base ISO.



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On Adobe hack affects 38 million users, not 2.9 million article (156 comments in total)
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xeriwthe: i purchased an upgrade to lightroom and subsequently received a letter from adobe apologizing for losing my data and offering free 'ID protection service' for limited time only!

gah.. why did they automatically store my credit card info? why why why i didn't subscribe to anything

Turn a negative into a positive (for Adobe) - the genius of the corporate socio-paths.

MBA managers will be the death of civilization.

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On Nikon D610 real-world and test scene samples article (58 comments in total)

Talked to a camera dealer. Stuck with old D600 stock with the same sticker price as the new D610. Nikon didn't even give them a head up. He is not happy as he will take a loss on the old stock.

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On Olympus fraud saga rumbles on with UK prosecution article (37 comments in total)
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guyfawkes: Fraud is a crime, and the perpetrators need to be punished.

The Japanese legal system simply gave them a rap over the knuckles. Justice for US, UK and other nation's citizens needs to be seen to be done. Think of those whose pension funds were hit, or whose savings were affected, and the impact on long serving employees' pensions.

So peevee1 and others with a similar twisted sense of duty, please take note.

YEH! All those Wall Street types rotting in jail after plunging the world into financial chaos with shady mortgage deals. Methinks Japan's record, as miserable as it is, is better than either the US or the UK.

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On Ethics of prize-winning photo debated article (151 comments in total)

This photogrpah did not represent a real situation. It was placed and captioned such that the viewer would have thought it represented a real situation. It does not represent reality any more than an action movie represents realisty. It is a work of fiction.

Journalism is suppose to make the world a better place. This photograph, the story and the award destroy trust between the public and the journalism profession. This is a dis-service to the community. This does not make the world a better place.

I am appalled.

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MichaelKJ: The Oly scandal was of some interest while things were unfolding, but now it is yesterday's news. Woodford has his money and will soon be forgotten. I can't imagine why anyone would want to read his book and the comment in the article about a possible movie is nothing more than PR.

Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.

Corporate governance is obsure or completely unknown to the majority of people. A review of how these monumental mistakes or possibly massive fraud occured will be very valuable for anyone who with a stake in the corporate world - which is just about everyone since at a minium corporations have a significant impact on our commuities.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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Amtext: I had my 7D stolen in March, have been using an old, beat-up Nikon since then and was anxiously awaiting what Canon would release so I could spend the insurance money that's dying to be spent. Would love to go FF and thought the 6D would be it but.... no. No fill flash is a deal breaker for me, slower frames per second a huge disappointment, and the layout - more like a 60D - not appealing since I'm used to the 7D, though this is not a deal breaker. As for fewer auto-focus points, it remains to be seen, but it sure seems underwhelming on first glance. (I never had any problems with the 7D's auto focus.) The 6D is a huge disappointment on paper. Nice though they are, I don't really care about GPS and WiFI. I'm leaning toward replacing the 7D and am even tempted by the 5D MK II (and welcome any advice) given the appealing prices for each,

I have used the 7D in the past and all three models of the 5D.

The AF on the 5DIII is much better than the 5D Mark II and better than the 7D. It has to be experienced to be appreciated. It is worth the premium just for the AF if your photography leans towards action, journalism or weddings.

The second feature of the 5D III that I really like is the silent shutter mode which is really very quiet compared to other cameras.

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tominhk: re Leica glass... Is it not possible for Canon or nikon etc to make the same? Maybe an L plus lens? And match with a body with no aa filter?

I have the 50mm Summilux and the 50mm f1.2L. I like the L images more. Although the Lux is sharper across the frame, bokeh is nicer with the Canon. Both are excellent lenses.

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Fujifilm XF1 preview article (20 comments in total)

The ORBless X10? Should be given free to all the early beta testers.

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On Canon EOS 5D Mark III preview (901 comments in total)

Pixel envy always seem to be in the background but I know from my Pentax 645D that getting the most out of 40 megapixels is not easy and rarely happens if you arn't using primes, optimal f-stop and a tripod. Moreover, at 13x19 print size it is difficult to see any difference over about 16 megapixels.

The improved dynamic range and colour accuracy at high ISO is worth the trade-off in megapixels for my style of shooting. That said, at low ISO the extra megapixels of the D800 arn't going to hurt!

I am very happy about the improved AF and programable ISO although one may argue those should have been in the Mark II. The 5D has always been long on IQ but short on features. At least that is rectified now.

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Absolutly one of the best colour photographs I have ever seen. Stunning.

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