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Who's running this country anyway? Strip off another freedom, add another fee. Enough with the nanny state.

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No RAW files = loser. Limited manual control = loser.

Far better off buying a used Canon G-series camera.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Review (14 comments in total)

I've been wanting this camera since it was announced. I'm primarily a DSLR shooter, and FF at that. I also have owned a G6 and currently G10 and S110. So, I'm pretty familiar with where this camera fits in and what a step it is for Canon to take.
I just bought a used version at a very nice price so will be trying it out in the near future.
I would have rated the camera a little higher, based on my past experience with Canon and reports I've read from reviews and owners. Particularly, Optics and Performance would have got a couple ticks up in my estimation. I think a 79 or 80 would have been appropriate -- being practically in a category of its own: attached zoom, large sensor, compact camera.
It won't be a camera for everyone, true. But if you want better IQ than P&S and use it as a second camera to your DSLR for quick grab shots and take-anywhere convenience, you should be well served! :)

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Most annoying ad campaign -- at least for 2013. I wish we had Razzies for ads.

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JohnMatrix: two questions:
1. why would you want to do this? (the end result is quite annoying to watch IMO).
2. why is this even 'news'?

Pierre -- Amazing, and very exciting to see how you capture the band in action. Nice still shots! I really appreciate your remarks here in the forum too. Love the punk/grunge scene, thanks. What ISO were you shooting the two cameras at? Thanks for the insight. Jim

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Awful, biased reportage! Leave Nikon, gun owners and hunters alone.

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Best for me is the 5D3. It helps drive down existing prices for used Canon full frame bodies. It made a 1Ds3 affordable for me at $2300. Great!

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Awesome!! Looking forward to this resource. :)

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UnChatNoir: If you look what others are doing in this area, I've got the feeling Canon built a Volvo 240 while competitors like Fuji, Olympus, Pana and even Sony are releasing shining sportscars these days. It's not about the looks of course, but about the performances. The question mark is: to who does this camera appeal? To a pro, tired of the huge DSLR's on his personal travel? To the wife or kids, who also want to take a picture once in a while? To people that hate DSLR's anyhow? Somewhere, i feel everything is close to be labeled 'high end compact'. In this respect, I think there are nicer concepts money can by, with maybe even more future then this Canon. For already a while, I've got the impression both Canon and Nikon (V/J1) have fallen asleep thinking 'nobody can take our market position away'. They could be wrong, at least in some ranges of still camera's.

Francis -- I don't think anyone but you confused this as a camera for "serious work". When I want to do "serious work" (and want a proper OVF), I pull out a 1D-series camera and a hunk or two of quality "L" glass. When I reach for a G-series, "serious work" isn't the top priority. I want nice clean images with decent detail and a convenient to carry bodyl. I've been pretty happy with the G6 and G10, so I stand to be nearly ecstatic with the new G1X. The photos shown here on DPR lead me to believe this will be a terrific camera, reaching right up to professional level. But for consistently professional looking results, you will need professional gear.

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boyd2: Again NO DECENT OPTICAL VIEWFINDER!@$% And this should appeal to DSLR owners? Forget it Canon ...

Having an OVF is a selling point for me. Even though I use LCD most of the time for convenience, I like the stability of the camera pressed to my face. Then there are times in bright sun that the LCD isn't clear, and in dim light when I want to see more clearly. I've used OVF on lots of cameras from Zeiss Ikonta's to Fuji 6x9, so I know how to figure what will be in the frame, even if I can't see it. Having used the G6 and G10, I don't see how this OVF can be considered a disappointment. As Josh says, it would add cost and bulk, so I prefer to have it as it is.
The DPR photos look terrific! I'm really getting anxious to try this camera for myself.

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