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Photography is a side-line, fashion photography as a job (won awards), portraiture and street photography as an "amateur" hobby. Strangely I "create" pictures, but on the long term, I discovered other things in my pictures, I am not constructing them or choosing them, when I look at the past 20 years, they have things in common, the creation is probably more than the creator, even an hidden part of him...


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For me there is "an image quality tradeoff " since many years, and I would dream to see 6MP or 3MP camera sensors with the same surface, to increase Dynamic Range and reduce Noise.

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On Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners article (402 comments in total)

Lightroom 6 is still available with a real-world licence, but I fear it will be the last ever version that don't need me to pay each month/year to be able to use it.

I will have to checks other options for my work.

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Great work, that explain why some are satisfied and some other not so, having same body and lens model.

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On Canon EOS 5DS real-world sample gallery article (216 comments in total)

I just didn't understand all the rage against these photos: I found them interesting to look for, taking time to download them in original definition, in different ISO, to make my mind about the new Canon (I am a Nikon guy, but still found them interesting!).

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I have a problem with DPReview reviewing tablets as "digital cameras". If they want to present us anything that could take a digital picture, why not testing also any webcam-equipped notebook, or event desktop PC/Mac?!?

Why not adding adding any security camera, given they took 25 or 30 "photography" per second?!?

I am also excited to see their reviews of automated radar-cameras that every country put on their road, as well on the ability to focus quickly, their Dynamic Range, color accuracy, are they good portraiture equipments?

Is their any test of the spying satellites too?

You jump the shark while testing tablets as "cameras". So, now where will you end???

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Looks unnatural at best

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On Nikon D750 service advisory warns of shutter issue article (336 comments in total)

Ah I thought that it was an upgraded D610, seems the shutter is a new breed. Seems the D600 shadow is still there ;)

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mikegml: Who were the 40 who voted for it ?

Names should be interesting anyway.

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So sad!

I am in love with Reda, she's is young, she is the new generation, she is insightful, and grounded in the 2010's not in the 1910's. She explain things clearly with a deep understanding of what get we there. I want more EU MEP like her!

I don't care about buildings, I am not a panorama photographer, I do some street photography but it usually doesn't involve copyrighted buildings. Or does it, because a 1900 building could see it's architect dying in the 50's, and the right still existing in 2020?!?

It has just no sense until you just make pictures of a building. But even then, everyone could see it, it's free, from the road. So where is the lost?
I think photographying a building is just advertisement, for the architect...


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At this price it's a no brainer, juste bought it, to try it and see how it goes!

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melgross: Much of the difference between the 810 and the Canon disappears in printing. At the level that cameras are today, the differences are really minor if you aren't viewing on a monitor screen.

I plan to print some of my pictures in large prints.

In fact I began by sorting them out using an iMac 5k retina, and with 14.7MP of true resolution, it shows when it's not perfectly in focus, and I had to throw out many many many photos. A good thing!

We need high resolution sensors, with great Dynamic Range (Sorry Canon!), and reql-world prime lens that could send it all to the sensor!

We are far from it at this time...

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lacikuss: Well, the Canon camera with the largest DR is the G7x Point and Shot with the Sony 1" sensor

Sony 1" sensors are totally impressive, they seems to beat my old D300 in any ways. The Sony RX 100 IV is totally awesome, a beast with it's incredible AF and real-world resolution!

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coody: 50MP, is it necessary? Faster focus, better 4k video and small size are more preferable than the high MP.

Not sure if 50MP translate in 50MP-level resolution when using even a prime lens. I think that is the worst thing with these great 30MP+ sensors, the lenses have trouble to resolve details at this level.

I hope there will be an awesome new breed of prime lenses to give us the details these sensors deserve, and we ask for, for example for really big prints.

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Sad the Dynamic Range is lagging far far away of some Sony sensors. With 2EV more dynamic range it would have been a killer.

But for me (and seems I am not alone on DPReview), Dynamic Range and Noise are more important than sensor Resolution, at least if resolution is great enough (says 24MP+ on full frame).

I expect surprising results from Sony Alpha 7IIr with it's 42MP sensor, with at least more than 1EV Dynamic Range headroom compared to Canon's. Better resolution, small form factor, great Dynamic Range, lower Noise. I could bet on it.

I bought the Nikon D610 just for that: very high Dynamic Range and low Noise, while being more limited in resolution by prime lenses than by it's 24MP definition. (I use Nikon 85mm f/1.4 and Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 primarily, except for live event with Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 stabilized that is really inferior to prime lenses).

I hope Canon, Sony and Nikon will at some point produce standard prime lenses that have enough resolution!

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So dumb!

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On Sony: An eye on focus article (758 comments in total)
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Valen305: That continuous eye-AF is amazing! I tend to miss focus on about 20% of shots with the a99 + 85mm CZ.

And look at them on a 5k screen, that is what is closest to a big print.

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On Sony: An eye on focus article (758 comments in total)
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ozturert: In continuous AF, the Sony is perfectly focusing on nose :) In the first video 75% of shots ended up on his nose :)
Well, it's still very impressive to autofocus with a Canon lens with a 3rd party adapter. Really impressive. Now we can use the excellent Canon glass with excellent Sony sensor using AF.

Thanks for the test @Rishi, I am a lot impressed by the "compact" RX 100 IV, that do something that few dslr could do. It's totally impressive and effective, even with glasses on the subject!

I am astonished!

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On Sony: An eye on focus article (758 comments in total)

Incredible, hope to see Leica M trying to do the same thing ;)

There are killers in their respective categories, as a portraitist, unable to hand-focus with my D610 perfectly (too shallow depth of field at f/1.4, even at f/2, working with 85mm at f/2.8 usually), I more rely on the autofocus ability than my own eyes. Maybe I am old. But from what I saw from Leica M or others dslrs with motre pixel count, it's just out of reach for an human being!

Framing, putting my subject at ease, discussing, laughing, finding the right andles, the right expression, and letting the AF do it's work I could live with it :)

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Where is the lunar rover????

Seems we absolutely need compact camera with a 400X lens, beside that it's of no interest whatsoever ;)

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This camera have an incredible value/money ratio, with Sony 6000 it's one rare mirrorless camera that makes me think about using one as my everyday camera (with a wide angle fast prime lens).

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