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The iPhone is probably the most used camera mainly because it's in your pocket. I've been using one daily since 2007.

Otherwise, is below average, I have to sadly admit... No exposure compensation, no ISO, interface nowhere near Nokia's....

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On Samsung introduces Galaxy Note 4 phablet with OIS post (75 comments in total)
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Beat Traveller: "Phablet" is definitely the worst name ever.

but there is no need to reuse this new annoying word...

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On Samsung introduces Galaxy Note 4 phablet with OIS post (75 comments in total)
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Dana Scott: In 5 days this will be distant memory.

In 5 days, I'll say "Apple, finally... but too little, too late... next time, think faster, apple..."

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justmeMN: I selfishly miss John the most. So many great songs never written and recorded, because of his murder. He was always my favorite Beatle.

...and crazy people still are free to carry guns in this America...

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5.5 - 6" is more and more common. This will be standard in not too much time. If Apple is not doing at least 5" on the next iphone, they are pretty much out.

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On Fujifilm updates X-mount lens roadmap to end of 2015 article (170 comments in total)
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kwa_photo: I do love how Fuji is about as open and transparent as they can be to help their users make informed decisions. It enhances loyalty to the brand IMO.

Agreed, when it comes to lenses. On the other hand, there is some ambiguity if they will go full frame or now, which makes some users hold off purchases in lenses --- myself included.

Latest rumors say it will stay aps-c, which I like better.

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Great to push the boundaries.
Sony has been really innovative with many photography products over the years.

Apple has been lagging behind for years now. They are still good at marketing... Little chances I will get yet another iPhone, regardless.

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On Apple to cease development of Aperture article (425 comments in total)

Wondering if they will eventually issue a pro photo editing software sometimes in the future... at the same level with Final Cut Pro.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1611 comments in total)

Call this off topic if you will, but can anyone speculate why can't nikon fit the guts of the d810 in a body the size if the nikon F2?

Nothing more, noting less, just the size of the F2... Not for the retro looks, just for the size and portability.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1611 comments in total)

Same bubbly design, but sure, we are all pros, ergonomics are important, style, look, portability is not important, right?

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SeeRoy: "Weather-resistant"
A worthless designation, now popular with many manufacturers since it actually costs nothing to offer. What are the chances of getting a warranty replacement/repair when these weasel-words fail to protect the electronics from water ingress? Slim I'd say. You'd be told you got it "too wet".

WR - It's just a marketing thing... Nobody is going to shoot in pouring rain. You get wet, the front element gets wet, you can't see... Dust? Well, if you care about your gear, you clean the lenses on regular basis, regardless...

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On New camera app features in Apple's iOS 8 post (67 comments in total)

What this really needed since 2007 was an exposure compensation button.
A simple +/- thing.
Yes, everything else is welcome, but this is really basic.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

Really surprised how good the movie quality is...
Especially when compared to the Fujifilm cameras.

Either Sony is really good, along with Panasonic, or Fujifilm is that bad. Really like Fujifilm otherwise, got many pieces from them...

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On Stream your photos... via backpack? article (34 comments in total)
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saralecaire: This can be done with any Windows tablet/netbook with a 4G router or mobile phone. There are free software already out there which allows for this, so there is nothing innovative here.

Yes, and this whole system would be outdated if there was no issue with the data speed over 4G.

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On Nokia releases update to its Camera Beta app post (18 comments in total)

Nokia has the most functional interface in the industry, by a large margin. Period.

The Android based ones are nowhere near.
Apple's is really a joke, where all you got is a button... Can't believe how many shots I've missed by being with the iPhone ever since it was launched, 2007...

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Lawrencew: Pity they didn't improve the video quality. That is the thing still putting me off buying what otherwise looks like an excellent Camera - along with the X-T1 which suffers the same problem.

Great cameras, both the E and T, but video is not comparable to the competition.

The still frame side by side that dpreview has posted in the review, video page, shows unacceptable moire and artifacts. The T is the worse.

I hope this is something to be improved via firmware in the future...

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joel avery: Is it splash proof like the new S5?

They can do one with lens barrel extending sideways, all inside. There are some older very compact zoom cameras with no external moving parts.

They are a little bulkier, but this is bulky as well. Does not bother me at all, if I get some optical zoom.

And really, no need for 10x zoom, a 4x or 5x max would be great.

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On Oppo Find 7 features QHD display and 50MP images post (59 comments in total)
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peterwr: "With a 13MP *1/3.06-inch* Sony Exmor CMOS sensor..."

FFS. When are camera manufacturers going to start quoting sensor sizes in millimetres? This 1/x.x business is needlessly confusing. OK, so maybe that's the point - big numbers sound more impressive to the inexperienced, even if they have a 1 over them - but still, millimetres (or even millimeters) would make imaging chips a lot easier to compare. It would make it easier to estimate the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lenses, too.

C'mon DPReview - how about you start doing it unilaterally? You're influential enough that maybe you could change industry policy.

I've been saying this for years!

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On Stunning 360-degree view from One World Trade Center article (69 comments in total)

For the Portland bridge test --- all that gear and effort spend, and they came out with ZERO files?

How is that possible?
They forgot the put the card in? Details?

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Whenever I see a Hasselblad related article, I head straight to comments.

Fine camera I am sure, but hey, no crocodile skin grip?

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