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Digitall: "Go big, or go home" already summarized and sentenced.

So the future of M43 is a slow death? Well, I think that APS-C and FF is the sensor where people must bet in terms of future, depends on the camera. I say this for years, I'm not Nostradamus, but, things are going in this direction.
It is clear that other systems are to propose some very interesting things, especially M43 regarding the functionality, but that's not all. Already said here, the M43 to survive has to play with quality, price and portability. The size of M43 cameras are not much smaller than it is now in the APS-C, so, here M43 are losing points. Lens price? some yes they win, some not at all.IQ quality? yes m43 are growing well, but always limited by the mathematics of sensors. Pixels vs size. The build quality is already very good in top models.
Not being thinking about the medium format itself, the FF is the Top dreamed by common mortal. So, Go big, or go home. ;)

You have it backwards. Why would APS-C live? Quality is similar to MFT, but bigger in size. Lens selection is poorer (unless you count those heavy full frame things)... MFT is a big improvement over a cell phone. What does an average non-enthusiast gain with APS-C over MFT? MFT is big compared to the sensors he is talking about here, isn't it?

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AndyW17: Why is the flip-up viewfinder useful? I can see it if you're using a short tripod or a cat up a tree - but otherwise? What am I missing?

I found myself laying on the ground using the rear screen on my OM-D to get low angle shots up towards my kids coming off jumps, and found the LCD hard to see in bright sun. A tilting viewfinder would be useful in this case. Doesn't seem to add much cost or bulk, so no negatives to having it!

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RedSkiesAtNight: DxO shows that there is really no noticeable difference in performance between these latest M43 cameras and APS. Add IBIS, and they leapfrog ahead.

IBIS, Focus Peaking, smallest lenses, flip-up evf - this camera appears to be what many have waited for.

@ParticleMan78: I think the point, though, is that there ARE APS-C cameras that are bested by the OM-D or E-P5, including current cameras from Canon. This is where 'close enough' comes into play. Now that MFT cameras are ahead of where Canon is, that isn't good enough for anyone anymore? Tough crowd!

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Zvonimir Tosic: Uh, DSLR IS A WIDE AND VARIED TERM, and in the case of this article's headline it's used to a highly misleading conclusion.

A DSLR can mean both 1DX or D4 with a 70-210/2.8, a flashgun and a bag or lenses. Or as a contrast, latest tiny Canon with a 40mm pancake lens. Or my K5 with a DA21 pancake lens, both of which are smaller than a mirrorless NEX or m4/3 with a zoom lens.

Horses for courses.
Put things in RIGHT context, or they lose any sense.

I'll give you that a K-5 is small, but not 'smaller' than a m4/3 camera or NEX with a zoom and/or several of the compact primes: http://camerasize.com/compact/#187,289.335,375.360,ha,t

For some the size difference is negligible, of course.

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steve norris: Mmmmmm. I'm sure these are all valid comments and opinions but I don't understand how people get so hung up about specs and cameras. Learn to use even a basic camera properly then, more importantly, learn the skill and art of photography. Then you'll be spending more time selling your work than writing about the pro's and cons of equipment. Only Mho :)

@kavolis - there are no problems getting images accepted at agencies, both RM and microstock, with smaller sensors. For example, Alamy lists the OM-D, MFT cameras and even the Nikon V1/J1, etc on their recommended camera list. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/recommended-digital-cameras.asp

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sdribetahi: I always find it funny when they talk about how small this camera is, yet Canon lenses that people will buy that use this camera are huge plastic blobs.

@sdribetahi - You are missing the point. You don't need the camera/lens combo to be small with EVERY lens you use. It is enough if the focal lengths you want to bring are available in a compact lens. With my Olympus OM-D, for example, there are 28mm and 40mm equivalent lenses that are very small in size and I do take it with me skiing, running, etc in a pocket:

Where Mirrorless is an advantage over the SL1 is that you can get a high end body in this size...

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ShelNf: That lens just screams "Steal me!"

There is a black option :)

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Mssimo: Photography world has not seen something this revolutionary since the lytro cameras.

Or DuoCam (and apps like it?) on the iPhone...

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"will comfortably house a mirrorless camera or compact DSLR with a couple of lenses"

I have a Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home that is 8x8x5 versus 11x8x13 and I carry an OM-D with grip, and 3 or 4 lenses, spare batteries and memory cards plus a polarizer and 10mm extension tube (not all that all the time, but that is what fits comfortably). The sling 250 should definitely hold a mirrorless camera and two lenses!

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I've got kids that are 2, 4, 6, and 7 and the older two can handle a dSLR when supervised, but really they have a lot more fun doing videos. I suspect it will be a few years before they are interested in any kind of manual control. I'd just get them a Go-Pro and let them shoot video for a few years until they express an interest, and then go for a year or two year old model like an e-pm1, nikon v1, e-pl1, Panny G3 or something like that. The MILCs are just so much more responsive than entry level P&S cameras, and the older ones aren't far off in price. Getting into manual control with a camera that has a tiny sensor make it hard to see the effects of aperture...

Just make sure they turn off the go-pro when they head into the changeroom after the waterslides :)

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tko: $1265, all manual, 760g.

Canon 85MM F/1.8 = $365, all auto, 425 G

Less performance, more expensive, and heavier. A whopping 0.3" smaller in one dimension, 0.1 in the others.

A perfect example of how M34rds rips of the unsuspecting buyers who think that a F0.95 lens is amazing, and close their eyes to the real specs.

No wonder M43rds doesn't want equivalence spec published - they reveal the sham.

Spot on, BJL. Adding a Nikon 85mm 1.8 lens and a full frame body to my OM-D kit is a lot more expensive than adding this one lens... Which isn't to say that I see the value in this lens for my uses, but it is an option in the same way that people buy into Canon and Nikon knowing there is a tilt/shift or long and fast telephotos if they ever need it. The reality is that most of us can get creative with our images without needing an f/ 0.95 lens.

I'm excited to see this lens, but the price is high, and I'm unlikely to buy it. But I never purchased an f/1.2 lens when I shot APS-C dSLRs, either. People buy Zeiss MF lenses for their dSLRs for similar money. Nothing wrong with having options.

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Wow - that is a lot less than I expected. Nice job Sigma!

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Nice to see more options for the mirrorless and APS-C crowd. I'm not sure I see the appeal of the 16mm for micro four thirds specifically, since we already have the 17mm f/1.8, 20mm f/1.7 and 14mm f/2.5, which are all pancakes compared to the 16mm... But for APS-C dSLRs there are few dedicated fast wide angle primes.

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Sounds promising!

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anthony mazzeri: "The Leica X Vario is the world’s first compact camera to combine a large, APS-C format, CMOS image sensor with a zoom lens."

So what about the Ricoh GXR A16 24-85mm released a year and a half ago?

It's actually even smaller in every dimension when it comes to being a compact. And it's also wider at 24mm and faster F5.5 and longer at 85mm.

Ricoh needs to get better PR/marketing people.

Technicalities aside, I think you have to give the nod to the Canon as the first large sensor with zoom, or Ricoh/Sony/Fuji if you count MILCs. Restricting the claim to 'compacts' isn't exactly defining the category by a useful feature...

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To me it has to be cheaper than the 24-70mm f2.8 full frame zooms to be successful. But looking at smaller format fast zooms, you have the Panasonic MFT f/2.8 zoom and Olympus's 14-35mm 4/3 f/2 zoom - which still sells for $2,300. I'd say $1800 sounds about right for this lens... Not that I'll buy one!

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TheDigitalCruiser: In the case of interchangeable lens cameras, where does it explicitly say what lens was used to shoot the studio image shot? For instances, we the Olympus OM-D shot with the 12-50mm zoom, the older 14-42mm zoom, or some other legacy lens that few people use anymore. If you're not doing it already, I'd suggest shooting with the most popular package lens and then listing the identity of that lens prominently on the same page as the comparison engine.

You can hover over the gear in the lower right of each image, and see the lens details, including aperture. The OM-D shots are all with the 4/3 50mm f/2 Macro lens, which surely helps the OM-D a little compared to some of the other brands :)

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Hang on, did they double the price of a 'Pro' (= ad free) account? Yahoo may have just talked me out of spending any money with them next year...

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It is good to see Canon bringing out more options that will work with the EOS-M ;)

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Do people really have model releases for all of those entries? I find it hard to believe that people could provide "a signed release from all persons who appear in the photograph submitted" on 7 days notice for some of these images...

You can see why they run these contests - last year had 12,000 entries at $15 a pop. I find it amazing that so many people are willing to PAY NG to give THEM the right to publish, use, etc. their images with no additional compensation. I don't mind paying for a contest entry, but they shouldn't get to use non-winners...

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