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This lens and the 5DSR sensor really need to be in a mirror less camera with decent PDAF and a better live view experience.

This bodes well for the Sony A7RII - but highlights how suddenly the DSLR has technical shortcomings that are starting to bite.

Having to use live view to optimise focus - something DSLR's do not do well - shows how things are changing.

Come on Canon. Give us a mirror less solution.

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On July Apocolypse in the July Flying challenge (13 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: Well I guess it’s good to be reminded that helicopters get a lot of use in war zones and have a lot to do with supporting the fight–but why those warzones exist in 2015 is a problem.

Then it’s a well enough composed image, but Hollywood has used things very similar again and again.

It’s also an image newspapers use to portray the action of battle, or escape from danger, since it is a transport helicopter.

(It’s possible an Air National Guard helicopter is involved fighting a forest fire here. But it sure looks like a warzone. And I can’t really think of a war that the US has any business being involved in in 2015.)

It is a British Royal Navy Merlin helicopter. Maybe the smoke was there at an air display - sometimes they have explosions and stuff to thrill the crowds.

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On Canon EOS 5DS real-world sample gallery article (216 comments in total)
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left eye: Reminds me of good ol' Kodak film stock, wonderful sumptuous warm colours, possibly the least digital output I've seen here in 'real-world' samples.

I don't even mind the grain! The fact the detail isn't sharpened to a pixel level gives the results an organic look, should enlarge very well indeed.

...and I always used to automatically turn away from Canon! I'm sure the Sony A7r II will trump this in terms of tight detail and lower noise, but there's something here that really does take me back to how photos used to look - and I wished they still did!

The lenses also seem to be bearing up to the MP jump, the 16-35mm producing stunners here

+ of course ACR doing a great job :-)

I've been impressed by the Pentax K-3 II pixel-shift results, which are delivering jpegs and RAWs better than the 5DS and the A7r, but this Canon / 'Kodak colour' and grain structure has me intrigued.

That makes no sense at all.

Great creative work is shot on Sony sensors all around us , all the time.

They are just better sensors.

The lenses are another story

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On The big beast: hands on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 article (1232 comments in total)

That does look huge.

Such a large camera with a small sensor. What do they do with all the space in it?

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On Sony: An eye on focus article (758 comments in total)
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newworld666: Not really new and not a real big deal !
Why do they limit this only on eyes only .. and not any part of the frame the photographer would like to be tracked !!!
Canon offers this for many years now .. and it's more versatile then just limiting it to eye tracking..
look at page 34

1Dx, 7DII, 5DIII, 5Dsr have functionality with more option to keep tracking and various more or less difficult situations.

Wow. The Canon 5DS in that video is surprisingly terrible. Shockingly bad actually...

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Some people here really, really don't understand what is happening here.

I can only assume they are old school people who don't realise that a camera is essentially a computer with a lens on it.

This is a software upgrade. An improved operating system. Suggesting that "Fuji should have launched it like this in the first place " is just plain wrong wrong wrong.

Continued development and research has created new software that extracts better performance from the hardware. We should be simply saying " thanks !" because Fuji don't have to do this - usually firms like Canon don't bother.

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Operator: So many "I love this company." posts. Maybe one of you would want to buy my X-E2?

Crappy AF, crappy RAW-support, crappy flash system (onboard and off), overpriced prime lenses, overpriced and huge zoom lenses and now ... left out in the cold with firmware updates (still uses the same sensor with the same electronic like the X-T1).

That's how Fuji X buyers feel in reality after only 1,5yrs of usage. Thx Fuji, but NO thx - I'm out!

I completely disagree. I don't think you buy into Fuji for the flash system, admittedly, but the lenses are great value for the quality they deliver. RAW support is fine if you know where to look.

And as for "being left in the cold with firmware updates", that is just nonsense. Fuji offers more support via firmware updates than any manufacturer - certainly to a degree that should embarrass Canikon.

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (456 comments in total)
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Bodhi Dharma Zen: Ok thats it, I'm done with canon. They have the pockets to have the best RD in the market, they should be pushing ahead instead of playing the game of catching with what the others are doing. I will not buy anything else from them. For me the.. detonator is the LAME dynamic range of their sensors. Seriously even a cellphone have BETTER dynamic range than the canons.

Who lives in England? I have a T3i in PERFECT conditions, with a 50mm 1.8. a 70-200 F4 L, a 18-55 STM and a 8mm glass.

I agree. Canon truly have the firepower to lead the market. It is a shame they choose not to do so.

They will still sell loads of these to people who think they want a "proper camera" and the guy in the store tells them to buy this Canon.

A decent percentage of these people will quiet using it after a while and go back to their iPhone. It is already happening - Ebay is flooded with barely used Rebels for sale.

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GoranS: OVF = full dynamic range, zero lag. I'ts not just 'personal preference' it's the best tool we can get atm.

Makes no sense to me - my eyes are fine, I want to know more closely what the camera can see. For this reason alone I have moved on to the stage where I completely prefer EVF for the way I shoot.

I use my eyes and do not spend much time peering through the viewfinder. I only look through the viewfinder the moment before I take the shot - and with a live histogram in the EVF and an instant sense of WB and exposure , I can shoot with more confidence and never have to worry about chimping.

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (456 comments in total)

For the love of God, Canon, please be brave and make steps to lead the market. Dream to offer more. Take customers on a journey toward new tech, a new approach.

These black plastic lumps with their dials and dark tunnel for an OVF and poor live view, are simply unattractive to the new generation.

Hundreds of thousands of these will be sold to people who think they want a "proper camera". Hundreds of thousands of them won't get used much and end up on ebay or lost in a cupboard because the user reverts to taking pictures with their iPhone.

Come on Canon ! Try leading the market rather than just following. Take some risks. Photography as we know it is dying out and you aren't doing much to help .

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1268 comments in total)

There is only ONE thing I want this camera to offer, as well as the terrific spec it already has:

Please please please, give us regular, proper, uncompressed, nil NR, industry standard 14 bit files. Don't mess around with them. Please.

Then my dreams are reality.

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1268 comments in total)
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ZeneticX: And we keep hearing stories of Sony going bankrupt... Where in the world they get all the fundings to research technologies like these.

The only people saying Sony are going bust are people without the slightest understanding of how Japanese corporates work. Japanese business is nothing like US capitalism.

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On Leica Q First Impressions Review preview (568 comments in total)

For some inexplicable reason, people like to attack Leica because of its prices, seemingly immune to the fact that the same people probably willingly pay "premium" prices for other items like cars and clothes, even though often it is the brand they are paying for. It is a strange irony.

This Leica looks like it stands up on its own merits. It really does seem to be a beautifully designed, high quality item that performs very well.

Leica haters have nothing to hate here. They aren't going to like that ! :)

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1268 comments in total)

BSI sensor.

In body IBIS.

4K video.

If this does not make the market giants of Canon and Nikon wake up, nothing will.

In terms of technological advancement, Sony are making next-generation gear while the market leaders look very flat footed.

The coming 5D4 had better be VERY good.

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (813 comments in total)

I have read this twice and I still don't understand how this brings anything to the party that Samsung have covered with the NX1 ( and with a bigger and better sensor). All it seems to offer is a smaller sensor and a hybrid form factor.

To me, this really goes to demonstrate what an achievement the Samsung NX1 actually is - full 4k ability from an APSC sized sensor with plenty of bells and whistles on top.

Surely we should expect more from Canon? They may lead the market in sales but this does not seem nearly as innovative as it should be.

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On Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II article (200 comments in total)
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Chris62: Canon's development is to slow.
Now young in photo market Samsung is ahead.
The only reason to keep Canon is older system so more mature - many accesories atc. and of course if it is must have mirror presence.
And this mirror probably is a STRONG brake for VERY POOR EOS-M SYSTEM.

But people like mirrorles cameras every year more and more....

Actually, if you take the time to actually look into things, in terms of overall technology Samsung ARE way ahead. Only brand prejudice and a limited lens range ( for some ) is stopping them.

The only reason to buy the 7D2 is the AF performance and the wide availability of lenses. In all other respects, it is outclassed.

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (1444 comments in total)

It seems to be that by any objective measure, this is a very interesting camera. It certainly contains technology that will make the other established makers sit up and take notice, even if at this early stage Samsung is not a threat to their market share.

This is a good thing.

I find it hilarious and bizarre how some on DPR want to rubbish the camera because it is a) a Samsung and b) mirror less.

Strange how people define themselves by their choices of inanimate consumer electronics brands. People can be weird

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On Fujifilm announces XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR lens article (295 comments in total)
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HiRez: Not sure why all the hate on this lens, it looks like a pretty good package to me for the price. 24mm-84mm equivalent is a good range, 84mm is in the range of a true portrait lens. With most high-end FF zooms you get 24-70. Plus weather sealing and < 1 foot minimum focus. Sure OIS would be nice but it's really not necessary in this focal range, again most comparable FF zooms will not have it either.

Big question for me is how is the performance wide open? It has to be exceptional at 2.8.

I don't have a problem with X trans at all. Fuji's produce lovely files IMO with lots of latitude. More resolution would be nice for cropping but I have no problem with IQ overall.

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On Nikon D5500 adds touchscreen and flat picture profile article (210 comments in total)
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kevin_r: Price of Sony A77II is now only $998 with instant $200 rebate at Adorama.
So if anyone is new to DSLRs or wanted to switch anyway, there's an equally appealing camera for the same money. Just doesn't have a touch screen.

Cant agree. I prefer the tilt only screens to the ones that move sideways. The A77II screen is IMO the perfect swivel screen, easily the best available. It does NOT just tilt up and down, but is fully articulated.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1295 comments in total)
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topstuff: For people looking to buy a camera for sport or action shooting, this camera looks excellent.

BUT, so does the Sony A77 Mk2. And the Sony is attractively priced as well as having the lenses most people are likely to need.

DPR really should give users a proper, informed opinion of both of these important cameras. DPR have not provided enough of a review of the A77Mk2 and I think they should do so asap.

Given that these two cameras occupy the same spot in the market, I think many people would find a proper comparison very helpful.

Come on DPR. Stop procrastinating. This comparison begs to be done asap.

Get on with it. :)

Thanks, yes I saw that. It seems the AF is very close but slightly favours Canon while the Sony has a better sensor and IQ. Fair enough. I don't think it takes into account the Sony firmware upgrade though.

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