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On Canon EOS 6D Hands-on Preview (1035 comments in total)

Have you ever shot a wedding in a large dark restaurant using ETTL flash and had to brighten the background using Photoshop? Did the 6D fix this?

I've been using the 5DmkII for almost a year. Although I can Photoshop more dynamic range detail and color depth out of it, ( no can do with APS camera like the T2i , 60D), I'm frustrated that I have to retouch while Nikon (even the D7000) at the same ISO apperture and speed, can be as bright.

It's a matter of sensor sensivity and Lab reports confirm this. Although this 5DmkII can pick detail in total darkness that my eyes can't see. Why do I have to pay twice the price and have to work so hard to bring it out? Canon really sucks at this.

My consolation is under bright light and L lens, landscape shots are just breathtakingly awsome.

Then again, I'm not comfortable with WiFi on my camera. Had enough interference shooting near any government facilitly already.

Looks like I'm going back to Nikon, $$ ouch!

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