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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (264 comments in total)

In what category would you include a Leica or a Hasselblad Stellar?

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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (264 comments in total)

Cameras in this group today have the making of a sales revenue advantage over the competition during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Christmas gifts. I still find it hard to believe DPR columns and reviews are fair practices for other manufacturers and the general public, who believe they are being recommended the best products. Truth in advertising is important.

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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (264 comments in total)

This "high-end" marketing ploy smells bad. Same with the DSLR review posted for "Black Friday" selling days. Some of the best small cameras made are not included. What is this! If you don't pay for the shelf space, you don't get mentioned? I thought that practice was frowned upon. Why should MSRPrice have major importance in reviews of cameras made and priced for everyone? I've been a member long enough to notice the transition from quality reviews to reviews designed to bring the best advertising dollars and sales to Amazon. I remember when DPReviews were respected for honest comparison of features, quality, and performance, equally presented for all equipment manufacturers, but judged on merit.

Four professional let their names be included in the heading of this review, which reads it was published November 26, 2013, for supposedly 2014 cameras? Come on guys, stand together within DPR to stop this marketing nonsense, or start your own camera equipment review website.

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On Behind the Shot: Clouds over Skagsanden article (116 comments in total)

Cropping would make it better? I think so, just the right third.

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Big mistake not having Pentax mid-size 645 mount with auto-focus; and access to older Pentax mid-size film era lens..

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On Behind the Shot: Spot the Shark article (67 comments in total)

I find the picture messy because it does not have a central point of interest; but it was worth while to read the story behind the photo.

I'm interested in the story about PP and ACR usage to compare with the little bit of adjusting I do using FastStone. Now that I have a new computer, I'm going to try more photo adjusting, such as adjust the light on a portion of a photo. Being strictly an amateur, I'll do it for my own enjoyment. I'm approaching 500 images in my DPR gallery. There,I like to include as much EXIF information as DPR will allow.

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What would happen if I tried to download this fix to my K5?
Would it hurt the camera's computer program or would there be a benefit?

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On Foggy Halifax Harbor in the Canadian Provinces and Territories: Nova Scotia challenge (5 comments in total)

Great Photo!
From where was the shot taken?

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On Melt: Portrait of an Iceberg article (40 comments in total)

Newfounland's "Iceburg Alley" north-east coast has become a draw for photogropher tourists. I've seen photos of bergs nearby where you can compare size with homes along the shore. I would like to drive to " "The Rock" again; next time to see the bergs.

This year, on the west coast, two blue whales and a sperm whale were killed after being trapped below the ice and washed ashore, near villages. Unfortunately, there may be others.

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On Exposing another side of Sochi article (170 comments in total)

You should check with your service provider. There wasn't any problem watching the games in Nova Scotia. What brand of foreign TV gear do you have and which I should avoid? I think the ladies hockey final was much more exciting than the men's semi. My only regret was that there was too much good sports to see and not enoufgh time.

I looked again. Regardless of the previous reputation, i think I could give a P&S to any school kid in town and get better exposed and interesting photos in Sochi than this crap.

There was a lot of award winning sports photos taken in Sochi. Why not show these photos.

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On Exposing another side of Sochi article (170 comments in total)


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On Exposing another side of Sochi article (170 comments in total)

Starting months before the Sochi Oylmpic Games, the American TV propaganda has grossly overstated the terrorist dangers at Sochi, and neglected the true value of these comradely games. If it happened in Atlanta, New York or Munich, it could happen anywheres. Perhaps those who are still fighting the cold war don't want Americans to know just how friendly the Russian people can be. It's too bad, because now a lot of American would be tourists are afraid to travel outside their own borders. Americans can be friendly also.

Give us some award winning photos of the Sochi games.

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On Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 article (335 comments in total)

When Pentax updates the 645D at an competitive price with Full-Frame; Goodbye Canon and Nikon!

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When it comes to playing around with ancient manual lens, I'll stick with my Pentax-M Aashi bayonet mount f2.8 28 mm, or the F2 50mm with some extension tubes. Nothing better, and they fit on all the new cams..

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On Photography in a Strictly Prohibited place challenge (16 comments in total)

Sorry, Ruth

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On Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century article (248 comments in total)

If only manufacturers had provided provision for interchangeable sensor updates, a lot of these designs would be in use today.

Just think, buy a new sensor, or a new lens, not a whole new camera.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-5 II / K-5 IIS Review article (268 comments in total)
In reply to:

cashewNut: Sorry no movie button. For the birds.

The camera has programable buttons. If you want a movie button, make one a movie button.
This camera has so many features, I would like to have professional assistance. The manual is easy to read,but I need more.

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On 2008-11-08 17-45-59_0029 in the Fog challenge (1 comment in total)

This was returning from camping on an Atlantic island off Nova Scotia.

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