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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid article (222 comments in total)
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W5JCK: A terribly small sensor, a lackluster lens, a cruddy OS, and no camera buttons other than the shutter. Not good, if you ask me. I can only imagine how uncomfortable and awkward it will be to hold and use it as a phone with that big tumor (errr, lens) stuck on the back. Even with the lens retracted it is going to stick out very far.

I rate it:

-- Ergonomically: an F for phone and camera
-- Phone: a C
-- Camera: a D since cheap compacts can out perform it

I question the wisdom and maturity of someone who "rates" the ergonomics of something they've never held and the quality of a phone they've never used.

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On Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor article (757 comments in total)

Even Leica can't make an add-on viewfinder that doesn't look like a ridiculous afterthought.

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jeangenie: I don't think the photographer understands the statement he's making. Using an iPhone for this is a lose-lose for him.

If people don't like the work, it shows that he is a poor photojournalist, and not necessary.

If people do like the work, it shows that good work can be done with an iPhone ... and again, the guy with the expensive camera isn't necessary.

I grasp what he was trying to say by using the iPhone, but he clearly didn't think it through. There is literally no way that this results in him looking like anything other than another schmuck with a camera phone.

I don't judge people by their tools, only by their creations.

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peevee1: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/lmj45ldff/no-2-film-video-and-photographic-arts/

The 10 Worst College Majors

No. 2: Film, Video And Photographic Arts

Weird - I was a music major (#5) and my college roommate was an Anthropology major (#1) at a pretty low-level school, and we both make in the low six figures.

I guess it depends on whether you LIMIT yourself to only that 1 field, rather than taking advantage of the fact that most fields are interconnected with dozens of others. One of my co-workers was a photography & dance double major, and makes more than me as an archivist.

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Kodachrome200: The problem is it is all reproduction work of copyrighted pieces. There fore no one can publish or display them publicly. What would be the point.

" it is all reproduction work of copyrighted pieces. There fore no one can publish or display them publicly"
False. Photographs of copyrighted works are fine, unless they are slavish reproductions. If you take a photo of a statue, the copyright is yours. If you take a photo of a painting, the photo MAY be yours, assuming you've added your own take on it.

"What would be the point."
Even if these were slavish reproductions, there are many institutions (libraries, archives, etc.) that aren't worried about publishing or displaying. The point is maintaining an archive of knowledge that may not exist elsewhere, or that exists elsewhere but is potentially fragile.

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Anepo: I don't like android nor ios, both have they're issues to be honest & I am not even going to touch the other OS's.
The reasons why I do NOT like ios? To restrictive, Android? it's like a pc, visit the wrong website and your cellphone has got a virus or that android game you downloaded? yea it is stealing your information right now.

"visit the wrong website and your cellphone has got a virus"
False. There has never been an example of this happening.

"that android game you downloaded? yea it is stealing your information right now."

Only if you download random apps like an idiot.

There are reasons not to like Android or iOS. You haven't presented any.

Direct link | Posted on May 13, 2013 at 16:29 UTC
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Pap38: Simply sad! No value images by someone hoping against hope to be noticed. Crap!

I have no problem with his methods, but since his pictures are uniformly terrible, I don't see the point.

These aren't even Instagram quality.

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entertainment: Fujifilm X100S has the disadvantage of having a fairly high price but the quality is the appointment

It looks like English, but the words seem to be chosen randomly...

Direct link | Posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 15:56 UTC
On Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers article (100 comments in total)
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vFunct: Far too many moronic non-professional photographers that think they are in the same league as professional photographers.

No, you're not as good as a professional photographer because you are using a consumer dSLR. Any editor can tell who is using high-end equipment and who isn't, in addition to be being able to spot artistic talent suitable for their media brand.

The editor defines who is pro. Not you.

"Far too many moronic non-professional photographers that think they are in the same league as professional photographers."

False. This has nothing to do with amateurs thinking they're pros.

The fact is that, for many things people used to hire pros for, the pics an amateur takes are good enough. Yeah, I want a pro for my wedding, or for a magazine. But for other events in my life (birthdays, graduations, Xmas cards ... whatever) I can use my $700 camera and take pics that are more than good enough to frame and remember the moment, no photographer necessary.

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On Breaking the Rules article (142 comments in total)
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mrxak: Everyone should just read Michael Freeman's The Photographer's Eye, to get the basics. Composition is more than just where things go.

As an old advertisement once said, " You've got to know the rules before you can break them."

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On Breaking the Rules article (142 comments in total)
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Dave Melges: If you think you're breaking the rules and making great art, you didn't know all of the rules.

Good art might follow rules. *Great* art creates new ones.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 8, 2013 at 00:24 UTC
On Breaking the Rules article (142 comments in total)
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jsis: Tips for better photos according to dpreview members:

Rule #1: get a Canon or Nikon camera
Rule #2: get an L or pro grade lenses
Rule #3: constantly upgrade whenever something new comes out

Rule #4: troll the dpreview forums of competing manufacturers, making it clear that you know nothing about their products

Direct link | Posted on Mar 8, 2013 at 00:22 UTC
On Picasa web is now redirecting to Google+ post (42 comments in total)

Lots of complaining here.

This changes nothing. Same upload tools, same viewer, same everything for the most part.

If you don't like it, don't use it. There are approximately 3 billion photo sharing sites online. Pick one you like better.

(Also, the Picasa API still works, which is all I really care about.)

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On Preview:nikon-coolpix-a (442 comments in total)
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SRHEdD: I'll never buy another camera with a built-in lens cover. Yes the fiddly little caps are a pain, but at least it won't jam. I'd have preferred the lens front like the P7700 for filters and caps without an adapter.

Agreed - this is why I gave up on Canon compacts. Maybe Nikon's are a little more reliable?

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 at 21:17 UTC
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TomHudsonPhoto: The selected photos above are a poor representation of Sara Lewkowicz's photo essay, which is actually pretty good.

Kudos to Sara for her bravery in sticking around. That event was what we call in tornado alley a PDS (particularly dangerous situation), and she, likely no match for the US male prison physique and temperament, made the right choice not to intervene or involve herself more than she already has (at her own risk) with this body of work.

The work itself will go a lot farther toward preventing domestic abuse than if she had physically put herself in the middle of it.

For a bunch of so-called photographers, you people are too easily distracted from the purpose and power of the photographic image.

You hit a woman in front of me, you're about to get f-ed up. You do it in front of a kid and you might not be walking away.

My apologies for being a human above all else.

Edit: I should also add: You date a violent a-hole, you have zero sympathy from me and are utterly unfit to raise a child. But you (and the child) still get my protection.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 4, 2013 at 03:43 UTC
On Ethics of prize-winning photo debated article (151 comments in total)
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Marcus J. Wilson Sr.: This should be labled a fraud. There is no way any police department would let someone dressed like this walk around in the worst neighborhood in the world cliaming he is proctecting the public. At worst he is a vigilante, and would be arrested. I've never been to Rodchester or the Crescent, but I'm guessing its in the inner city and is not a bastion of white middle class ethincity, which brings in the factor of racism. The editors who let this image through to judging didn't do their job of verifying the facts involved in this photo. In my opinion, as a former newspaper editor, both the editors and the photographers are a fault for perpetrating such a scam. Also, in my opinin for what its worth, its not even that good of a photo.

@Cy Cheze: "This guy disrespects the Marine Corps and what it stands for by wearing a motto he doesn't deserve and claiming status he didn't earn."

I'm equally offended by people who wear Jethro Tull t-shirts. I mean, most of them were never even IN Jethro Tull!!

Direct link | Posted on Feb 27, 2013 at 23:13 UTC
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plasnu: I prefer left picture (conventional) to the right picture (hdr).

This is "HDR" the same way that Britney Spears is speed metal. IOW, not at all.

It simply allows smaller, cheaper sensors to approach the dynamic range of larger, more expensive sensors.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 27, 2013 at 23:08 UTC
On Epson announces VS220 and VS320 budget projectors article (24 comments in total)
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HubertChen: A quick search for Projectors on newegg reveals that the best selling model is about the same price as the VS320, but deliver 720p. Now lets compare resolution by the numbers:
720p = 1280 x 720 = 0.92 Mega Pixel
XGA = 1024 x 768 = 0.79 Mega Pixel

Not an awful difference on paper. I have a projector. Once you gone through the pain of mounting and re-arranging your room, you will want to watch movies too. Movies are 16:9.

Lets do the math again on useful pixels for 16:9
720p = 0.92 Mega Pixel
XGA: = 0.59 Mega Pixel -> 64 % of useful pixels of 720p
References: 1024 / 16 * 9 = 576 vertical pixels. 1024 * 576 = 0.59 Mega Pixel

Dpreview: Why did you presented this projector out of the blue?
... see rest of question below:

You wrote a f$%^in'' book explaining how this is not of interest to you? Seriously??

Why not just ignore it and move on, then?

As someone who's in the market for business projectors and purchases them for by organization, I say "Thanks, DP!"

Direct link | Posted on Feb 13, 2013 at 17:06 UTC
On Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review post (84 comments in total)
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Edmond Leung: Too big and too thick.

Agreed. For that size, it should either have a viewfinder or a larger sensor or both.

Or be significantly cheaper.

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On CP+ 2013: Panasonic interview article (202 comments in total)
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Zamac: So negative and evasive! I don't know if it was the interview or the way it was reported, but I got the impression they were not too sure that the Panasonic consumer camera division was going to survive. Surprised me.

Have to agree with you. They seem to be saying, "We're going to let everyone else try lots of different, innovative cameras, and then we'll jump on whichever bandwagon looks like it pays off."

That's no way to run a company.

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