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aramgrg: So why should they be competitive?
Because of bulky and heavy construction? In particular, why will someone consider say 25 1.8 instead of well regarded PL 25 1.4?
I know, they are all metal, but how many times you damaged your lens because of plastic construction?

These are video lenses, obviously. Educate yourself.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First Impressions Review preview (1322 comments in total)
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Alexis D: Looking at the picture of the On-Off switch above, I am really disappointed with it. I thought it would turn 90 degrees from the On position to the Off position, like how it was in the old OM camera. This switch is turning like a lever AROUND the dial and only for about 30 degrees, which is why it can misleading. Good point, Dan. Most reviewers would just criticise the position of this switch (which is not a problem, but actually a cute touch for those who are familiar with OM cameras), and not this misleading design.

I've noticed that my pictures come out much better when the on/off switch moves 90-degrees ...

...said no one ever.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First Impressions Review preview (1322 comments in total)
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kadardr: If you have a a first/second generation Pen, well it is time to upgrade. If you are in the m43 system, this camera maybe for you as a very reasonable upgrade (depending on the priorities). If you own an OMD EM-1, it is not worth it. If not in the m43 system (like me), well, I do not think of it as an entry point, as there are so many other options (non m43). By the way the high resolution mode for me is more like a marketing stunt, although I like it.

I also see it as a marketing stunt, but it's also a test-functionality in this camera.

If it works as well as the samples I've seen indicate, and if it gets applied to handheld mode in the future, it could really be a game change in a few years.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First Impressions Review preview (1322 comments in total)
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cosmonaut: I have said it a million times. Olympus really needs to work on image quality and get the sensor in a better place. They keep wrapping the same old sensor in a new body over and over again. Their biggest drawback to me is dynamic range and high ISO noise. It never improves.
This would make for a seriously good street camera but for landscapes there is much better on the market.

Never improves? I switched from an EPL2 to the EM10, and the difference is night and day.

I went from usable ISO800 and occasionally acceptable ISO1800, to consistently usable ISO 6400.

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Copyright exists "To...promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts."

Nothing in the lawsuit furthers that goal. Seeking to get paid retroactively because something you sold years ago is now more valuable promotes nothing. This guy had his chance, and blew it.

Additionally, Nike's lawyers will find 10,000 images throughout the history of basketball showing players in identical poses

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cgarrard: "Our commitment to photography is as strong as ever"

No it isn't, all you care about is how this bad move is going to further hurt your publication and you're trying to save face.

I can't take it any other way than that.

For all the handwringing here, this move just makes sense. Every sports league has their own photographers; SI has nothing to gain by keeping their own in-house staff. If they need pics from any events, they'll save a bundle by contracting out for it (rather than paying yearly salary+benefits).

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Ergo607: What is flickr?

@Ergo607: No one said that. Learn to use google and stop asking dumb questions.

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quezra: I like how the same people who love to bash Sony are nevertheless slavish in their attention to every move Sony does or doesn't make... jumping to comment on some very old news (all the lenses shown here are identical to those at Photokina last year).

Inasecurity perhaps? If they don't bash Sony, they fear Sony will take over? They don't seem to bash other brands with nearly the same gusto. What about bashing EOS-M or Nikon 1 or Samsung for their lackluster sales and systems? The difference appears to be that this is the one system that is threatening their beloved brand(s).

I love how Sony fans get their panties in a bunch over the slightest suggestion that Sony is anything but perfect.

Insecure perhaps?

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HowaboutRAW: VT + Duckie,

Is the step occuring on every picture taken with the D750? 10%? 5%? 1%?

Y'all understand that oil spots on a sensor affect every file shot right?

Y'all understand that you don't have to post the same inane comment 25 times right? Y'all?

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1878 comments in total)
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Frank C.: dumbed down piece of photographic equipment for 2k$+... I don't think so! 1/8000 and 1/250 x-sync was around decades ago, srry today it's fuel injectors, not webers! LOL

@abolit said: "The camera is a TOOL and it should meet the today's standards. "

No. The camera is a TOOL and it should meet the user's needs. I have no interest in how you or anyone else uses a camera; I care about how *I* use a camera. Having capabilities I'll never use is not on my list of priorities, because that would be foolish.

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On Flickr Wall Art removes Creative Commons prints article (44 comments in total)
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Edgar_in_Indy: This doesn't make sense to me. What is the purpose of the CC images, if not to use them? Of course it's going to cost money to make a print, and the bigger and fancier the print, the more it will cost.

As long as Flickr wasn't charging extra for a CC image, I don't see what the problem was. Now people just have less choices for their art.

If I'm a photographer who agreed to have my work on CC available for free use, then I would be flattered if people chose to pay to have it made into large wall-art.

(But I don't know much about Creative Commons, so if my understanding is flawed, I hope somebody will clarify it for me.)

Edgar is right. They didn't sell ALL Creative Commons prints; just those with a license that specifically allowed commercial use.

The real question is why anyone was at all upset by this at all. If you don't want people to use your photos commercially, why not use one of the Creative Commons licenses that specifically disallows it? Better yet, just don't use any license, and you automatically retain ALL rights.

All the umbrage here is from people who don't understand what happened, or don't understand basic copyright (which is strange on a photography site).

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On Have your say in our 2014 Readers' Polls article (64 comments in total)
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D1N0: there's a list, you click it. Nothing happens. #Fail

They made the mistake of thinking that people who use some of the most technologically advanced gear ever made could figure out an interface that the average 4-year-old could master in 2 seconds.

They gave you too much credit.

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On Lomography adds Lomochrome Turquoise film to lineup article (90 comments in total)
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Raist3d: You can tell how many people just don't get art or photography by all the negative comments instead of simply accepting this is just another brush and canvas of light, different from digital.

Obviously just because something exists doesn't mean you have to use it or buy it, while still be a valid good option for those who know how to and want to use it. Why else would Lomo bottler if there wasn't a market for it?

Saying this as a guy who does not regularly shoot film.

AlanG said: "I also encourage people to have something to express with their photography and not depend totally on an effect"

Let's be honest, AlanG: You expect people to be reliant on photoshop rather than being photographers. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so against film.

Have you ever even shot of film? You certainly don't act like it.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II: A professional's opinion article (501 comments in total)
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brownie314: to all the people complaining about the "adds for Canon". Lets assume - worst case scenario - Canon is paying DPR to get some space in the articles section. So what - you are getting all of this content for free. So you have to skip over a few articles that you are not interested in - what harm is done? On the up side - they are funding reviews of other equipment. So lets say Canon is behind this - get over it. Doing all of this equipment review isn't cheap.

"to all the people complaining about the "adds for Canon""

Only people who can't read are complaining about this, so ignore them.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (947 comments in total)
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ennemkay: still no auto hdr or sweep pano. canon is the only one without these features.

It won't go out and take pictures for you, either. And they call this a "camera."

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On Accessory Review: LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt article (39 comments in total)
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steve_hoge: Does that orange case help you find the drive after it's fallen overboard? Or is it just screaming "steal me"?

Yes, criminals are always looking to steal small orange things.
<eyeroll />

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mpgxsvcd: Haters going to Hate no matter what. Wait till we see some RAW files to make final decisions.

I'm a m4/3 fanboy, and these pics are terribly soft.

Very sad.

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piezoe: None of the photos are sharp. Something is seriously wrong! These are a far cry from the shots used to promote this camera on the panasonic Lumix site. I had planned to purchase this camera as soon as it is out, but I'd return it immediately with results such as these. The main reason for purchase is the lens. Surely this can't be the fault of the lens. Could these files have been condensed before uploading to this site.

Seriously. My em10 takes better pics than this even with an old kit lens.

Very disappointing.

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Nice. So now I can use the same type of controls that I've had on Android for 2 years, on the same size devices that Android has had for 2 years.

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On Olympus PEN E-PL7 First Impressions Review preview (501 comments in total)
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zarabo: Ok, if this is intended for beginners, why not have a built in flash, while the more serious EM10 has one? I know they provide an external flash, but doesn't that make the whole thing bulky? I don't get it.
Also, if you have the flash installed, that means you can't install an EVF since the flash uses the hot shoe and the port?

I never thought I'd agree with Tedolph, but he's right. The EPL2 was nearly perfect in form factor and features. Give it a modern sensor, better screen, fast focus, and 5-axis IBIS, and you have the best PEN camera available.

This EPL7 is a step down, as far as I'm concerned.

(Then again, I just bought an E-M10, so I guess I don't care all that much.)

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