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  • Right now my name is shown on forum's etc as apmadoc, I want to change that to WTA
  • Created discussion thread Changing Display Name
    How can I change my display name?
  • Leandros - here's my constructive criticism. Your comments are not constructive, they provide no benefit for the photographer. To simply say "more balloons" could be extrapolated to include...

  • There have been various programs over the years, one allowed you to buy one of the grand old homes for $1, you had to show a bank approval for a loan for $100K or more, you had 1-2 years to ...
  • The 11-24 is a true rectilinear lens, not a fish eye.   You might be thinking of the 8-15 which is indeed a fisheye at the wide side The 11-24 was a major purchase, I waited until the reviews were ...
  • It's true that the Detroit is coming back, it will take decades.   The central business district especially.  One guy has purchased 80 major buildings and is renovating them into offices, lofts, ...
  • Detroit isn't as dangerous as people think.  I took these during the day, in a heavily travelled part of Detroit.   Detroit is like most cities, there are safe areas and not so safe areas.  Just ...
  • Created discussion thread 5DSR Street Shots - Detroit
    I came across a really interesting alley in Detroit.  These were shot with a 5DSR, Canon 11-24 Lens.  The vignetting on was added in lightroom. Let me know what you think! Power Lines Abandoned Bac ...
  • Guys

    My fave is from RadGuy below where he accuses me of not being able to take the shot posted, that I must have PhotoShoped it, says he wants to see the raw image file. So I do post the raw...

  • Let me know if that satisfies your doubts

  • Here you go


  • I can upload the raw image and let you check it out, let me know where

  • I have a custom profile I created using the ColorChecker Passport from Xrite It essential uses a calibrated color sheet to create a custom correction profile for the individual camera. For most...

  • I do 99% of my post processing in Lightroom, All of these were done with Lightroom.

    #1 - Exposeure +.36, Contrast +38, Highlights -100, Shadows+100, Blacks +38, Blue -29
    #2 - An HDR shot made...

  • For the Arizona trip, most of my work was done with a tripod, on this trip the exceptions were the shots on Lake Powell, the Colorado River, and the aerial shots. A large group of handheld shots : ...
  • I was in lower Antelope Canyon this trip.  The dust wasn't bad, it had been raining recently, and no, I didn't use any cover
  • I'd love to have my pics featured!
  • Created discussion thread Canon 5DSR - my field test
    I've just returned from a week long trip to the Navajo Reservation, shooting some pics with Mylo Fowler. I have to say that I'm WAY pleased with the 5DSR in every respect.   The Canon 11-24 lens in ...
  • Created discussion thread The amazing churches of Detroit
    Over the last couple of years I've been shooting a lot of urban decay shots in Detroit. I'm sure you've seen the news stories about the abandoned buildings in Detroit. I find them fascinating for ...
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