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  • Thanks for that. It'll be the exception that proves the rule then :)

    Maybe I'll get brave enough to give it a go; I have other software that won't install either.

  • I may have to!

    However, having owned 5 MBPs over the years since 10.2, it has always been my experience that once you upgrade from the OS X version that came with the machine then your machine...

  • Standard practice I'm afraid. Every time I see any software company doing this it is normally a sure sign of a new version.

  • Standard practice I'm afraid. Every time I see any software company doing this it is normally a sure sign of a new version coming.

  • Needs OS X 10.9. Won't install on my ageing Mountain Lion MBP.

  • This may not fix the problem for your images but I found massively reducing C1P's luminance NR settings on just about every image I processed was necessary.
  • I've been away for the weekend, so apologies for the delay in replying. Thanks for the various comments, forgive me for addressing many of them here in broad terms. I tried to be very clear at the ...
  • With respect, it was not an "oversight' but a deliberate choice :-)
  • No local adjustments were permitted (as not all have them).
  • Congrats on the monitor; I've always lusted after an Eizo :-) I may have misunderstood you but here goes ... I didn't make any changes to the default colour handling in any of the RAW converters. ...
  • Nice rendition. In order to attempt to level the playing field I never allowed myself any colour adjustments in any of the RAW converters, so vibrance was out. I had to draw the line somewhere.
  • Ermmm ….. I have none. I think I'd better let Sankos have a go at answering this one. Sorry.
  • Not sure to which problems you refer? I think I was pretty complimentary to both, no? I was at pains throughout to emphasise that everything was very subjective, that it was my preferences, and ...
  • Thanks for that. My mistake I think. The 2012 process does indeed produce similar results. In a couple of weeks when the dust has settled I hope to follow up with another article as I am sure there ...
  • Replied in A suggestion
    I've PMed Thomas with a location for these. If anybody else wants them please PM me.
  • Thank you all for your kind comments. @flyfisher99 - You can check on the automatic corrections DXO is able to apply here: http://www.dxo.com/intl/photography/dxo-optics-pro/supported-equipment . ...
  • I know this has been done many times before, but for anybody who is interested I've recently completed a fairly detailed comparison of 8 RAW converters (Lightroom, Aperture, Capture One Pro, ...
  • I recently had a problem and emailed support. I got a reply in about an hour. With the Analog Efx update I see no evidence whatsoever that Google are putting the suite out to seed. Quite the ...
  • Thanks for that!  Saved $20.70 on the upgrade price too.
  • Looks like it. It's disappeared from their product list.
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