Graham Snook

Graham Snook

Lives in United Kingdom Surrey, United Kingdom
Works as a Yachting Photographer
Has a website at
Joined on Jan 20, 2003
About me:

I've only been hit by a 12 tonne boat travelling at 30 knots once. Nearly fatal, but wasn't.

I shoot on:
Canon 1DX
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon XA 20

Equipment trashed so far:
1 550EX
1 Quantum Turbo
1 Canon 70-200 f2.8L
1 Canon 28-70 f2.8L
1 Canon 17-35 f2.8L
1 Pentax 6x7 mk II
1 Canon Eos 5
1 Canon Eos 1
1 Canon Eos 1n
1 Canon 1DS
1 Canon 1DSmkII

If you want to keep your equipment in working order, avoid yachting photography!

Studied photography, worked for Allsport/Getty Images, now I travel round the world photographing sailing yachts and motor boats of all shapes and sizes

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  • That's pretty much the same as over here in the UK with the CAA No flying within 50n of person, vessel or building not involved with the flight. You also need permission for the CAA for commercial ...
  • Possible the nicest thing I've read on here for a while. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well :0) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  • Replied in BS
    Well there's a loaded remark. Answer, and one runs the risk of taunting or belittling you, or at the very least there's the possibilities of accusations of getting the last word in. Don't reply ...
  • In print: magazines, news papers, brochures, commercial material, adverts etc etc..Yup I guess that means professional in my mind. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- h ...
  • Yes really, I've seen plenty or "carp" photographers work printed. Sometimes 2m x 3m. Go figure. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  • Talent helps but unless you can sell your work and yourself it means nothing. You could take the best photograph in the world but unless you can sell it, it's worthless. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give ...
  • Try Clean, quick and easy. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  • Agreed. But if you can innovate, and "think outside the box" there are gains to be made. I think wedding photographers need to stop thinking DVDs, albums and prints and move on to offering better ...
  • Let me think....I was given a camera at the age of 4, produced my first darkroom print age 11, Sold my first print age 16, had my first magazine cover age 19, accepted in a photo library age 21. St ...
  • Wife not a happy bunny then? :0) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Blog/news/tips from a professional yachting photographer
  • But in reality I just have something like this on my invoice: My invoice also has my T&Cs on the following pages. As you say as long as I'm happy with the fee I receive for the rights I grant, then ...
  • The unicorn you talk of is actually a cash cow in fancy dress, nothing mystical about it. Without going into what I charge on a public forum.... One part of my business is that I write and ...
  • But what if that extra haggling meant he kept all image rights and was able to charge that client the same amount in two years, then the same again two years after that.....and also sell the ...
  • If it's an original 5d it's a known fault. CPS repaired mine FOC =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Blog/news/tips from a professional yachting photographer ...
  • But if half of Ashley's time is spent haggling, and that time haggling is getting Ashley more income (say twice as much in the long term), it's time well it not? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always ...
  • So the next job might require different skills or more equipment, and you feel the hourly rate this time might not cover it? Or may be they don't want copyright/want less photos/or just want them ...
  • The problem is that there is no hourly rate. If I do a shoot from a helicopter for one hour is a lot more than I charge for a one hour pr event. My skills in aerial photography cost more that ...
  • When I looked into Glover and Howe IIRC the camera equipment was only covered between 6am and 9pm during a shoot. I also can't remember whether it was them or not who specified camera gear had to ...
  • Replied in For Graham
    Yep worldwide PI, worldwide PL court: European. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Blog/news/tips from a professional yachting photographer
  • I use Infocus (underwritten by Hiscox's) I have in insurance broker friend who had a look though all the policies She and I found and said Infocus was the most comprehensive for the best price. My ...
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