Graham Snook

Graham Snook

Lives in United Kingdom Surrey, United Kingdom
Works as a Yachting Photographer
Has a website at
Joined on Jan 20, 2003
About me:

I've only been hit by a 12 tonne boat travelling at 30 knots once. Nearly fatal, but wasn't.

I shoot on:
Canon 1DX
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon XA 20

Equipment trashed so far:
1 550EX
1 Quantum Turbo
1 Canon 70-200 f2.8L
1 Canon 28-70 f2.8L
1 Canon 17-35 f2.8L
1 Pentax 6x7 mk II
1 Canon Eos 5
1 Canon Eos 1
1 Canon Eos 1n
1 Canon 1DS
1 Canon 1DSmkII

If you want to keep your equipment in working order, avoid yachting photography!

Studied photography, worked for Allsport/Getty Images, now I travel round the world photographing sailing yachts and motor boats of all shapes and sizes

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  • Whatever shoot I do I always rename the files. One camera prefixes files with 1 the othr with 2. Then I'll keep the 4 digit file name, and add some sort of identifier into the file name, followed ...
  • I use my personal website which is based on a wordpress theme. But in this day and age you should also have to have a presence on as many SM sites as possible, they all show up on search engines, ...
  • I really don't know where to start on this.... Research! Someone is photographing houses, find out who they are and what their job entails. Ask your "clients". Do they have tog they use? Is it just ...
  • Do you really mean selling all rights usage? Rather than Exclusive rights, exclusive means you won't be able to sell the image to anyone else for the period of the licence. All rights means they ...
  • What do you charge your clients for your travel? What would you expect if you were in your assistant's shoes? I guess it depends on what type of employer you want to be. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give ...
  • Unless you're good, you get the money you're given. Unless you're good, they can find someone else to do the job. Unless you're good, they won't use you again. But is also depends on the market the ...
  • Knowing how much else someone charge won't tell you much and it doesn't affect the costs of running your business, may be they gave away more photos, maybe you low balled too far so you were the ...
  • First off half-day jobs, like dragons and unicorns, don't exist. Unless you can actually work the other half of a "half-day", it's not a half-day. It's a full day. So work out your costs based on ...
  • But you (or the OP) have no idea what the client actually wants, so before you start quoting prices wouldn't it be a good idea to know what you are quoting for,  how much work is expected of you ...
  • Oh lordy... Talk about doing things the wrong way around... Sort out the details before you give a price, let the client tell you what exactly what they want, and everything they want from you...FIRST.
  • Any examples? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Always give the client a vertical-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  • That's a bit of a sweeping statement don't you think? What happens if the op lives in a dusty part of the world and is plagued by sand on their front element. Or maybe like me they work on the sea ...
  • You don't want to under expose or over expose, you want to expose correctly. In a typical scene, over exposure gives you detail in the shadows but blown out highlights, under exposure gives you ...
  • It's worth highlight that tilt/swing and shift serve two different purposes. Tilt/swing pivoting the lens around a horizontal or vertical axis which in turn moves the plane of focus. The plane of ...
  • How much to charge...Where to start? The easiest way I've found is to get a spread sheet, and work out everything. Then you'll know how much you have to charge, not how much you think you should ...
  • Replied in Press Pass
    For most press accreditation you don't need a press card. You need a publication or client that will sort out press accreditation for you of that event. When it is handy is when you get your collar ...
  • I've worked for many publications. All have their own ways of doing things. I'll usually edit (as in reduce the number of images) using Media Pro. Then if needed process RAW files in Capture One De ...
  • Have you shot jewellery in a studio environment before? It's like photographing glass, or many tiny mirrors all of which try to trip you up by reflecting everything you don't want them to reflect, ...
  • You mean something like this: First you need around £1500 Then you need a panoramic head like something from: Then you need the software to stitch ...
  • Two ways: First one is IPTC metadata, caption/keyword/credit the images which is embedded within the images. Second one is the old skool way...increase the canvas size at the base of the image and ...
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