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Theelderkeynes: Given the M10 uses the same TruePic VII processor as the M1 does this mean the update can be run on the M10 as well? Dpreview hinted in their review of the M10 that the shake problem had been dealt with. Saying:

"The good news is that we didn't find it to be prone to the image shake that can occur with the PEN E-P5."

Why? Is the M10 already running this fix on the TruPic VII or is it another reason???

Olympus needs to be clearer in its communications on this issue and respect its customer base of whom I am one.

The sensors are also made by a different manufacturer, so maybe not?

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2067 comments in total)
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Anders Ostmoe: Is this a precise observation: "Focus is usually acceptably fast, though anyone coming from an E-3 or E-5 is likely to find themselves disappointed, in comparison"?

Now I have read some other quick reviews and they were far from disappointed. In fact, two of them claimed that focusing was faster with some FT lenses than on the E-5. Maybe they were high on the new camera, but it certainly does sound like the camera focuses as fast as one could expect and hope....

That would be great. From what I've read the 12-60 is limited by the speed of the lens changing focus.

Some of the other previews are saying that the EM1 is better at AF than the E5, which is great, but still substandard relative to Nikon I would guess.

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ItsNotThatEasy: Lol...Beards, tattoos, the word "sustainable", pictures tagged "Portland, Oregon" and former musicians who weren't good enough to make it in music so they defaulted to photography. Wow...How many times can you say "Hipster"?

What are you saying? Are you discriminating against people based on their look or musical ability?

The guy started a company from scratch that sold for $50 million. He started it as a free service. He started another company to nurture artists.

You claim to fame is you don't like failed musicians or "hipsters".

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space2k: Well then. They are just going to have to give us loyal Olympians a 50% discount on the OM-D to make us forget about this.

Mirrorless Interchangeable lens cameras have 50% market share in Japan, a majority of those being "MFT".

Nikon has a contracting market in which to sell it's D800.

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Earthlight: I hope that Sony will buy the Camera business, make the OM-D a little bigger, a proper size camera, slap a full frame sensor in it and sell sell sell those in huge numbers.

Nikon and Canon need even more competition. Instead of Canikon we would have Casonykon.

Interchangeble cameras need lenses.

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