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Just a figure for people to think about: Nikon sold 150K early mirrorless cameras, also known as rangefinders ;-), back in 1947-1960. So, about 12K cameras a year. They survived and actually prospered, then launched the Nikon F etc. Now they sell, say 10 million cameras, between dslrs, mls and compacts. Yes, that has declined from the peak around 2010-2012. So? Will they survive? Canon has the office division that will keep them up. Nikon relies heavily on cameras (over 50% of sales now), but they also sell other equipment. Maybe people get too excited by these things, they are just companies.

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On article And the winners are: DPReview Awards 2015 (417 comments in total)
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rhlpetrus: Overall decent list, good choices.

I see some 2014 releases, so what are the criteria for "2015" award?

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CranesEtc: Puzzling criteria used for selecting the cameras.

The Panasonic FZ1000 was announced in June 2014 so how does it qualify for a 2015 Award?

It is a great camera btw. Seems a bit odd that the Sony RX10 II is ranked above the FZ1000 given the huge price difference....

If 2014 launches qualify, the LX100/DLux109 should be at least a candidate somewhere. A great advanced compact.

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On article And the winners are: DPReview Awards 2015 (417 comments in total)

Overall decent list, good choices.

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Expected, nonetheless worth seeing it done, as many in the EVF/ML camp keep parroting that dslrs are dead. Thanks. PS: I use my Leica Typ 109 frequently, but when the going gets tough, the D7000 comes into play, and that's not only for sports. Say, ballet in low light using a long lens.

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The Silver Nemesis: Challenge: will Nikon change the F mount in the (near) future?

They will soon introduce a ML FF system. If they use a new mount, F lenses could just use an adapter, what's the issue?

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volks 1: The 24mm lens should make a nice 36mm lens for DX.

Canon M? Really? There are better options in the m34 camp if size and IQ are relevant.

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Astro or not astro, very interesting landscape photography. Very far from my own style and needs, thus much more interesting to me than most other stuff I see more frequently. Enormous effort for each image, I can appreciate that as well. Thanks for posting it.

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On article Nikon offers AF-S DX Nikkor 16-80mm F2.8-4E ED VR (331 comments in total)
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oselimg: Ok, it has f2.8-4, credit given where it's due. This is an "enthusiast" lens not a main stream one therefore $1060 ok. However it's only 1/2 stop faster at the wide end and 1 stop at the long end compared to mainstream alternatives which in most cases is not significant. No wedding photographer will dare shooting with f4 at the longer end. if it had f2.8 throughout it would have made sense especially at the long end and even slightly bigger premium would've been justified if it were, performance wise, the "jack of all trades". With todays sensor performances I think the target audience wouldn't hesitate increasing the ISO one step instead of paying $$$ premium. 7 blades aperture is another Achilles heel for this zoom.

@samfan: agreed, the 18-70mm was my standard zoom with the D80, such a great combination. Nikon finally has a true heir to that lens.

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brownie314: Why Nikon! Why make a lens that already exists for DX. The Sigma 17-70 2.8-4 is an excellent lens that can be had for less than half the price of this Nikon lens. Why not give us a nice, compact 24mm 2.8 (or 2.4) prime! It would make the D3300 and D5500 very compact. But no.

I own the 17-50 f/2.8 Sigma. Decent lens, but not up to Nikon standards re AF and resistance to flare (and that greenish flare Sigmas produce is so ugly!!!). If I were not waiting to see the new FF ML that has been rumored I might get it, but I can wait. Cheers!

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On Leica Q First Impressions Review (595 comments in total)

Question: do the crop factors for 35mm and 50mm show as full view in the EVF? Or some sort of frame crop like the Ms?

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On Leica Q First Impressions Review (595 comments in total)

I really liked the RAW performance of this camera, compared to the FF standard set by the D750. The lens seems to be outstanding in the studio scene shots.

Too bad the price is ....

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califleftyb: I bought the D7100 and found the images to be rather noisy. After looking at the sensor specs I saw why - the sensor's pixel pitch was one of the smallest of any Nikon camera, at 3.9µ similar to the D3200. In fact Nikon reduced the pixel pitch from the D7000 (from 4.8). I was rather shocked at this ploy to get "more megapixels" to induce more sales. I wish DPReview added this information to the specs when they do a review. I suggest anyone looking to upgrade to any Nikon camera look at this number carefully if it is an important issue to you.

Is it true that this carries a Sony sensor? If true, then maybe it'll at least match the D7000's one in low ISO IQ, still the unmatched sensor in that respect, APS-C format.

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 at 21:53 UTC
On Preview:nikon-d7200 (1114 comments in total)
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Aur: I'll never undererstand the argument some ppl use about weather sealing. Afaik, none of the DX lenses have weather sealing, only FX lenses have it. Are people really putting $2000 lenses on a crop sensor?

If you want weather sealing, you should be looking at Pentax, they have $200-$1000 lenses with weather sealing. Nikon only has weather sealing in their most expensive lenses, and even on those, Nikon seems very reluctant to tell users how much they can withstand, the info is really hard to find. Pentax has no problem telling it's users which lenses are fully weather proof and they even show it off in promotional videos.

Ppl take these cameras on safaris and then complain about dust on their pictures with Nikons, yes..because none of the DX lenses are weather sealed, so your body being weather sealed is completely irrelevant.

I have the D7000 and my main landscape lens is the lowly 12-24 f/4 lens. Once I went with friends, both DPR members, on a Lake District shooting adventure, late March or early April. As fit, it rained through the day, sometimes quite heavily. I had to wipe the lens front element quite a few times with a piece of microfiber cloth to get the water out, so you can imagine the whole camera was getting very wet. It never failed, no fog on VF, no issues with lens. The only care was to leave them close to a warm area at the end of the long day. This issue is overstated and used by people who likely never venture out on a wet day.

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deep7: It looks almost too simple. An interesting concept. I hope it does well as it gives us more options in the market.

I think this is concept, there will be buttons in the back for the usual stuff.

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This is what Leica should be doing, an all electronic RF system at a reasonable price. If the IQ is good, this could be a very interesting camera for those with M lenses that find current Leica prices beyond their reach.

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Very nice that a photography company will invest in such a specialized HQ product, makes Nikon users quite comfortable with the direction Nikon have been taking in terms of HQ photography. That's what brought them to the top of the photo world.

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mpgxsvcd: I have been saying it for years that Olympus’s live time and Panasonic’s constant preview functions make them ideal for Astro Photography. Now that Nikon slapped the “Astrophotography” label on a camera everyone is also singing the praises of those functions.

I have no doubt this new Nikon Astro camera will be great. However, let me propose some reasons why something like a modified Olympus E-PL5 is a better choice.

1. The E-PL5 has the excellent Sony sensor for outstanding long exposure high ISO photos.
2. The crop sensor is actually better than full frame because full frame requires a much bigger and more expensive scope to cover the full frame.
3. It has the articulated LCD.
4. Cost – A modified E-PL5(Less than $400 fully modified) is about 1/10 the cost of the 810a and a modified camera is even more sensitive to Ha than this astronomy geared Nikon.

I am not saying this camera is not a good choice. However, there are much less expensive options that can achieve the same results.

You forget that Nikon also makes lots of other relevant components that would make it interesting to have a Nikon body for AP. Besides, there are technical aspects in the sensor that make it a likely choice for AP.

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Earthlight: The resolution as such is fantastic and I welcome it with open arms. Those claiming diffraction ruins everything need to educate themselves on the matter. Those who actually need the res will know how to handle it.


The dynamic range is the same as with 5D3...? What about pattern noise? Still there too?

By Dr_Jon (22 min ago)
That is pixel-level DR (or so they say), you have 2.5x the pixels to average out the noise over.

Better study a bit about what that means ...

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If the optics are decent, interesting alternative, even for APS-C (Nikon DX).

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