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I keep reading about how visitors to National Parks are being fined for taking "commercial" photographs without the appropriate license fees being paid. Then I phoned up National Parks and was told I needed to pay a fee myself if I wanted to take pictures there... unless it was from a public road. Thanks but NO THANKS. National Parks are technically "private property", which is why you can be escorted out and banned from returning if you fall foul of their rules.

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Mike FL: Canon needs to make its AF system works correctly for P&S cameras like G7X, or system cameras like EOS-M.

It is interesting to see a #1 camera mfc do NOT know how to design an AF system for mirror-less.

Other than POOR AF, Canon is also well known for its POOR battery life for mirror-less, G1X-2, G7X, exc.

If I were Canon, I do not like to see "POOR AF + POOR battery life" become well known signature of CANON.


My record out of an EOS-M battery is over 1540 photographs... That was in burst mode but every second picture was separately focused. The AF success rate with some lenses is better than others. Picture quality is on par with any typical DSLR ...other than Full Frame.

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On article Canon EOS 6D sample images added to hands-on preview (252 comments in total)

For a Beta (testing camera) with Full Frame sensor and higher sensitivity in Low Light than the 5DIII, I think the results look fairly good, especially when you realize that DPreview didn't use anything too fancy in relation to the lenses they used for these sample shots. I'd say Canon are on to a winner with the 6D. They've also managed to trim the size down a little. Nice results and so far the camera looks like it might become quite a success with the lower price for Wedding photographers, Landscape fans (especially with Night Sky themes) and perhaps even the occasional sport photographer.

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if the staff at DPreview would take the time to respond to the many members requesting they create an EOS-M forum so that owners can stop having to post in the PowerShot forum. The EOS-M is not a PowerShot. It's also not a DSLR. So why no EOS-M Forum like all the other mirrorless ICL cameras?

Other than this, I bought one and I think it's a great camera. Some lenses are clearly faster than others. The AF delay using the 18-55mm IS M-Lens is non-existant. THIS was the lens DPreview should have been using for their tests. I bought the body with EF lens mount and it's been a lot of fun to use with my EF L-Lenses. I honestly thought I'd hate the touch screen but it was fast, intuitive and very responsive in default setting. Great build and works flawlessly with the Speedlite flashes.

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (564 comments in total)

Picked mine up yesterday to use with my other Canon L-series lenses and it's a great camera. Size is just a little bigger than the s95 and a little smaller than the G1X. Picture quality and AF is going to vary based on the lens used. Good lens = excellent images. I tested the 18-55mm-M lens and found it to be VERY fast in relation to Auto Focus. The 22mm-M lens is known to be slower for some reason. The touchscreen is actually very responsive and fast to alter settings with. Being an APS-C sensor, I can get some very lowlight handheld shots with this camera. Works well with my L-lenses (via the included adapter when buying the Body-Only option). Certainly very well built and quite solidly constructed. Just like a DSLR in many respects, including image quality. Faster than my PowerShot G1X in many ways.

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On photo break through in the Airplanes in Flight challenge (10 comments in total)

I'm a professional Digital Matte Painter & Concept Artist in Hollywood and this entry is almost entirely digital. It's a marvelous composition and an appealing image to the eye, but it doesn't belong in this competition (it's not fair to the other entries which were composed with a real camera, rather than an extended session using Photoshop) and I'm surprised it was even allowed to compete. It certainly wasn't composed through the lens of any camera. Your call though. It looks nice to the eye and there were no restrictions on post-processing... probably the reason it was accepted.

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