Bernd Roethig

Bernd Roethig

Lives in Germany Bavaria near Munich, Germany
Works as a Technician
Joined on Dec 3, 2008
About me:


1. Cameras.
1 SIGMA SD1 Merill
1 Panasonic FZ30

2. Lenses:
8-16 DC HSM
12-24 EX DG HSM
15-30 EX DG
17-50 F2,8 EX DC OS HSM
18-50 2,8-4,5 DC OS HSM
18-250 DC OS Macro
24-70 F2,8 EX DG HSM
28-70 F2,8 EX DG last Edition
50 F2,8 EX Macro
50-150 F2,8 EX DC OS HSM
55-200 DC
70-300 APO DG Macro
80-400 EX DG OS
100-300 F4 EX IF HSM
180 F3,5 EX DG Macro
Apo Teleconverter 1,4X EX DG


Additional Equipment: Zeroc 82mm WB-Filter + Mennon Grey-Card.

5. Tripod

6. Monopod

The outstanding pictures of Laurence Matson, Carl Rytterfalk
Nancy + Peter Spader, Olga Vasilkova, George Noblet etc. at SIGMA-sites and the capabiltity of the Foveon
sensor to reproduce superb colors with a 3D-touch, inspired me to choose the SIGMA SD14, knowing its shortcomings.
Status: Always learning.
Themes: architecture, landscapes, flowers, Cars...
Thanks to all SIGMA-users for sharing their pictures (not thumbnails) with others.

Bernd Roethig's recent activity

  • Hello Henrik, just wonderful. best regards Bernd
  • Hello Larry, could you please stop showing pictures of this incredible lens. Seeing the quality of this lens, clearly shows me for what to spare my Euros (€´s) the next month´s till i can afford. J ...
  • Hello Lin, i could have responded to your thread just minutes after you opened it, but i waited till now to see what the reactions (replies) would be. At first glance this is a great shot of a ...
  • Hello Hardy, thanks for showing the SD1 M picture made with the 70-300 APO DG Macro. Motivates me, to give mine a try with my SD1 M. Had great results with this lens with SD14 ...
  • Thanks Øyvind, i knew from the start of this thread where it would turn to. My compliments. I think most here have totally forgotten what happened in Japan in 2011, earthquake, tsunami and the ...
  • Hello Larry, this i definitely a very good lens! Great pictures showing the quality of this lens even in the edges. After buying my 8-16 and looking at the results i managed to get from it, i was ...
  • Hello Marek, i think you ment the pictures from Ines! She definitely deserves your compliments. Bernd
  • Hello Ines, wonderful set of pictures. The winter pictures you posted till now, may look a little bit cold, nonetheless they are allways a pleasure to look at. Rising up early is a must for great ...
  • Hello Larry, thanks for your reply, still have some needles in my eyes. It looks that your 24-70 EX DG HSM performs similar as my 24-70 EX DG Macro, which also performs great from 35mm to 70mm when ...
  • Hello Marco, how could you do this with such a quirky camera, without the possibility to switch to a pre- programmed scenery app? Great compliments, without bells and withles we are forced to learn ...
  • Hello Larry, great capture! Workflow. Was this SPP TIFF to Photoshop for further pp? No ca corretion used as i can see? Many thanks for showing. Go for a 28-70 EX DG last edition serial No. 200000 ...
  • Hello Rudi, well executed set of pictures, beautiful models. Proof that SD14 can do great, accurate colors, if handled by someone who knows how. Although no miracle! Best regards Bernd Lots of SD14 ...
  • Hello 3dreal, you nailed it, what a wise comment! Best regards Bernd
  • Hello Vieri, your pictures are great and inspiring to everybody in this forum who´s really interested in photography. Thank you so much for participating in this forum. regards Bernd http://www.pba ...
  • Hello jande9, the first shot is fine and peaceful, but the second shot is dramatic (great!). Thanks for showing, the little DP1s delivers excellent quality pictures when one knows how to handle. Be ...
  • Hello Larry, the corrected version looks much better. Since i have the opportunity to do the ca-correction in the RAW picture by SPPxxx i never used another programm, neither on TIFF or JPG. In ...
  • Hello Larry, love live steam. We do have a Railroad-Museum with live steam in Noerdlingen Bavaria, about an hour by ca,r from where i live. Did you try ca-correction in SPPxxx ? This could improove ...
  • Hello Larry, many thanks for your post, answering my question. That´s what this forum is for, help and when wanted advice. Having been busy, so took some time to answer. The picture you posed for ...
  • Hello Larry, fine capture, natural colors. Did you use the 24-70 EX DG HSM or the older model. What was the focal length. If you used the 24-70 EX DG HSM, how does it perform at 24mm, C.A. etc. The ...
  • Hello Larry, that´s phantastique. I´m just started saving my Euros for the 50-150 EX DC OS to replace my trusty 50-150 EX DC HSM. Here´s a review: ...
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